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  1. Not sure if it could be the IACV causing these issues. I have no code for that though. From the fuel pressure test with the results in the post before it seems as if it’s holding pressure properly. Are these signs of dirty injectors? Right now I am between injectors and IACV.
  2. On my 97 Pathfinder, I get a clunking noise when pulling off from a stop. If I pull off very gently I do not hear it. Its a bit louder when you pull off on a rougher road. I changed all rear links and all arms, along with panhard rod. The differential fluid was also changed. I went under and checked the driveshaft, there is no play in the differential or the u joint by the differential. However, I see some play where it goes into the transmission, which I believe is the yoke. Would I be able to remove the driveshaft and grease the yoke splines inside? Ive heard about this on other vehicles. There isn't a yoke replacement for the 97 pathfinder. You'll have to change the entire driveshaft for that.
  3. I replaced my exhaust system after the pipes coming from the cat. I purchased the bosal exhaust system and installed it myself with no problems. Also changed all the hangers. However, since then I get a very noticeable vibration at 1000rpms only. The steering wheel and everything shakes and its only that specific rpm around 1000 plus or minus 50. I double checked everything and there is no leaks or loose connections. Not sure what it could be.
  4. So I performed the fuel pressure test. With engine idling it was around 34 PSI. When engine off but turning on ignition it was around 42 PSI. After turning key to off position it dropped to 39 PSI. After 10 minutes the pressure dropped to 36 PSI. After 15 minutes 33 PSI. After 20 minutes it was around 30 PSI. And when connected with engine on and raising rpms, the pressure does increase. It looks like a gradual drop in pressure, but isn't that normal? I pulled the vac line from the regulator, but from the intake end not the regulator end. Didn't see any signs of gasoline in the hose.
  5. I’ll try and reach it by feel and unplug the vac line to it in order to check for fuel leaking from the regulator into the intake. If that is bad and I reach by feel maybe I’ll be able to change out without plenum removal? I know it’s held by two screws. If it’s not bad I’ll have to check plugs like you said on next startup struggle. I can also check fuel pressure with gauge at the fuel rail correct? Correct me if I’m wrong but you remove the fuel pump fuse and wait for engine to die to relieve pressure. Then tee in the gauge at the fuel rail inlet line. Plug fuse back in. Then turn ignition on and wait several seconds and turn off to see if pressure on gauge drops?
  6. I actually have bad sway bar links I believe. I feel the front lean when going around turns. And you would also get a metallic noise if you go around a turn and the front rocks from a bump or uneven road. I would assume you would experience a greater amount of body roll without the sway. They help stabilize the front end and connect the two wheels. I changed out the struts (kyb), control arm, ball joints, tie rods inner and outer, new bushings on rack. But didn’t do the links which was dumb. So I believe that symptom is coming from that.
  7. Yeah I’m changing out those two parts at the back with new ones. Didn’t see anything else wrong either and had done a smoke test a month prior to find a leaking line. System was holding pressure because you can hear when removing gas cap. Until out of nowhere it started leaking from there one evening. I’m hesitant to think it could be charcoal canister because I replaced it a few years back already with oem one.
  8. Is there a way to pull the vac hose on this or even change it without removing the intake plenum?
  9. On my 97 Pathfinder I'm having an issue where after the vehicle is restarted after a short period of time (20 minutes) or a couple hours it would crank and start but the engine would choke or "bog" down for a couple of seconds and then the rpms would rise back up and level out to normal. If I were to shut it off after this occurs and start back, it fires up like normal. Cold starts are perfect and engine fires up without any hesitation after. I don't have any drivability issues, but recently you can feel a very slight roughness when sitting at a stoplight. I am not sure if the roughness is related to the recent EVAP P1441 code that came on after I started getting gas vapors escaping from the canister vent tube. But the issue after warm starting has been occurring before this EVAP issue. MAF, plugs, leads, distributor, ECT sensor, air filter, intake air temp sensor, tps sensor have all been replace with original Nissan parts. Fuel filter has been changed within the last two years. I am leaning in the direction of fuel injectors or the fuel pressure regulator. Going to do a fuel pressure test this week. Any ideas of what it could be?
  10. Can the vacuum cut valve and bypass valve cause this issue? I had a smoke test done on the vehicle last month and changed a line that had caused a P1441 code to come on a time before. No leaks in any other hose or line. Now since last week when the gasoline vapors began coming out the vent hose the code came on again. P1441 The gas vapors doesn't always come out the vent hose and when it does sometimes more than other times.
  11. I ran the vehicle for 15 minutes this morning and the gasoline vapors along with the gas drops didn’t occur. I never over fill the tank and the tank is around half right now when this issue started last night.
  12. Need some help here, on my 97 Pathfinder I was smelling some gas in the cabin while driving this evening. It was smelling very high from the trunk area at back. And I mean very high smell as if you were filling gas at the station. Checked underneath and didn’t see any gas leaking from lines. However, I decided to check by evap canister and some gas and a lot of vapor was coming out from a tube like vent right after the canister. This is while engine was running.
  13. So nothing is wrong with the maf sensor and O2 sensor (P0135) has been replaced. Should I get a professional fuel injection cleaning? Or could there be fault with the IACV?
  14. Is it possible the MAF sensor is going out after two years? I bought a Hitachi brand from advance auto.
  15. The engine runs absolutely flawlessly when driving. Its literally on a startup sometimes only.

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