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  1. After about 100mi the front springs have settled some. Has about a 1" rear rake.
  2. Got the lift finished. Sits perfectly even now with AC 2" front and 9449 rear. The ride is also excellent. The 9449 are definitely not too stiff. Thanks to everyone who's come before and shared your experiences and advice.
  3. Are stock bump stops sufficient with the 9449 springs and 5125 shocks (33-185552)? Planning on running 31" tires on the 17" r50 wheels
  4. Well the OME/ARB are backorder until the end of September at the earliest. I just put in an order for the AC 2" front springs. The plan is to pair that with the full 9449 in the rear. Will post pictures once its done
  5. Ah shoot. Welp the AC should match the 9449 well. Otherwise a 1.5"=2" spacer should do the trick until this 3" subframe drop hits the market.............
  6. At this point I'm thinking no spacer in front just OME springs and a full coil off the 9449. I'm hoping to get it close to level on the first shot. Rugged rocks is sold out of the springs so hopefully rocky road doesnt email the same thing or else I'll have to go with AC front springs.
  7. Hey guys I have some questions regarding leveling and so on. I ordered: 9449 rear springs 5125 bilstein shocks Kyb excel struts OME HD #2928 front shocks Kyb strut boots OEM nissan strut bearings Planning on 1" front strut spacer And now some questions... 1. Do I need NEW OEM upper strut mounts? Or do most people reuse the old? 2. With the stiffer 9449 springs Im hoping for less sag in the long run and dont want to be raked. Im thinking of cutting a half coil or full coil off the 9449 springs so its sits truly level. So Im looking for 1.5-2" in the rear with as much towing capacity. Any thoughts on getting exactly 2" in the rear with the 9449? My choices were to cut a FULL coil and not do the 1" spacer (but I think its worth the extra clearance and asthetics to add the spacer and go as high as possible in the rear while staying level when unloaded/lightly loaded) or to cut a half coil to match the OME HD front with a 1" spacer..... I tow 50% of the time. Either a 5×8 5' high enclosed trailer or a 5×10 landscape/adventure trailer loaded down for camping. I also look forward to actually being able to use the rear hitch for a dirtbike carrier.

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