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  1. Hi all, To follow up on this, the issue ended up coming back a few days later. I guess clearing out that gunk was only a short term fix. Anyway, I ended up buying a new swirl control valve solenoid (14956-1P10A) from the dealer for about $100. Replacing it was quite easy and upon starting up the vehicle and going for a test drive, the issue was fixed. The 1131 code was gone but the 0507 one remained. I assumed the mechanic just didn't do the relearn properly. So obviously I was pissed that the mechanic didn't fix the issue and replaced the wrong thing meanwhile I ended up buying parts and fixing it myself. Not to mention creating a high idle issue. I held off on the idle issue for a while but recently decided I should do something about it as the vehicle was idling around 1200rpm even after trying to do the relearn procedures and I think it was killing my gas mileage. So, I caved a took it to a dealer to sort out all this crap once and for all. They told me that the throttle body was not installed correctly and was missing the gasket. They also said the bolts were stripped and may need to be replaced, making the job even more difficult. The diagnosis cost $200 and I was quoted $245 to replace the gasket. So in total this damn mechanic has costed me almost $900 fixing (and causing more issues with) the wrong thing while I end up fixing the initial problem in 20min with $100 worth of parts... Going to contact the mechanic in the hopes they will cover some of these costs...
  2. Hey guys, So that issue came back yesterday. Anytime I gave it some throttle enough to downshift and hit 3000 RPM the car would jerk and the RPMs would flutter. I posted on the NPORA facebook group a video. I also picked up a code reader and got 0507 and 1131 (swirl control valve). I followed what one of the commenters said and unplugged all the vacuum lines around the SCV and cleared them out. I noticed a little bit of white dust fly out of two of the hoses. I cleared the codes and took it for a drive and it no longer experiences those issues and the 1131 code is now gone. The 0507 code does reappear but I think the mechanic who looked at it first didnt do the relearn properly... Anyways I'm happy it seems to be fixed for the time being...but also annoyed I wasted $500 on a new throttle body when it was really a 20 min fix.
  3. Just as an update: like Mr_Reverse said, the throttle position sensor is fixed to the throttle body on 2003 V6s and up. The mechanic ended up replacing the whole throttle body with a salvaged one. Also had to do the throttle pedal relearn procedure. So far it seems to be driving fine now so hopefully that's all that the issue was. Still kind of annoying not being able to replace just the sensor - ended up costing me a bit over $500 CAD all in and that was for a used throttle body.
  4. Interesting. Yeah, I just read through the Haynes manual and 2003 models and higher with the V6 have the TPS built-in. Not sure what he is planning to replace then. I was told it should be fixed sometime today so I'll post an update on what happened.
  5. Hmm, interesting. The way you described it sounds very similar to what I was experiencing. Well hopefully, the TPS replacement fixes it otherwise perhaps it's the same issue.
  6. Hey all, I brought in my 2004 Pathfinder (VQ35DE, auto transmission) to the shop today since I was having some issues with it recently. I was driving up a moderate hill and when it downshifts (from 4th to 3rd maybe?) when I'm going around 70-80km/h the transmission wont engage and the vehicle starts jerking while the rpms rapidly bounce back and forth. There are no grinding sounds, it just sounds like the vehicle cant pick a gear and is jumping back and forth really quickly. I have to left of the gas and then I'm stuck in that gear. It seems to only happen on hills and above 50km/h or when I'm accelerating somewhat hard. One thing to note (not sure if this is relevant or not) but last weekend I pushed the pathy pretty hard shuttling up and down a mountain while mountain biking. Not sure if the stress from hauling bikes up and down a fairly steep trail wore some thing out or not... The mechanic said he's not certain but he thinks it's probably the throttle position sensor so he's ordering in a new one. I wasn't getting any engine lights or anything so I'm wondering if he picked up codes that pointed to this? Has anyone run into this issue before? Thanks!
  7. Nice ride! What type of rims are these? What's the offset/backspacing? I have an 04 Chinook and I'm looking at 245/75/16's on 16x8 rims but I'm not sure if -19 offset is too much or will stick out too far...
  8. Hi all, New member here from Prince George, BC, Canada. Recently picked up a 2004 Pathfinder Chinook with 110k kms. No major upgrades yet other than a roof basket and a small light bar I'm in the middle of installing on the front bumper. Looking at purchasing some new rims (CECO Daytonas from PMCtire) and some tires. Still debating between Duratracs or Falken Wildpeaks. Up here in northern BC we get a ton of snow (and animals on the road...) which makes highway driving and trips to the ski hills quite sketchy sometimes. I've been waffling about a lift but I think I'll hold off for the summer and see if it's worthwhile or not. I don't plan on doing any serious offroading but I will be driving down service roads and some light trails to get to camping/hiking/fishing spots. My last vehicle was a V6 accord and this is my first SUV and I've been loving it so far! Glad to join the community!
  9. Sounds good. Appreciate the responses guys.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the reply. I'll take a closer look at those areas. I think I'll just stick to spray coatings and not worry about doing any major restorative or paint work. As much as I love this vehicle, I don't need or expect it to last forever and probably isn't worth dumping lots of money into rust removal.
  11. Hi all, Recently picked up this 2004 Pathfinder Chinook. It was a good deal and it only has 110,000 kms. However, coming from Alberta with the terrible winters and road salt, the underbody has a fair bit of rust. I don't have much experience in this area but does this rust look to be mostly surface or significant enough to affect the structural integrity? The body exterior is in great shape rust-wise, the rocker panels and under the fenders are okay, and the strut towers appear to be fine. Is there anything I should do about it (por-15, undercarriage sprays, or just let it be and accept that this vehicle wont last forever and will likely be repairing parts that rust apart over the years)? https://imgur.com/a/W2GPz3c Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I recently bought a 2004 Pathfinder Chinook and so this is my first post on the forum. Anyways, I'm confused why my rear window hinge looks different than other pathfinders. I didn't notice it before I bought it, otherwise I would have asked the previous owner. Any ideas? It looks like they replaced the original hinge with an aftermarket one in order to mount something? https://imgur.com/a/5dnjtVS Thanks!

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