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  1. Definitely a terrible design, Although my last WD I had for 11 years without any hassles. I ran 0 offset rims with 31x10.5R15s, anything bigger is too much for the front end and you're asking for failure.
  2. Welcome! Congrats on you new rig, The early 2 doors are simply the best (personal opinion). Look forward to your pics!
  3. Thanks, it's draconian but it is definitely reducing the number of cases. Not sure how much longer it will be sustainable for, at some point we just need to learn to live with it and get on with our lives and re-ignite the economy. Sounds like a similar head to the KA24. We never got the injected Z24s here. We still call them a 280z here, my Ex GF's old lady had one! They are all expensive here, I've just finished putting together a warmed over Chrysler 318, cost me a bomb. The Z will be a bit cheaper by comparison.
  4. Now I know I DID title this a "Slow" build, but I did envisage I'd be damn close to driving this truck around by now! But, due to Covid lockdowns I haven't been able to leave Melbourne to go and work on the car (or our house we are renovating). We've just had a new 3 car garage built and I am gagging to get up there and see it in person. It's heart-breaking for us but everyone here is missing out on something they wish they could do. So I'm Itching to go and get some work done on the WD. The next step is to pull the motor and either rebuild it, or freshen up my spare engine. Spare engine is at my folks about 30km away, I'm not allowed to go there either, so we play the waiting game. I did manage to find a reco cylinder head in a local classified here so that is a start to the engine build. Hopefully I have some more updates soon, in the meantime I will be within 5km of my home and not leave the house unless it is to go to my permitted job or to buy groceries, or my allocated 1 hour per day excersise, also noting our 8pm to 5 am curfew... Good times Stay safe out there y'all FGF
  5. Congrats, hopefully it's a low maintenance, highly rewarding gig!
  6. I actually just saw a Terrano for sale locally that had the brilliant white dash, was a very original car so perhaps they were fitted to the JDM cars (at least in the earlier years)?
  7. At the other end of the spectrum, it's possible he swapped out the rest of the dash for a USDM one and swapped his original KMH speedo back in! haha Although my Aussie '87 has the orange characters and the single odo. Most likely a later speedo changed in.
  8. Welcome ! Congrats on your newborn daughter and on your new truck. Looks like a great example!
  9. Cheers man, 'm in Victoria - so the cost of transport probably be more than you're asking for the car haha Good luck with the sale.
  10. Yup, I've always found it better to store a whole parts car outside than clog up the garage with stuff you don't need straight away haha
  11. Check your end play - You can buy different sized snap rings based on your axle end play, so you may need an alternate size snap ring
  12. I was amazed when I saw Sturgis was going ahead! I'm going to get over there for it one of these years for sure (if I ever get to leave my home)

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