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  1. I'm using 2 sets of bolt as well, but I'm confused, I think I got them maxed out in the wrong direction, as my angle is still pretty extreme. Got to replace an ABS sensor this week & I'll switch mine around. I made a panhard drop bracket, but didn't even think about end links, this is the 1st time I've heard it mentioned, do tell...
  2. My problem is the aggravation of doing all that from my phone. I don't have internet, therefore nor a computer at home. I don't even have tv service. I live out in the middle of nowhere, but we love it, no neighbors. I might can find the time to set up an account from work...
  3. I guess I've used all my allotted pic space? I'll post some pics on the NPORA fb page tonight..
  4. Got a lot done this week, despite starting from the bottom of the learning curve. I spent 5 days on this, but did some other thigs also (sanding/painting, panhard drop bracket, figuring cutting brushguard mounts) next one I could do in 2 days. A little disappointed with the amount of front lift, I suspect I may have received OME MD, I wanted HD to accommodate extra weight, now I'm re-thinking my brushguard/receiver/skid plates and my solid missing link that probably weighs 20+ pounds "Ignorane, once dispelled, never returns" Some thigs I've learned; There is a 3rd axle needle bearing in the knuckle, apparently dealership only part# 40588-88G00 (and it can be changed without removing the $30 seal) The hub bearings fit so tight, once I had the rotors on, I found it necessary to drive it onto the spindle. You're better off unplugging the ABS sensor and leaving it in the knuckle. When I tried tightening the locknuts on my SF spacers they unscrewed the bolts. I was afraid I'd strip the threaded holes in the spacer, but it's important to give them a good snug, and I used locktite. Thought I had my oil leaks arrested, but now to my horror the RMS has started to drip...
  5. I'm trying hard to get to that point. I took vacation time this week to rebuild my suspension, thought I had all my parts until I pulled spindles, discovering another set of needle bearings. Even with the part #, Gomer at the Nissan parts counter argues with me as to weather Nissan parts fit a Qx4. Ordered from another dealership. Be here in the morning. Now I'm worried I may need some "elusive" snap ring...
  6. Great! now please excuse my ignorance, but do I want the washers towards the front or back?
  7. I'm waiting for front axle bearings/seals to finish my front end. I've installed KYBs, OME HD springs, & 1" SF spacers. I orderd a set of camber bolts from Rockauto, then a 2nd set. But I ended up with 2 different types. 1st set is a bolt, nut, & washer with tab. How do I use that washer? 2nd set is even more complicated; bolt, plastic egocentric sleeve, 3 flat washers, hex washer with raised egocentric boss, & nut. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Planning on one of each on both sides. Which would be best for top/bottom? Should I just put in stock bolts and trust the guy doing the alignment to know how to use them? I took a pic, but system says I have 0 mb of space to load??
  8. Too bad for me (Qx4) all the cools racks I find have NISSAN embossed. OCD won't permit such...
  9. I believe it's called a steering rack guard. Mine *was* missing, but soon to be replaced with a real skid plates!
  10. So I finally started lifting. Got the rear mostly done, gotta build a panhard drop bracket. I have a Sat morning appointment for alignment and new 245/75-17s! I started on the front this morning. Everything disassembled; tie rods, swaybar bushings & links, axles, and struts are on, hub bearings & seals done, one lower control arm ready to install. I missed the fact that there's another set of axle bearings & seals, they'll be here tomorrow afternoon. I broke the bolt head off 1 ABS sensor bolt, I'll drill and tap that, then I destroyed the sensor, that will have to wait. I removed the front tie down loops to make my brackets for a brushguard/ front receiver/ skid plate. Just gonna design as I build. I have some grinding and holes to drill for my missing link. And I straightened the rear bumper and mended the cover, I plan to sand the rest of the lower trim, and weather permitting, paint this week as well.
  11. Thursday I changed all my fluids, installed new fuel filter, blower motor, cabin air filters, gas & oil caps. Today I mounted 2 245/65-17s on the rear to match the front tires (I wanted a benchmark for before/after lift measurements/pictures). And for fun, mounted 1 of my 31/10.5-15s to see how it looked. Kind of like the aluminum, but the satin finish sure smudges easy. If I don't paint them black (alredy bought the primer, satin black, & satin clear) I'd have to polish and seal them. My paint is falling off my fender flairs and my back bumper needs a repair, so I was planning to black out the bottom anyway. Not sure why, but the pics I'm allowed to post keep getting smaller...
  12. Today I changed oil, added a rack guard, serviced the transmission, transfer case, and diffs. Installed new blower motor, cabin air filters, and fuel filter. And I made a missing link; 1-1/4" solid stock with 1/4" tabs, need to do little grinding and drill the holes.
  13. Or something like 3M super weather strip adhesive. I, myself, would probably use some black urethane.

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