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  1. Awesome, glad you got it sorted! I had the equivalent / earlier model of these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313197587317 6.5 " round in the back (on a 2-door this is next to the passenger seat) and 4" pioneer speakers in the doors, so a 4 speaker system (plus tweeters) in total. The tweeters make all the difference over all-in one speakers, but that's personal opinion. It all comes down to location and overall layout. The ones you linked should work fine (probably better)!
  2. Hmm... Can't help you there. I normally just run my own new wiring rather than trust what is there. Hopefully you get it sorted, will be interesting to see what the culprit is.
  3. Check your balance and fader settings, may just be set to bias one side/front or rear. Also check for any shorts. Also check of your equalizer has a 'loud' setting. Are you running component speakers? If so use their crossover and wire directly. if you are still wired through factory wiring your signal may be going through factory amp or remote mounted crossovers which will separate high and low range Also are you running speakers mounted or just sitting on the floor? The difference in sound will be huge.
  4. I ran a JVC head unit in my last setup outlined above. No amp. (Neither of mine had/have factory amp) You need to watch overall size and magnet diameter or you will lose the ability to roll your window right down, or not fit in the door (the doors are thin front-to-back). Mine is a 2 door, I needed to trim up some sheetmetal and riveet over one side of the factory hole to close it off to suit the 6.5" speakers.
  5. Not sure how the factory ones were set up, but modern component speakers with good crossovers and tweeters sound amazing, as long as you have them positioned right. On my last pathy I used Blaupunkt 6.5" component speakers in the rear with the tweeters mounted at the top of the A pillars (check location doesn't interfere with your sunvisors... I learnt that the hard way!) ...and some 4" speakers in the front doors. It sounded so good that I've bought all the same bits for my white one.
  6. Performance Steering Components PSC FHK110 PSC Full Hydraulic Steering Systems | Summit Racing - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Looks like plenty of kits available, I don't think there is any getting around doing your own measurements and calcs to get the right stroke length.
  7. Correct haha, I already have the WD, 2 old mopars and my harley to go in there, so she is going to be tight! Luckily we have 2 other single car garages on the property. I made the extra trip up there just to epoxy the floor, other wise it will never happen once we move.
  8. So our new garage/shop is ready and I have just sold my place in the 'burbs of Melbourne. Zero Covid cases for 3 weeks here so the lockdowns are over in our state for now Will be moving up to our rural property in about 8 weeks so you can expect some updates on this turd!
  9. If you have the energy, you could change the whole diff out for a factory LSD far cheaper than buying a locker, although it is hard to find a low mile, tight LSD nowadays. I'm doing the same to mine, which also has an open rear.
  10. The wires can be soldered back on, done it before. Still got to do my current pathy when I get around to it. Doesn't matter which way the wires go, it's jus an on/off switch, single polarity
  11. Good luck, hopefully you find it a good home and make a dollary-doo or two.
  12. Have you had a wheel alignment recently? If the steering wheel has been re-fitted off-centre (bad alignment shops often cause this) the wheel may need close to a full-turn to hit the detents on the switch. Also - make sure the two roll pins are in place on the bottom of the steering wheel.

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