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  1. Just in case anyone was wondering, Whiteline and Nolothane are the same product. Desert Rat called today to inform me that my OME springs will ship Monday! Oh happy day!
  2. Ahh one of the joys of Alabama living, our cars don't rust!
  3. Anyone from LA (Lower Alabama) This is practically in my backyard! https://bamaslamsaloon.com/off-road/ If I'm off, I'll be there, as a spectator, but excited to learn of the trails. Can't wait to get my Q done to give them a try!
  4. $10,000 Bounty hole! https://bamaslamsaloon.com/off-road/ Anyone else going?
  5. So apparently I'm waiting till July for my springs... Whiteline (3rd choice) panhard bushings came today, but Nolothanes (2nd choice) will be here Wed. I'm gonna go ahead and start and when my front springs get here I'll just have front struts to do and then I'll add the rear springs at the same time. Then I'll be able to build my drop bracket for the panhard. I have fairly new tires on the front I'll just let them ride and when I'm all done, install my 15s for the alignment.
  6. Poly panhard bushings seemed to be my unicorn. Albeit, apparently now I have 2 of 3 sets I've ordered on the way... As far as anything exterior metal, I'm set up (welders/plasma cutter, endless supply of free steel) & love to fab my own.
  7. Still waiting on parts... Apparently it takes 8 weeks for items to ship from Australia?? But now I have 2 sets of panhard bushings on the way. I'll call Desert Rat in the morning to verify my OME springs shipped. Started cleaning my 15" wheels, red scotchbrite & WD40. They look great & would probably polish up nicely, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna paint with self-etching primer then satin black. I work a full-time industrial maintenance job (12hr nights) and on my days off I've been reverting back to my previous life helping my son out with his swimming pool business. Getting too hot for this old man. I'm chomping to get started on this Qx4, the longer I wait the more parts I buy...
  8. Seems to me, a lot desirable r50 parts are in Australia, and shipping to USA kind of keeps them out of reach. I've had a hard time sourcing poly panhard bushings. Apparently it takes 8 weeks to get them from Australia!?
  9. The weird thing is when my hubs are locked there is no noise. Thinking maybe the free wheeling allows something to overclock. When I get done with everything, worse case scenario I put my original auto hubs back on.
  10. Mine's the Qx4 with auto T-case, but I used cheap ebay manual hubs. Waiting on the rest of my parts to lift & rehab the suspension/steering. Since my noise goes away when I lock them, I was thinking bearings or axle/CV, which I already have. If that doesn't fix my issue I was thinking I'd pony up for the Warns, but now maybe not so much, lol.
  11. I took advise here to order my OME springs from Desert Rat, they were out as well but were expected a shipment this week, and only allotted 3 pairs, 1of which is mine! I'm still waiting on damn poly panhard bushings When I installed my manual hubs I didn't have any noise for a couple of weeks, then every few miles it sounded like the passenger side was riding on the rumble strip on the side of the road, it would last a few hundred yards and quit. I locked them back and it stopped?? Since then, I unlocked them to check, and the noise was pretty much constant so I locked them back in. I'm thinking/hoping wheel bearing or axle, which I have new to install once my last parts come. You're looking good! I'm excited, trying to be patient waiting on parts.
  12. I guess so, I found it and added it on here, albeit too late to help you. I didn't need the use of ratchet straps, everything stayed lined up.
  13. Does the 4wd use the same joints for all 4? Anyone use the sealed option? I kind of like being able to add a squirt of grease myself. Not that I'm having any issues, but at 200K, I'm getting ready to rebuild my suspension/steering and lift it. So as I gather parts I've started looking ahead to whats next on the mandatory to do list...
  14. Dawn dish soap to lube those bushings, helps them slide in then dries out
  15. LOL, this was in December right after I bought it. I finally ordered panhard bushings, as well as $1000 worth of other parts. Waiting on OME front springs AND the panhard bushings... I go out and play with my huge pile of parts, patiently waiting. I did buy the rest of the fluids today to change everything! Incidentally our covid furlough ended so this project will have to get done in well timed spurts.

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