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  1. Hey guys thanks for for the reply! I am aware of the issues with spacer lifts but I was hoping to rectify any camber issues with camber bolts which I here is pretty common for these. And yet again the idea is to get something somewhat off roadable for as little as possible. I’m hoping there’s problems so I can keep posting on here:)
  2. Well here’s the challenge! How expensive is it really to start 4x4in?!! Well I posed that exact question and decided to try and find the answer. So through a close connection( my dad) I got my hands on a 1999 Infiniti QX4! A fine automobile!! So I started doing some research on budget 4x4 mods to do to my interesting new project and found a few. So to start I got on google and found 2.5 inch lift spacers for $162.99. Then got on to offer up because I figured if I’m lifting it I’m gonna need bigger tires! Right? So I found a used set of 265/75r16 Toyo mud Terrain that are at about half life. Paid $100 for them and was pretty happy with that. Then I decided to hit OfferUp again looking for a off road bumper for this rig because before I got it it was in a front end collision. Found one but was for a Yj Jeep. Gonna have to do some modding but so far it looks like it will fit nicely with a little massaging. And then I had a thought.” What’s a 4x4 if you cant see where you are going? Time to look for a light bar.” Got on amazon and after some research I found a 33000 lumen 52inch light bar that I thought would look and work awesome for my application. So I ordered it! As I was sitting there thinking about what else a man might need if he is stuck in the wilderness. Then it dawned on me. A good old fashioned CB radio, if your broke down you can radio for help or if your just checking in with a buddy a little ways down the trail from you either way a very useful tool! So I’m working on installing all my new toys and will come back on and update and upload some pics as progress is made! Thanks for reading! Sam 1999 qx4
  3. Hey man was going over this thread. Saw that you guys are litterally 1 town from me I’m in Snohomish. If you guys ever wanna get together and wheeling just hit me up and we can meet up. I’m just now getting all the work done to my qx 4

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