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  1. I have this issue with both of my front seats and would love to be able to fix it. Could you do a write up one day?
  2. Yeah. It's the 7"x4" rectangle. The kit that everyone shows for the 04 Pathfinder has an opening that is actually larger than the headunit. The opening appears (from looking at yours) to be different than the QX-4.
  3. I'm not sure how hard it is, but if not hard, remove the starter and have it bench tested. Sounds like the gear is locked up (since you beat on it and at least the one click returned). I've had a lot of older cars where I had to bang on the starter to get them to start.
  4. Don't know. It shows up in the pic but not when looking at it! I'll check it out tomorrow.
  5. I had that same issues with the Pioneer double din deck that I installed. None of what was listed worked to fill the gaps. I ended up ordering Metra 99-9999 generic bezel and trimming to size. When I took the pic, I noticed that the head unit is crooked. I pulled everything back out to see if I could line it up better, but found nothing.
  6. That's some good work you are putting in on that truck and it shows! I'm watching with interest! I took the seats out of mine, but didn't remove the carpet when I shampooed it.
  7. I got some more ordered that the ones they sent me are going back tomorrow. They were suppose to be a 9003 and an H3, but when I took them out of the box they both have the same 2 prong connector. I also decided to put ambers in the fog lights (probably came that way). This is going to be my Illinois to Atlanta truck and there are some pretty dark stretches of road along the way.
  8. I'm now down to doing things that I WANT to do to my R50 instead of things that I NEED. Last week I ordered LED lights and the plugs don't fit. They claim to be for a replacement for the 9003 headlight bulb but aren't. Has anyone else here succesfully installed LED headlights (and foglights)? What brand did you go with? How do you like them?
  9. That's a really nice looking truck. How minor is the work that needs to be done? Covid is actually the reason I had the time to get my gifted Pathfinder up and running.
  10. Thank you. I was indeed lucky! I don't know that rule on posting links here, but there is a website that links salvage yards. I just kept searching until I found a red fender. There is a faded spot on the flare but I don't mind since I have no plans on making this truck "perfect". Just glad I can open the door without it popping against the fender.
  11. Went and picked up my new (junkyard) fender and put it on!!
  12. I really want to thank you guys. I have limited mechanical knowledge and seems even more limited diagnostic skills. Your advice has been invaluable and thanks to you guys this truck as gone from sitting on the side of the road abandoned and waiting for the city impound it to being back on the road and looking pretty spiffy to boot. I hope to enjoy this truck for years to come.
  13. Don't know if you can tell from this pic, but this is after a good claying and buffing. This finish was super rough to the touch so I got the Griot's synthetic clay pad (which I seriously recommend). Once I got the paint smooth again, I broke our the orbital buffer with the orange pad and got to work my Poor Boy's World medium compound (I love it because it can be used in direct sunlight). the oxidation and shallow swirls just melted away! I don't know if you can see the difference in the pic, but the difference in person is amazing.
  14. Thank you everyone for your help. The shop called this afternoon and said that it needed u-joints. Mr_Reverse, you were right on the money. I had some broken wheel studs so I had them do all of it while they had the truck. Picked it up and it drives perfectly. I was so happy that I even washed it. The fender is at my friends shop, I will pick it up next week and go about figuring how to put it on. I still have some work today, but the big things are done!!
  15. We are fortunate enough to have a transmission shop that is honest and cheap. They are going to take it on Friday and go through the driveline. If it's just U-joints, I'll have them do all of them. I have arthritis in both hands and hammering the races out and the new ones in have my hands a wreck right now.

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