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  1. Hi Everyone, I just bought my first Pathfinder and I'm SO stoked!! She's a 1992 SE-V6 with 229,000km. Paid $900 CAD in Vancouver, BC. All the power windows work great, A/C blows ice cold, even has the adjustable shocks and they work awesome! Fixing a few things, thanks to tons of GREAT info from this site! (I'll obviously post any dope mods I come up with as they manifest.) She has a weird wobble that I'm trying to fix.. Been off-roading and camping constantly since I bought it so all I've really done is order parts. My theory is that there was a mild front-end collision and it messed up the alignment, which, over time, wore the tires down so much that they cause an insane wobble at 30-40km/h and at 80-90km/h. I looked underneath and the only thing that looks bad is bushings. I'm about to start with: - new (used) sway-bar, link and bushings -new (used) tires, balance and alignment See if that fixes the issue.. If so, then move on to Timing Belt, Water Pump and Thermostat.

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