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  1. Hey all, I know this sub board isn't super active but I wanted to put a feeler out there to see if there is any interest in a PNW NPORA meetup this summer 2021. I'm thinking a day trail run, or even an overnight weekend caping trip etc. I'd love to put some faces to screen names and see everyone's rigs! I'm in Portland - Maybe there is a good halfway point between here and Seattle that could work for most? Putting it out there...
  2. Agreed - I feel like the buyer got a good deal, and you could easily sell for the same if not a profit in the local market.. The market is kind of insane right now - I just sold my old daily (2012 Volvo S60) on Craigslist for $800 more than I paid for it in 2017 with 30k less miles. Also I used to live in Southern Oregon so let me know if you need any recommendations for down there..
  3. Looks like it sold for $5600 so I wasn't too far off... I see a few other guys from the forums commented to welcome the new owner, and even a bid from @RainGoat!
  4. I think it'll go for quite a bit more than that. You're absolutely right about gaskets/seals etc. however even in a private sale here in the Pacific Northwest 4x4's (including pathfinders) go for much more than that (I paid more for my 02 SE with 110k miles last year when I bought it, and the seller showed me texts from other buyers behind me coming from all over the state willing to pay his full asking price). This site gets a ton of traffic and attention because it's Doug Demuro's site. I frequent this website to keep an eye on the various market trends and I'd be shocked if it goes for less than 6k honestly, and suspect it will be higher than that...
  5. Careful there with the color comment RainGoat ha... I totally agree about the overall condition with the mileage. That said this site gets a ton of traffic and attention (being Doug Demuro's project) so I have a feeling the final number will be surprising....
  6. Thought you guys might be interested in keeping an eye on this low mileage (72k) 2001 Pathy up for auction at no reserve this week on Cars & Bids - .https://carsandbids.com/auctions/KdbeMo19/2001-nissan-pathfinder-le-4x4 I'm definitely interested in seeing what it goes for since the used market (and particularly used 4x4's) is crazy right now.
  7. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up, and I'll do my best to keep everyone posted there. I'll definitely play with the app on the head unit before trying to rely on it while off grid.
  8. So I did a thing with the second stimulus money, and got a new Apple CarPlay capable head unit. Went with a Sony XAV-AX5000 off a recommendation from another guy in a local overlanding group. I completed the install today and am pretty pleased with the results. I have 21st century tech now, and the sound quality is significantly improved over the factory unit. The nice thing, and one of the motivating factors is that Gaia GPS works with CarPlay which should come in handy while off grid.. I also went with a backup camera. I couldn’t really get perfect placement for the camera with the Wilco spare tire carrier back there, but I mainly wanted to be able to see where my tire and hitch/shackle were if I’m in a tight space. Ended up placing the camera where most new factory cameras would go. Again the view isn’t perfect but it’ll get the job done... It was a total pain running the camera wire through the hatch and through the rubber conduit that connects the body to the hatch wiring but I got through it.
  9. I went with LR9447 in the rear. You could certainly order the Dobinson's for the rear, however they will be significantly more expensive than the LR options. Because of the LR springs I'm not aware of anyone who has gone with Dobinson's for the rear...
  10. I could be wrong but I believe that Dobinsonsprings.com is their Australian site, and dobinsondirect.com is the US market site. I ordered my front springs from dobinsondirect.com. I chose to, and recommend sticking with LR springs for the rear.
  11. This thread makes me wish I had taken a measurement of my stock ride height before installing the Dobinson's. Would have been good to provide that to the community.
  12. I went with Dobinsons in the front which Tyler mentioned as an option and super happy with them. There is a little rake when unloaded but when the cargo area is loaded up with camping gear, water etc. it levels off perfectly.
  13. This is very similar to my setup. I have ProComp 252-5883 which is basically the same wheel you are looking at with the addition of fake bead-locks in the same BS/offset. I’m running 31x10.5 as well with a Dobinsons front spring lift (about 1.5+ inches of lift) and they do rub a bit particularly in reverse when turning... I painted the wheels but here is how it looks if it’s helpful at all...
  14. Perfect! I figured there must be a way in but this will save me some time. Thanks!

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