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  1. My uncle said "Oh, it's too bad you had to replace them all, rather that figure out which ones were the bad ones, and only replace those!" And I tried to explain to him, that if you have 6 of something, and several are starting to fail, if you only replace the bad ones, you'll have more problems down the road, more performance issues, you'll have to order parts again, and do the work again all over. Your attempt at being frugal in the beginning will cause hassle, wasted time, and wasted expense later down the road. Replace all of them now, and be done with it for another 20 to 25 years. I tried to compare it to spark plugs. You replace all the spark plugs, at once, right? Not try to figure out which one was bad, and only that one? Right? And he tried to make the case for that too. Okay, fine. How's about tires. Do you replace all 4 tires at once... or do you only replace one tire at a time, when it's past the legal tread limit? Weird guy, man.
  2. I had a similar problem a few years ago with around 340,000 to 360,000 miles. Once I replaced all of the fuel injectors, it fixed all the problems. The CEL went away (it was intermittent, and usually only when "cold".) She ran smooth on start up, and highway. Fuel efficiently came back to 16mpg to 18mpg. You figure that with 25 years, and over 300,000 miles, that yeah, it's about time to replace your fuel injectors.
  3. That would be great. Once I get some engine work, transmission work, pass smog, get insurance, and registration paid. lol
  4. Thanks. The door locks are working intermittently, so I need to figure out what's going on. Maybe a bad connection, maybe the Door Lock Timer is starting to go bad? Do they slowly fail, or fail hard?
  5. After hours of more searching, I also independently found that link that you shared. https://pathfinder.tuskr.net/articles/pathfinder-1994-nissan/door-lock-timer.html It's still hard to tell from those photos, but it appears that the 'Door Lock Timer' is above the rear wheel, and slightly behind, judging from what carpet that we can see in the edge of the photo. It looks like I'm going to a junk yard, and I'm going to try to find that relay/timer, and just try to replace it as a crap shoot? I don't suppose anyone has any known way to test that unit with a multimeter, and know what pins to check?
  6. I also watched this entire video, and it seems like the "door lock timer" isn't going to be in the driver's door anywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NK8zcZJif8
  7. You may already know, but here are the usual tricks to help pass a smog: Change the oil before hand. Change the oil when the vehicle is "hot" so that more dirt and junk is in the oil. Maybe change the oil a 2nd time several days later also. Change the oil filter. Change the air filter. Drive the vehicle around for half an hour or more so that everything is "warm" and ready for your smog check. Sometimes these tips are the difference between a pass and fail, and especially for a Pathfinder.
  8. "Lower Cargo Trim Panel"? I have already read that. I don't know what that is.
  9. Today, my door locks no longer work. This is a serious matter, since my door locks are worn out to the point they no longer turn. SO i use the double turn to unlock my doors. Since my power locks no longer work, I can't unlock my vehicle. I'm trying to trouble shoot it, but none of these old photos are loading up. Where is the relay I should be looking for, or where is the door lock timer?
  10. Yeah, I didn't know that either. My 1994 Pathfinder, they replaced the fuel pump and sending unit be pulling up the carpet and getting to it through an access panel.
  11. Filmed a TikTok, grilling on my makeshift tire rack table. I hope to make a production model later this year.
  12. CT Pathy, I sent you a message, I have a few options open for you. If you're not interested, please get back to me, so I can make a separate post and offer them to anyone on these forums.
  13. By definition of auto insurance and DMV purposes, anything over 25 years old is called a "classic" This is probably based on the idea that most automobiles are intended to have a "life" of 10 or 15 years. So if someone is still pumping money into a car that's over 15 years old, it's cost of ownership increases unreasonably, so the person is keeping the vehicle for reasons other than cost of ownership - style, practicality, sentimental reasons, etc. So when it gets to 20 to 25 years, it's called a classic. I guess they're right even in my case. Back when I had plenty of money to piss away, and my 1994 was giving me trouble, I was looking at a newer version. The R50 Pathfinders, while having some newer and better things, had weaker components that I had broken on my WD21. So I didn't want a vehicle that I would be more prone to breaking offroad.
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