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  1. We are having close to 200 cases daily, in our state ramping up ever since the BLM protests in Melbourne.
  2. Well my State here in Australia has reinstated the stage 3 lockdown for the next 6 weeks. It really sucks but too many were doing the wrong thing the second restrictions eased. How is everyone else faring? Stay Safe, Stay Sane -FGF
  3. Looks great. Love the period correct graphics!
  4. Nissan must have used titanium in their carpets, every pathy I have seen has had carpet in great shape!
  5. Ha, at least you have the V6, mine is a carb 4cyl. There is an eBay seller "lilvadee" that carries some of the weatherstripping (out of Thailand) great to deal with - they have kept a few of my Nissans and Dastuns on the road over the years.
  6. Get where you're coming from, I don't like waste in my vehicles either haha, that's why I run a 2 door. WDs are a baby compared to most of the 4wd vehicles here in Australia (Landcruisers, Patrols, dual cab trucks etc), and the narrow track and light weight makes them very capable off road for what they are.
  7. There you go, never seen or heard of a 2wd version, definitely not here in Australia... Looks to be pretty clean!
  8. That's an awesome little truck, even better being a family heirloom! 32/36 Webers work really well but there is no beating the induction noise of twin side drafts! This guy does all of the classic / repro side stripes, keep the 80s theme alive! http://www.jamesdeancreations.com/1981-83.htm
  9. I prefer carbs, plus we don't get a say in it with Australian Z24s, we never got the Z24i. I've ran the Weber DGV for over a decade and only had fuel starvation going up one hill that was nearly vertical. Note you'll need to run a different (low pressure) fuel pump to facilitate the carb conversion.
  10. Welcome Smiddly, and good luck with your new rig.
  11. Welcome! Love a good 720 King Cab
  12. We're at about $1.20/litre at the moment, but got down to about $0.89. Prior up to $1.60/L That's Australian Pesos, which is about 7.6 cents US at the moment
  13. Man they do look great. I'd love to find one and make a fibreglass copy.

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