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  1. That's what I'm thinking too. Heard about these terra tracks but there doesn't seem to be a lot of experience with them out there and not being an LT I'm a little hesitant. Thanks for the nput!
  2. That's awesome. My neighbor has a set of those on his ranger and they look mean. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. He was under the impression I was looking at E Load Rating for some reason. He seems to think the C load rating isn't very common either. Idk... seems to really want to push the Hercules for some reason. Indestructible is preferred! Never want to have a tire fall apart on the trail. I did take a look at the Duratracs but I think I'd take the KO2's at roughly the same price. Seems everyone rides those on here.
  4. What tires are you running on your pathfinder? Any of you experience the Hercules Terra Trac AT2? I can get a set for sub 900 but I've read mixed reviews. Some say great off road, some say never go off road so I'm not sure I should pull the trigger. KO2s have great reviews but my mechanic mentioned my truck is too light weight to have 10 ply tires on. I have the 9447s and bilsteins in the back and the ome HDs up front and I usually just explore logging roads. So huge puddles and rough gravel/rocks. Not much crawling or mud bogging. Would like to get out as much as possible this summer. Any suggestions?
  5. @PathyGig12 Man this is quite the progress on your rig. Just kinda skimmed the whole thread and now it's giving me a lot of good ideas on what to do with mine haha. I noticed your tires are nearly 32", has that been an issue for you at all? I'm looking at going to 31.5" (265/70r17) AT's and I figure I'll have to cut out some of the trim at that point. Any pointers on picking out a good set? I do expect to mod the bumpers at some point down the road anyway but just curious about what I have to look forward to.
  6. I see what you're saying. I just don't see why they don't become an official distributor of OME parts. Seems unorthodox to buy someone else's product, give it a new part number, and resell it. I dont really care tbh, that's between those two businesses, but I'd prefer to buy off a business who's more straight forward about their products.
  7. Right on. I saw the pic. What size tires you got there? I have 40% tread on 245/70r17 on but they look a little small. Comes to 29.5" OD, but I'm looking at going up to 265/70r17 GY Wranger Duratracs.
  8. This sounds like shady business to me. I'm not a fan of it. They should support other industry companies instead of taking a profit off their products.
  9. Hm I might have to try this out. You put in 1/2" custom spacer with your OME HD's and don't have any cv bind, eh? I have the same set up (OME HD's and 9447's) and have a 1.5" rake unloaded. I'm loading it up this weekend for a test trip, but I'm contemplating putting 1/2" to the fronts and I like this option.
  10. Hey no worries! Right on. I'm at about 20" hub to fender on the front and 21.5" hub to fender on the back. But that's mostly empty in the back so a full load would probably level it out. On your front though, do you ever experience hard drops when you're front wheels get air? As in the strut extends quickly and makes a thud? Is that a problem these lifts face? Harsh top-out is the term I meant.
  11. Thanks, hawairish. Exactly what I meant. I ended up getting the ARB 2928 coils for the front and I'm not getting as much height as I probably would have with the AC coils. This idea I mentioned was something I wanted to explore. Are there other alternatives to the AC's? Living in Canada, it would cost me $350 to get a pair shipped from Florida... which I kinda find insane tbh. It begs the question though, people seem to manufacture custom spacers to fit above the strut assembly, and it sounds like these AC coils are custom manufactured to fit pathfinders as well... I'm kinda surprised nobody has also come up with a solid design for "inter-strut" spacers if you will. It would allow for more spring options up front, without exceeding CV shaft specs. Just a couple thoughts.
  12. Have you ever heard of adding a spacer between the coil and the body mount instead of the common spacer between the body mount and body? Sure it will add more extension to the strut in neutral position but it wont change the axle angle. I put in OME HD's up front and got very little lift and massive rake with the 9447s in the back.
  13. Hey, I just installed the OME ones and I didn't get the results I was looking for as far as lift. They feel great but max maybe 0.75" lift in the front. I'm ordering the AC coils and swapping them out. I'll be getting rid of the OME by ARB 2928 coils I got because of that. If you decide to do those, I'd be happy to sell you mine. Nevermind sorry I just realized this was from months ago.
  14. Hey I was wondering about the warn hubs. Some local shops said if warn fits definitely go for that. The price will be worth it offroad apparently. Which models did you use? Any tips for them? They're next on my list.
  15. I like the sounds of that. I read a bit of your last post and those AC coils look promising. How long did it take for yours to be delivered? Also, what height does your body sit at now? I'm currently at 36" ground to trim in the back. 34" in the front.
  16. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so I'm still getting used to everything here. I don't think I'm violating any guidelines but please let me know if I'm not using proper etiquette. Stoked there's a central location for everything pathfinder related, love it! I recently did a lift on my 03 R50 and I didn't quite get the results I was looking for. I have a massive rake (2" difference) so I think I purchased the wrong springs for my struts. I'm thinking I didn't do enough research...bleh Upgrades include: NRC9447 rear coils, Bilstein B8 5125 rear shocks, OME ARB 2928 front coils, stock strut shocks. I was under the impression that the ARB coils would add 2" to the front but it's only looking like .5-.75" maybe. Cost me $260 CAD too. I assembled the struts myself too so I'm kinda bummed all that effort was for naught. Does anyone have any experience buying the wrong parts? Can I salvage some of the cost on these if I have to change out the front springs? Any advice on what I can do to correct this rake? I'd prefer to not use spacers on the front (to protect the cv's). Switch out the ARBs for the ACs? Thanks in advance!
  17. Nice rig! I have a silver one too with the black rims, just added lift and now I'm looking at replacing the tires. What do you have on yoirs?

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