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  1. True. I usually go around Oct-Nov and it doesn’t seem so crowded. @Trailsearcher nice pics man! Looks like you had fun.
  2. Nice going man! If you are in the LA area and simply want to test out your rig, you can try Elephant Hill in Monterey Park area. It’s undeveloped land that has access from the nearby neighborhood. Not “really” supposed to go wheeling in there, but a quick run through the web of mini trails has some easy to advanced level obstacles. Or head out to Gorman off-road park.
  3. Nice lift! your username is dead-on lol
  4. I’m tuned to this thread in hoping you find your answer because I’ll find myself in the same predicament soon using this exact setup. From my forums research, looks like the smallest spacer on the market for the front is 1”. This can lead to cv axles being damaged when you top out, but a lot of members seem to be adding the front 1” spacer anyway to level out the rake with the 9447 rear springs. I’ve read some members using a 1/2” spacer up front to level out the rake while maintaining a safer height for cv axels versus the 1” spacer, but I can’t seem to find who sells 1/2” spacers, so they might be custom made. I’ve also read some members even cut a coil on the 9447 to level it out, but that’s a different story.
  5. Nice man. That must sound insane. Have you done a bass sweep to find any rattles in the interior/exterior? Surprised you weren’t bottoming out all the time with that weight. @R50JR you posted the video before I finished my reply. Relax a little man, he’s informed now.
  6. Dang, 500lb sound system! Hope you got some JL subs in there from my recent research, there aren’t a ton of options for the front, but it breaks down to this: Stock front struts are most common (KYB oem replacements). You can pair these struts with either of the 3 different height Old Man Emu (OME) front springs that have 3 different heights up to about ~1.5” lift. AC Coils offer the highest spring lift with 2” lift springs. All of these springs can work with the KYB stock replacement front struts, but you are extending the front strut closer to its maximum height and risk “top-out” when you hit a speed bump or off-road trail. The only longer, stronger front struts that I am aware available are from Old Man Emu which are a premium cost. if you need more specifics, there are plenty of write ups on the forum. Or watch this video from one of the members here:
  7. Looks good man! I see the rake you’re taking about, but it’s not really all that bad. Any idea the weight of your front bull-bar bumper? If you still prefer to level it, maybe add a tow hitch in the rear if you don’t already have one?
  8. Oh damn haha! Well I guess it’s expected, but the rear does settle a bit according to the other guys. I better load up my rear lol
  9. Don’t forget to post a pic when you get it done! Can’t wait to do mine.
  10. Whattup man. Sorry, I have not installed the setup yet. But I PMed members with that exact setup and sounds like no biggie to get the mounting points to fit. I guess I’ll find out when I do it.
  11. My recently purchased OME springs had no markings either. But they did come in an OME box.
  12. I recently ordered my set, so I can only speak on that setup. I ordered the rear NRC 9447 springs for the rear as they are the softer, shorter of the LR options as I didn’t want too much rake and I’m not heavily loaded in the rear. I got these from LR Direct. The rear shocks, you can technically use stock KYB oem rear shocks, but you won’t have much travel. So the common upgrade paired with the 9447 springs would be Bilstein 5125 series 33-185552 as these extend about 3” more than stock without any major risk or changes needed.
  13. Wow I just order my OMEs a few weeks ago from desert rat. Hopefully they stick to the lead times. Glad you were able to get a set!
  14. I just recently did my own research and priced everything out that you mentioned and can provide some feedback on hardware costs. The rocky road kit you mentioned I believe is just under $1k. That is probably the most expensive kit out there using all Old Man Emu springs and shocks/struts which are known to be quality and mild lift. You can also just purchase the Old Man Emu springs from DesertRat (all “dutys” are the same price) and KYB shocks from a place like RockAuto and spend roughly $600. Still a mild lift. For a more aggressive lift, you can source Land Rover rear springs and Bilstein shocks, OME front springs and KYB shocks and still spend under $700, but you have to buy all pieces from like 4 different website for best pricing. $1200 for stock replacements is definitely a no-go. You can get an amazing quality lift installed for that price. I am a noob as well but the search function on this forum is actually pretty good, unlike other forums. And people are pretty friendly.

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