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  1. I feel the opposite after seeing all the units on here from the US.. I guess a lot of the mods there are custom fab though
  2. Yeah mate 3.3L 2001, I think this was the last run (July 2001)
  3. Any ideas on how to open glove box without breaking anything, or breaking the least amount of parts? Mine is stuck shut the handle seems to be disconnected from the actual latch mechanism and just moves freely.. Removing the bottom 2 pins does not help me as the box is still attached by the latch.. I'm ready to just break the thing off but I don't want to damage the surronding plastics.. Cheers
  4. I've seen a lot of the active guys on here have a build thread, so I thought id make one of my own so that everything I've done and everything that I plan do to her in the future can all be in one place. Introducing my 2001 3.3L Series II R50 Ti as bought early 2019.. 190XXX KMS on the clock. Stock as a rock with Nissan factory bullbar and sidesteps, last owner had mounted a side awning! Ive done a fair bit to her over the past 12 months including; - 2" Lift Lovells Shocks and Medium Load Springs - 31" M/T's on 16" Sunraysia Steelies - 42" XTM Roofmount Light Bar - 2x 7" KINGS Domin8tor LED Spotties - BushSkinz 4x4 Bash/Skid Plate - 105AH Duel Battery - 40AH DCDC Charger - 900x1000 Titan Rear Drawers (Inner Wheel Arch required some uh.. 'trimming') - Slotted Rotors + Heavy Duty Brake Pads Plus a ton of other small mods Ill probably update as I remember.. And general maintenance such as all of the belts replaced, practically everything fuel related has been replaced with new, new Steering Pump and Rack, Spark Plugs, Distributor.. umm.. A lot of small things have been done over the year.. including 65,000KMS on the clock.. We get around.. SO. Below are some photos of her now and over the year as shes progressed.. < BUSHSKINZ BASHPLATE LOVELLS 2INCH LIFT TITAN REAR DRAWERS + 20L WATER TANK + FRIDGE/FREEZER + DUEL BATTERY HOUSING THUNDER 40AMP DCDC CHARGER + SOME SOCKETS MOUNTED ON WALL BLUETOOTH HEAD UNIT + ORICOM DUEL ANTENNA UHF Probably seen these before but I think these reverse cameras integrated into the rearview mirror and bloody awesome! I have a control switch where one of the coin holders were so I can have it on permanently when the cargo area is full and you cant see out the back. JUST A SILLY EXHAUST TIP PURELY FOR SEX APPEAL That's all so far.. but I have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.. next thing on the agenda will be custom flares as the stock ones just take up too much of the wheel arch for my liking.. HID Headlights.. Snorkel will probably be the next mod as the wet season approaches.. Rear Lockers.. Maybe front as well.. see what happens.. Rear LED's for camping.. Smoked out taillights.. Taillight Guards.. Also keeping my eyes out for a QX4 woodgrain interior to swap out.. A custom rear bar would also be great in the future.. adding a bit more departure angle.. See how we go with getting the new XROX bar and Winch done before wet season too.. As you can all probably guess this list is nowhere near finished and will continue to grow and I will be posting all future mods as they happen in this topic for anyone who is interested. Cheers guys, if you have any ideas or tips please let me know and I will try to do the same!
  5. RAW444

    Lift kit

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/131760271335 Link above for Lovells (Springs Only) I am running the Lovells 2" lift kit Medium load and have been loving them. The only decider between the 2 brands was the spring color for me
  6. RAW444

    Lift kit

    Lovells or Dobinson do full kits for fairly low cost definitely worth checking out.. Actual lift kits not spacers
  7. Looking good! How does the Pathy take to the extra weight hanging over the back?
  8. Ohhh 10% off right now... hmm.. ADD TO CART. Thanks I will be eating chicken noodles for dinner all week now
  9. I just installed a new fuel pump and filter because I was convinced I had a fuel pressure issue after my Pathy was doing the same as what yours sounds like.. It was running fine after the installs.. until 15 minutes later when I needed to get a tow truck to get me home.. Issue ended up being the distributor.. Hope yours in a quick fix, but if not the dizzy might be the next thing to check..
  10. -Wheel brand - Dynamic Sunraysia's -Diameter 16 -Tire size - 31 -Width - 245 -Offset - Negative 7 -2" Coil Suspension Lift
  11. A few snaps of yesterday's track hunting here in South Australia
  12. Did the Elantra end up going through the water? Would loved to have seen that ha
  13. Okay, my bad, just be aware that some 15's will rub, I guess the thickness & backspacing would play a role.. I bought 15" Sunraysia's and the front scraped a nice little cut out of the rims.. lucky the guys at the shop were still happy to swap them over for 16's..
  14. Hey mate, nice clean pick up! First thing I did with mine when I got her stock was new wheels and tires.. You can fit 31" on stock ride height but you may need to trim your bumper.. or get a bull bar Sunraysia Steel Rims are pretty popular and fairly cheap, don't go any smaller than 16" as any smaller will rub the inside against your calipers. Below is pic with 31's before any lift or suspension mods -7 offset sits flush with flares.. which is a legal requirement where I live.

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