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  1. Update : 5- #||0|0|0|0|))) ———- 221 ft.ibs (19:57) 6- #||0|0|0|0|))) ———- 177 ft.ibs (19:43) 7- #||0|0|0|0|))) ———- 221 ft.ins (19:55) I’ve noticed something weird.. if you compare # 4 & # 5 u will see that the stack hight is almost the same and the numbers of Clutches and springs are also the same but when u move the two FB from springs side to gear side then it will add big amount of torque.. why ? I dont know.. i have test that on the same pack to be sure.. thats what i have for now.. i will try some more configuration and see if i can reach to 250 ft.ibs .. i still have to wait for the order of digital torque wrench adapter so that i can read more than 221 ft.ibs
  2. Hey, thanks for all the detailed infos you shared with us.. we owe you.. i have repacked 4 LSD’s so far for me and friends.. following all your advices and all successful .. 1- #|0|0|0|0|||() ——— 100 ft.ibs ( 19.30 ) 2- #|0|0|0|0|0|)) ——— 110 ft.ibs (19.35 ) 3- #|0|0|0|0|0|)) ——— 130 ft.ibs ( 19.55 ) 4- #|0|0|0|0||))) ——— 148 ft.ibs ( 19.60 ) this morning i tried this configuration : #|||0||||0|||)) ——— (20.09) it was spool.. i ran out of FD so i tried with what i have and used all thin FB.. now i am not sure is it because of the lack of FD’s or because of the stack hight increment or because of both?? I will try other configurations once i get more plates from JY.. will keep u updated if i made any improvements .. my goal is 150-250 ft.ibs anyway, just wanted to share my experience with you guys.. thanks again for every single info in this great forum .
  3. Thanks a lot for this great write up.. soon to do the same and post pics here..
  4. I am trying to figure out how to post a pic because its size is big
  5. Hi , this is Sultan from United arab Emirates.. origin from yemen.. a marine ambulance responder.. father of three kids.. a proud owner of a black pathfinder R50 SE 3.5 gcc specifications.. 3 years so far.. mods done are : - 2” lovells HD springs lift - front lokka locker - repacked LSD - nafara d22 snorkel - 1” SFD All done by me .. been following on facebook but decided to do it right and join this forum.. thanks to all https://ibb.co/sqMsvth

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