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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I'm pretty excited to get this set up, going to buy some steel soon and start working on bumpers and roof rack. I think I've decided to add some step rails or at least deflectors on the sides as well. Not sure about lights yet. But I'd like some floods on the side / back of the rack eventually. Going to draw up some sketches of the end goal
  2. Hi all! First off, I'm a Subaru guy slowly becoming more of a nissan guy. I've had 17 subarus over the past 15 years, but currently down to just 1, I've had a 280z for 12 years but just recently finally started working on it. I recently moved to Arizona from ND, originally from Alaska. After being here a few weeks I got a message from a friend who happened to be in Tucson and was helping another friend of his clear out his father's estate. I offered to lend a hand and my crappy mazda b2500 and we emptied a couple loads of stuff, with a few things left over for me to sell. When they were done and ready to leave town they asked if I wanted his vehicle, they didnt think it was worth the hassle of selling, so they left me his father's 99 LE pathy! I'm not sure if the father smoked in it, or these boys did enough damage to make it seem like he had since the day it was new.... but it was bad, really bad. Being inexperienced with cigarette smoke I gave it a good vacuuming and tried a couple "bombs" and then it just smelled like an old casino. I did some research and bought a nice little ozone machine locally used for 30$, ran it for 3 hours over the course of a few days, letting it air out after each for a few hours, and leaving the AC running one time to get the vents. It worked wonders. At first it had a residual ozone odor, and then it sat in that spot for a few months being baked in the arizona sun. I'd open it every once in a while and now it smelled like a freshly cleaned casino at least. I ran the ozone machine 1 more time, and it had the same effect. Christmas weekend we drove from Tucson to Jerome and Sedona, it had a faint odor at the start but over the course of the trip, with fast food, new febreze air fresheners in the vents and windows down alot of the time, it really isnt noticable, and I'm perfectly happy with the outcome. This process started back in August, this week i FINALLY got the title so it can be fully legal, and I'm super stoked for that. For my plans with it! It's currently going to replace my b2500 and my daily, and be our weekend adventure rig. I've already replaced the stock wheels with some 16x8.5 +6 level 8 trackers, with some 265/70 bfg long trail t/a. I picked up the wheel and tire set for 300$ so I'll ride out the rubber which is about 50%-40% tread on 3 of them, and like 90-80% on one, I'll keep that for a spare on a 16x8 +12 later probably. Future mods: Full coverage roof rack+ awning. Factory fender flares Air compressor + lockers. Custom bumpers f/r + rear spare swing out. Drivers side ladder to rack. Possible roof tent. Maybe a lift? It doesnt rub atm That's most of the plans and a whole wall of text for now. TLDR: 99 pathy for free, smelled like dead guy cigarettes and sadness. Smells better, works good. Current state of the Datsun Sold the silver/black subie before moving. Current state of the pathy Wheel poke with the 8.5 +6 What it looked like when I got it, sun damaged passenger fender. My current tool box setup if anyone cares

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