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  1. Got it. Thanks a lot to all. I'll confirm the source of the leak with a picture tomorrow with good light, but it does look like it's not something for the amateur DIYer (me). I'm comfortable changing oil, brakes and such, but between the lack of proper tools and time, I leave major repairs to others. As for the rattle, mine is sitting at 130k miles so maybe it will last for a bit. It takes me a very long while to put 100k in any car so I think I should be fine. I use Royal Purple in all my cars and have had good experiences with K&N oil filters.
  2. This worries me. I haven't added any additives (although I admit I did buy a can but still hoping not to use it), but my Pathy rattles for like 1 second (at most) on cold startups and I've been blaming it on a slightly loose timing chain. Both my E39 and a 70's Corolla I own do rattle a bit when cold with no issues whatsoever and I've owned both for 15 and 20 years. Any way of identifying lifters from chain noise?
  3. Thanks guys! I do have an update. When I went to pick the car up, we put the car on the lift and my indie showed me the place from where the oil is coming from. Almost exactly above that oily screw (dead center on the pic above) there is a vent or a port and after cleaning everything up and driving it for a bit, that's the only place that leaks a drop or two. The rest of the engine/transmission is completely dry, including the valve covers and the oil cooler area that you guys mentioned. He reiterated that in order to get to the actual leak behind that port/vent thing, he would need to either take the whole motor out or the whole transmission. After what I saw I believe him, unless there is a simpler way we both ignore. Not sure if all that makes sense. I'll get under the car tomorrow to take a better pic. Stupid me didn't do it when the car was on the lift.
  4. Got it, I'll look around that area. Ugh, if it happen to be the VCs then it's the exact same ****** situation I've had with my E39. I've replaced that gasket countless times and after a few months the same leak appears, near the firewall. I'm sure that valve cover (plastic) is cracked or chipped but I'm still in denial.
  5. You are correct, that's a 2003 VQ with an auto and AWD. Sorry I didn't mention it up there. You mean if I have plastic VCs they could need replacing, so they warp or develop cracks? Or were you referring just to the gaskets? I'll check the other stuff meanwhile. Thanks.
  6. Hi folks, My new-to-me pathy has been trouble free for the past few months but now I noticed a few drops of engine oil on the floor. It's really not a lot and it only leaks when the oil is hot. I got under the car and at first glance it appears the leak is coming from the oil pan gasket. The thing is, I took it to my indie and he says the oil is actually coming from somewhere above the oil pan, and it would require either taking the engine out or the whole transmission to pinpoint the leak (both of course $$$). He's a great indie but he mostly sees my E39 and BMWs in general, so maybe not being familiar with the pathy he's thinking about tackling this the hard way. I'm hoping he's not right, or is he? Here is a pic I took of the oil pan (it's not the greatest photo but I can take more from other angles): Any common leaky spots up there? How much of a PITA would it be to properly fix the leak?
  7. Thanks, guys. I'm going to order 16576-5W900 and see how it goes. I'll report back if that's the duct without the extra port (probably only needed for an extra sensor in the QX4?)
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I figured there wasn't much life in it with these cracks: I'm going to order the duct from Amazon. Especially considering that the part is already scarce.
  9. So, I *think* 16576-5W900 (same as 16576-5W90A) is the part I need. The difference between it and 16576-4W00A is that 4W00A has an extra port with a metal plug right next to the resonator opening, while in 5W900 it is sealed. This is just for reference in case someone finds this thread in the future.
  10. Well, I'm an idiot and I just found 2 different parts on Amazon (weirdly they don't show up if I search directly in Amazon, only if I go through Google first). Anyone knows the difference between 16576-5W900 and 16576-4W00A? They look identical to me. https://www.amazon.com/Well-16576-5W90A-16576-5W900-Pathfinder-Production/dp/B07M6S9B9S/ https://www.amazon.com/Well-Intake-Resonator-Infiniti-Pathfinder/dp/B07BFJHKKG/
  11. Hi! So I've been busy doing lots of minor stuff to my new-to-me 2003 pathy and yesterday while checking the spark plugs I noticed that the intake boot/duct has some superficial cracks, mostly where it connects to the throttle body and also around the resonator box. I took it off and checked the cracks with a flashlight and I'm pretty sure they don't go through yet. - I come from the 90's BMW world so brittle plastics/rubber to me mean doom. Should I consider that Nissan used better materials and the duct will last a long time in that state? - I found a thread from 2017 and it was already difficult to source that part for under $200. It looks like it's only sold along with the resonator, clamps, etc. Do you know if someone still sells just the duct?
