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  1. Part is listed on Etsy! I'll eventually get this thing going. If anyone needs one, hit me up. https://www.etsy.com/listing/865004782/nissan-pathfinder-wd21-1990-1995-sunroof
  2. I found this new, never used, "mobility system", where it's a board that fits between a couple mattresses, and a rail that bends up so grandma can get in and out of bed easier. So I snagged it. Took a couple years before I found out it inadvertently makes a really, really good passenger side table. The handrail side goes down by the left side of the shifters, and rests fairly nicely. The board side rests on the door frame. Works great unless you open the passenger side door. I thought I'd share this knowledge, if there's anyone else out there that works out of their truck. Or even use on road trips, so the passenger can comfortably work on a laptop. For an off the shelf price of about $50, you really can't beat it. The only real issue is the two lock nuts that stick out. I'll figure out a fix later. I did make a small cut on it, at an angle, to better fit around the center/right vent. It really wasn't needed. Mobility Transfer Systems FREEDOM GRIP MODEL 501
  3. Well I guess you could always buy one of my Solar Sunroof Shades, as an entry-level solar starter! XD I have two different solar systems right now. I have one on my sunroof shade that powers USB banks... And then I have a goal zero system that I put in my truck, the 100 watt panel on stop with a Goal Zero Yeti 400 behind my seat, powering a 12v Fridge, and two power strips, etc. Topic is over here:
  4. Why would you wait? Is it because you want a more permanent installation? I specifically went with "off the shelf" products that are self-contained, so I can take them off/out, and use them anywhere else, or on another vehicle if needed. I made brackets that hold the solar panel to the roof rack. So (other than making the brackets themselves), there's no drilling, no cutting, no glue... It's all modular and can be mounted and dismounted by hand. Here's a quick video:
  5. That happened when I broke my steering tie.
  6. Previously, I've had a radio shack 350W inverter. Still do. I kept a few older car batteries in the garage, with the inverter. So this was my emergency power back up. It's just enough to boot up a cable modem and wifi, and run a TV, so it worked great. I had also been using it for years for portable power for an event. Like doing a huge cookout at a park, I'm lugging this car battery, and an inverter, and a power strip, and a radio, and cell phone chargers. Quite a hassle. Now it's all contained in this nice little unit. And it's in my truck at all times, so it's super convenient. My original, original plan, was to mount a secondary battery under my hood, and have it charge from the alternator also. Keep that separate from the main power. And have that for AC power in my truck for running laptops, and have USB power ports tapped off of that... Even have an external AC outlet somewhere on my pathfinder, for camping or whatever. But the reality is that we're getting muddy, or crossing creeks, or going through snow, so I didn't like that. And with doing reenactment events, and movie shoots, I want AC power for lights and to charge cameras... but I don't want to have to bring my truck everywhere we need power. So having a commercial "power station" (battery) like this is a godsend. I can move AC power wherever I need it. And even pack a solar panel to charge it in place on a film set or camping trip. Or more correctly, the solar panel is already on my roof rack, so it's "always packed". Again, I really need to just make a video of my setup.
  7. I could have made my own custom set up, and saved money, like you're saying. But I wanted a system that's more neatly packaged, and easier to remove, and take out and put in a camp site, or go to an event. So being portable and modular is key. The only thing semi permanent in my Pathfinder is that I routed a 15' extension cable from my roof, through my sunroof, inside the ceiling panel, down the side trim, up the wheel well, then under the rear seat, and down to my "Power Station", the Goal Zero Yeti 400. it's the non-lithium version, and it has a 33ah battery, which works pretty well for me. However I'm now running a 12 volt fridge, so I ordered more batteries and cables so I can chain this to 2 other batteries for a total of about 100ah. That should give me enough capacity to run the fridge 24/7 and also a laptop when I need it. With the way I have my panel mounted, I can easily dismount it, and set up the stand, and point it where I need to - when I need more power. But once I get that extra capacity connected, I don't think I'll ever have to do that again.
  8. I don't know of any food that will last if stored in a vehicle. The HOT- Cool - HOT cool cycle destroys even non perishables. I would keep a case of MREs handy under my desk at the office, and some in a "go back" or "day pack". and the pack travels with me from house to car, car to work or whatever. Or I'd even have a case handy at home, and then going on a trip, throw the case of MREs and a couple gallons of water in the truck. Food is just one of those things that you can't store in a vehicle for a long period of time, unfortunately.
  9. MREs are guaranteed to last 7 years, up to 14, with inspections on all years after 7. However, that depends on the "store in a cool dry place". The warmer it gets, the faster it expires. Storing in a vehicle, where the temperatures can exceed 120 easily and regularly, an MRE can expire in a single summer.
  10. And by comparison, the Goal Zero Nomad 10 and Flip 12. Kinda the same concept. A Solar Panel charging a Power Bank in your vehicle, ready to grab and go. But it's loose on the dash.
  11. If I make the clip to hold the Goal Zero Venture 30, it does kinda force people into that specific USB Power Bank. But the reason that I picked that one, other than my support for that company, is the 65 lumen LED light on it. Using that Power Bank above all others, makes my replacement Sun Roof Shade, not only a replacement part, but also a solar panel, a USB power bank, and an additional interior light. One that's actually bright enough that you can see the floors and dig around in your truck if it's full of crap. Rather than the dim map and dome lights. Which, do have their place, as a dim light so that you can just see enough to get in and out of the vehicle, and not hurt your eyes, or ruin your night vision. So it's a shade/solar panel/USB Power/Interior light. I'm using it as mostly a light. And it's all modular, so it can be taken apart. Here's an unlisted video that I just made:
  12. MOLLE straps? Nah. I'm trying to make this thing as simple and minimalist and practical as possible. My first design had so much going on that it would probably be too heavy. And get too expensive to make. It was already starting to go into the $200 to $300 range just in components before I started any work on it. I'm going to try to figure out some hard plastic brackets. I might have to make something spring loaded so that this snaps into place. Or maybe just some thin flexible plastic that will work. Like study the OtterBox phone holster, and figure something similar out.

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