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  1. No I snug the nuts down. Everything stays in place pretty well.
  2. Couple more basic projects from this summer. First is a GMRS radio setup. I went with a Midland MXT275 because it has all of the controls on the handset which allows discreet installation of the head unit, and everything can be tucked away when not in use. It also includes a nice little magnetic antenna. I installed the antenna behind the roof rack’s wind deflector on the passenger side, and ran the cable down underneath the windshield trim - through the passenger door jam, and into the passenger side footwell: I ended up attaching the head unit inside the top half of the center console, and run the hand set cable through the opening. The head unit is powered by the cigarette lighter plug in the bottom compartment. System works great and I was able to communicate with my party about 4-5 miles away through pretty dense forest. Also got a set of X-Bull style recovery boards, and made some mounts for my SE rack out of square U-bolts with self adhering felt pads and heat shrink to help protect the cross bars. I know this has been done before but maybe it’ll help someone visualize how to attach these with our roof racks. I'm going to get wing nuts instead of the 3/16th nuts that came with the U-bolts but this works okay for now: Up next is a IAC valve replacement for preventative maintenance. I have the OEM Hitachi part just need to find the time to do it..
  3. Bennett Pass - Mt. Hood National Forest - Oregon
  4. Super easy mod but maybe this is helpful to the community for those with the non-motorized antenna. I was a little annoyed at the huge factory antenna getting caught and rattling around on branches in narrow trails. Started looking around for options but I wasn’t able to find any aftermarket short antennas listed for R50’s but came across the Nissan USA parts site and was able to figure out that we share the part # with Frontiers (and some other models). I went ahead and ordered this unit - https://www.cravenspeed.com/the-original-stubby-antenna-for-1998-2019-nissan-frontier/ and it fits great. They are a local company to me, it’s a USA made part and their customer service has been very helpful. Looks great I think, and seems like a well made unit. Reception seems fine in town, although I'm sure there is an overall reception trade-off. That being said the Pathfinder isn't my daily so this is definitely an improvement for my use case. Nice little easy and cheap mod in my book.
  5. I'm running a similar setup (31x10.5" tires with a spring lift) although you didn't mention your wheels/offset. Mine rubbed a ton at first as well. Be sure to let the springs settle for a couple of weeks and then take it in for an alignment. When I got an alignment they dialed out 90% of the rubbing. I trimmed a bit of front fender liner as well. I only get a tiny bit of rub now under full lock in reverse and it doesn't bother me anymore....
  6. Also heavily featured on @zakzackzachary's YouYube channel:
  7. Wow looking great! Long time fan of your rig sir! I had to Google MCC, and it looks like they have several different options for R50's. Looks like they are out of Australia?- did they ship it to the states or is there a US distributor you ordered it from?
  8. Thank you! How are things down in Southern Oregon these days? I lived in Medford for several years but haven't been back for a few years...
  9. Some beauty shots care of @PathyDude17 and @zakzackzachary
  10. For the leak definitely check what Slartibartfast mentioned. Hopefully it's not the crossover pipe... I dealt with some overheating issues last year as well. Things to check based on my experience if you are able to find/fix the leak but it's still overheating. As with anything start with the simplest potential issue and work your way up: 1. Check the radiator cap. For some reason the old owner of my Pathfinder had the wrong cap (too low pressure) installed and I think this was at least part of my issue 2. VQ35 Pathfinders have 2 thermostats - one in the front of the engine, and one in the back of the engine. The one in the back is a PITA to get to and replace. If you have significant miles on yours there is a good chance the back is factory original and needs to be replaced anyway 3. Double check that the fan clutch is working properly If that doesn't work could be the water pump, although to answer your question it's on the front of the engine behind the timing chain cover. Hope that helps...
  11. As others have said you've left a strong legacy with the R50 community. I can't thank you enough for helping me get mine to where it is with both your videos & helpful insights on NPORA, the FB groups, and the comment section of your videos. I'm excited to see the Yota in action.
  12. Yup - go with LR springs for the rear. I run 9447 which PathyGig mentioned - https://www.lrdirect.com/NRC9447-supplied-by-britpart-branded-britpart.html For the fronts I went with Dobinsons - https://www.dobinsonsdirect.com/products/dobinsons-pair-of-front-coils-for-nissan-pathfinder-r50-1995-2005c45-168?rq=mk_nissan~md_pathfinder-r50~yr_1995-2005 which do appear to be in stock currently. Most folks go with "AC" springs from 4X4 Parts but it looks like they are on backorder currently - https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981165-pathfinder-front-lift-coils.html
  13. Beautiful spot along the Deschutes River in Central Oregon
  14. She performed flawlessly on the first camping trip of the season. Went out to Central Oregon. I did a little light off-roading - in addition to finding a great camping spot my daily car would have never been able to get to. In the off-roading portion the Pathy could perform beyond my confidence level being my first off-road vehicle. I’ll probably slow down with mods for a bit as I push my own limits and find out what it needs next for my uses.
  15. Welcome @JoeyKoala . We had a brief exchange on the auction page. I’m from Portland too and have an ‘02 in the same color combo (I have pics in my profile and build thread if you’re curious). I’ve come to appreciate the color I’m a euro guy too - my daily is a 2018 GTI that I just picked up a month ago.
  16. Hey all, I know this sub board isn't super active but I wanted to put a feeler out there to see if there is any interest in a PNW NPORA meetup this summer 2021. I'm thinking a day trail run, or even an overnight weekend caping trip etc. I'd love to put some faces to screen names and see everyone's rigs! I'm in Portland - Maybe there is a good halfway point between here and Seattle that could work for most? Putting it out there...
  17. Agreed - I feel like the buyer got a good deal, and you could easily sell for the same if not a profit in the local market.. The market is kind of insane right now - I just sold my old daily (2012 Volvo S60) on Craigslist for $800 more than I paid for it in 2017 with 30k less miles. Also I used to live in Southern Oregon so let me know if you need any recommendations for down there..
  18. Looks like it sold for $5600 so I wasn't too far off... I see a few other guys from the forums commented to welcome the new owner, and even a bid from @RainGoat!
  19. I think it'll go for quite a bit more than that. You're absolutely right about gaskets/seals etc. however even in a private sale here in the Pacific Northwest 4x4's (including pathfinders) go for much more than that (I paid more for my 02 SE with 110k miles last year when I bought it, and the seller showed me texts from other buyers behind me coming from all over the state willing to pay his full asking price). This site gets a ton of traffic and attention because it's Doug Demuro's site. I frequent this website to keep an eye on the various market trends and I'd be shocked if it goes for less than 6k honestly, and suspect it will be higher than that...
  20. Careful there with the color comment RainGoat ha... I totally agree about the overall condition with the mileage. That said this site gets a ton of traffic and attention (being Doug Demuro's project) so I have a feeling the final number will be surprising....
  21. Thought you guys might be interested in keeping an eye on this low mileage (72k) 2001 Pathy up for auction at no reserve this week on Cars & Bids - .https://carsandbids.com/auctions/KdbeMo19/2001-nissan-pathfinder-le-4x4 I'm definitely interested in seeing what it goes for since the used market (and particularly used 4x4's) is crazy right now.
  22. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up, and I'll do my best to keep everyone posted there. I'll definitely play with the app on the head unit before trying to rely on it while off grid.
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