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  1. Those are some scenic views and great quality pics! what camera do you use?
  2. This is the MOST DETAILED write up I’ve ever seen. Well done sir.
  3. Thanks for the input, I agree I need some more rear facing lights and side lights would be nice. I’m considering mounting two of the pods rear facing on the 45° angles of the roof rack so it broadcast at a diagonal on each side. I am starting a rear bumper build where I will have 2 flush mount LED‘s for reverse lights in there down low that will be hooked to the reverse lights of the rig.
  4. Finally got out to do a little “soft roading” didn’t even use 4wd but was good test of suspension and handling. Installed 32” LED bar up on the rack platform I have 4 LED pods I haven’t decided where to install yet, any suggestions?
  5. How much lift would you say you achieved from the 1/2” spacer?
  6. Thanks! Surprisingly very little wind noise! Even at 75mph with no fairing. I thought with all the holes it would be super loud but it isn’t so that’s good!
  7. I very seriously considered the eBay basket and have had a couple in my “cart” ready to buy! But when I considered my needs I really thought the platform would be more versatile. I have a rocket box I can mount up there for enclosed storage and everything else I would just bolt to the rack such as shovel and hilift jack and when I’m not off roading I can use the platform to haul lumber.
  8. Thanks! There are a ton of attachment points. Also there are some nut inserts made for the super strut making it even more versitile for bolting brackets and accessories like light pods and bars. I estimate this rack to weigh about 35-45 lbs.
  9. Thanks! Because my crossbars got bent in the roll over, I removed them completely and was able to bolt the platform right down to the roof rails. I like how low profile it is but I have not driven it on the highway yet to see how bad the wind noise is. I will make up some sort of faring if it is very noisy.
  10. I had an open Saturday and decided to build a roof platform. I used three 10’ lengths of super-strut, cut and welded then painted several coats of satin black. I think it turned out decent considering it only took about 4 hrs to build and cost about $65 including paint and welding wire.
  11. Here is with bumper back on and about 100lbs of stuff in the cargo area. Still sits high but not as noticeable, I’ll wait till tire carrier is installed with tire on and see how it sits then. Drives great and handles much stiffer with very little body roll.
  12. I don’t know why the discrepancy but I put the rear bumper back on and looks way less raked.
  13. And here’s rears https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B082RKCGP2?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  14. Well this isn’t exactly what I had in mind as far as stance... keep in mind no rear bumper, spare tire or tire carrier installed yet... BECAUSE RACE TRUCK!

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