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  1. well I'm always down to wheel with someone new
  2. I haven't been caught by one yet, but they really do seem ridiculous. I would think fighting the ticket in court would be the best option. Oh, and a little off-topic: if you're worried about pollution, you're in the wrong hobby.
  3. pathfinder color: blue package: SE year: 89 i'm also original.....
  4. yeah for sure. As far as wheelin goes, theres plenty of it. -Ben
  5. I despise UCA lifts, so it would involve conversion to coil-overs differential and transfercase drop -Ben
  6. I'm giving this poll until friday. Then I will make the decision on which way to go. Above all else, this shows that there is interest in a new product. Thanks to everyone who has voted so far.... -Ben
  7. mine has 178k (time for a timing belt), but may last one, which was stolen, had 230k
  8. Poll started in "general forums"
  9. I am SERIOUS about this; if I was to create a new suspension kit for pathys, which would you buy? Feel free to make more than one choice. Assuming it would be high quality.... -Ben
  10. thanks. I love my pathfinder, but hate most of the aftermarket. I would be more than willing to go the solid axle route although I doubt I could come up with anything for R50s if I went that way (but I know precious little about them to begin with). Since this can't completly bankrupt me, I need to know which way would have more interest (straight axle/LT IFS). I think I might start a poll.... -Ben
  11. anybody around the cle elum area wanna go wheeling before sunday ends....? -Ben
  12. thanks for the encouragement vsicks and for the replies everyone. I will keep everyone interested posted on our progress and probably get my buddy to create a username as well. btw, he can create body panels from kevlar or carbon fiber, so we will have no problem there. -Ben
  13. I would be extending both upper and lower contol arms. If nothing else, the vehicle will be mor stable due to a wider stance. example: http://www.chaosfab.com/n2.jpg I'm not going to rip off their design, but it is the same basic idea. -Ben
  14. PS Grimgreg and Sammy thanks alot for the input
  15. oops, lets assume I never mentioned other brands; that was a bad idea. Back to our products. We would be building very functional, very high quality components. The torsions are the first thing that I would want to eliminate in a new kit and we would be using custom CVs. We are going to create a prototype front end on my pathy and if all goes as planned it should be up and running by spring time. A visual might pique someone's interest. Hopefully we can get a set of tube doors created for both WDs and R50s soon as a prototype. For the R50s though, I am going to need help from those familier with the vehicle as they are a unibody and I haven't dealt with those..... Also we want to price the stuff kind of mid-range as the point of this is not to get rich but possibly finance part of my hobby and have fun. -Ben
  16. mods, move this if its in the wrong spot. I'm thinking about starting a company building a long-travel IFS system for WDs and possibly R50s if the interest is there, but obviously I need to know if anyone would be interested in such a thing. It would be similar to a total chaos system, but available for pathfinders. A friend who would go in on the business with me is a skilled welder and is able to weld titanium/aluminum/steel. I have very little experience myself (I would do NO fabbing) but my friend is an aerospace engineering major and is quite knowledgable. I would be handling marketing/real life product testing. We would also create tube doors and internal cages probably. Obviously we would have to test some things out, so it would be a year until the first actual prototypes would be available, but the parts would be high-quality. Let me know what you guys think...... -Ben
  17. thanks for the warm welcome everyone -Ben
  18. Hey everyone I just bought an 89 pathy and am relatively new to the vehicle. This forum looks like an awsome place to gain some knowledge and hang out with like minded people . I'm not entirely new to 4x4's; I own a full size bronco as well. On a side note, anyone live in the Seattle or Cle Elum area on here? -Ben

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