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  1. That it is 300km away on my other property at the moment....
  2. Melbourne here, seems our kind are drying up although I still see a couple on the road!
  3. Removed dodgy LPG conversion and belly tank, fitted factory fuel tank. Removed 80s car alarm, other wiring add-ons and returned wiring loom under dash and in engine bay to OEM. Most Satisfying!
  4. I think that's easily justified if they are parked nearby - security for them too given there is evidently theif activity in the area. I'd jump at it if it were my neighbour asking.
  5. That's great info. I wonder if you got a 2nd pair you could linish or machine them down to compensate for the gap.
  6. Welcome Misael! Got an Aussie spec (Carb Z24 5 spd) 1987 myself. Congrats on your new truck
  7. PS, that thing looks like it will be a weapon. Love it!
  8. Never seen one on the few Aussie cars I have pulled apart, I think as long as you have your hub seal (40232) in place you should be okay. You could run a bead of rtv between the knuckle/stub axle and dust shield if you are concerned. Anyone else seen this?
  9. How's the truck perform with the webers? Considering doing same....
  10. Jesus, that's a bad day out wheeling! (or a great day with some collateral damage)
  11. It's interesting that over there you guys seem to always mount your CB/UHF antenna on the rear comer of the car. Do you have laws against putting it on the front or in the field of vision? Over here in Aus they get fitted almost exclusively to the front on a bracket on the bullbar. Maybe we're just too lazy over here to route the cable all that way under the carpet
  12. Man that is absolute filth! You can be a smoker without being a filthy pig! Good on you for taking it on though, braver man than me haha
  13. They have them listed on their website as a stand-alone item: https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981105-pathfinder-upper-control-arms.html
  14. Looks awesome... You won't want to take it offroad haha
  15. Not sure on the RC, but 4x4parts.com carries the superlifts. I was very happy with the last set I bought and will be getting some for my current build.

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