  12. Hey folks, So I pulled the trigger (told you I was being serious! ). I bought the Pathy in the first set of photos I posted above. She's a USDM 2003 SE with 130k miles, throttle-by-wire (thought those started after 2004), A/T, with the only options being the tall roof rack and the Bose stereo (more on that below). What won me over was how mint it was considering the mileage, especially the interior. It pulls hard, exhaust pipe is clean as a whistle and I don't see or feel any indications of power valve failure (but that's TBD once I take the intake apart). It's evident that one of the previous owners was a smoker, probably back when it was in the US (it has been here since 2012). There is a brown stain just above the driver's seat and it smells, not a lot by now, but definitely noticeable. I went to pick it up yesterday and since then I've been polishing all glass, headlights and cleaning the interior. There was this nasty brownish crud everywhere. Next weekend I'll tackle the power valves and report back. If there's something missing I'll do a compression test afterwards. Wish me luck! It is the one that I thought was grinding when switching from 4L to 2H but you were all right, I was just being too slow to shift. Heck, even the manual says that. I have a few new questions though: The driver's side window auto up works, but just after it closes it goes down like 1/3rd of the way. I can still close it by pulling the switch a second time. I suppose it "thinks" there is something in the way. I think I read somewhere that there is a way to reset it by accessing the motor, aye? The tach is just a bit jerky, most noticeable between idle and, say, 2k rpm. 2 other R50s I test drove also had a similar quirk. Is it normal? Were USDM 2003 R50s affected by the Takata recall? I don't want the airbag to kill me. Is the "seal" trim between the fender flares and the fender supposed to be yellow-ish? I guess not, it looks bad. Here she is receiving some much needed love: Headlights before polishing: Clock fixed! Resoldering did the trick: This is probably not as easy to fix, but I'm giving it a try (it turns on and sounds fine but after a minute or 2, the screen goes dark and I lose most controls): Wasn't fun pulling the ashtray out and finding this: Much better!: Obligatory strut tower photos:
  13. Hey pal @mjotrainbrain, Can you merge this post with this other one?: Sorry, the first time I got here I went straight into the FAQ section and when I was ready to post I didn't go back to the main forum (Sorry for the headache. I'm that clumsy). @01Pathmaker: Thanks man! I already pulled the trigger. Going to reply on the other thread I created.
  14. When that happens it's one of 3 things (or a combination of them): a very worn key, a very worn lock mechanism or it's simply stuck. We have a Sentra at home and I just replaced all 3 locks (doors and trunk) because a similar thing happened.
  15. Weirdly enough, only the highest mileage car that I saw had a super clean tailpipe, but the engine bay was also strangely clean so I suspect the owner hid leaks and the dipstick was almost dry too. All in all, that car was suspicious in many ways. The only thing going for it was that it had a manual but I'm almost certain now that if I really want to wait for a manual, it will likely be a more basic car. I have an old BMW with stick shift, so that can still scratch my itch. The 80k miles pathy is mint but it's also lacking a few (to me) important things. I know that the stock headlights in R50s are not that great, so I would definitely want to retrofit fog lights. Missing cruise control is also not great, especially since the car will be used mostly on long trips. The driver's seat also has a torn bolster which needs to be reupholstered. In short, I still need to pour some additional money into it. Mechanically it is the safest bet, though, which I guess at the end of the day is the most important thing. It's a shame I can't see from which state the silver car was imported. It definitely saw snow from just looking at the engine bay and underbody, but it's also far from awful. Cars here do rust but it's the air humidity that gets them and it takes a fair bit longer than when exposed to road salt. I didn't look closely at the strut towers or under the wheel arches. Then today I found this in FB's marketplace, but it's a bit far from where I live. Still not sure if that dash on the passenger side is sun damaged or if it's just the photo. Price is right and has relatively low miles (120k). Also imported from the US but has been here since 2005:

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