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  1. Is it possible to adjust the angle on my headlights? 2001 LE I did a search and could not find anything.
  2. We work in indigenous communities with all kinds of life skills. We help with reading and writing skills for children. We help educate about social issues and do counseling. Lots of different things.
  3. HI there. I'm new to the forum. Been lurking on the Facebook forum for awhile. I purchased a 2001 Pathy LE 4x4 for our (wife & I) volunteer work in Belize. I bought it at auction in Washington state and drove it down to Belize. I bought it with 200k now has 215k. I've changed out many of the sensort that go bad. Had the IACV go bad so I replaced that and then changed out the ECU with 1 from a 2001 QX4. I've also put in new shocks and struts. I upgraded to stiffer ones as most of the roads here in Belize would qualify as "off-roading" by most standards. I've recently had a recurring code.for O2 sensors so I got a set of Evil Energy O2 spacers, not yet installed. Next on my list is to change out the rear bushings or trailing arms. I can fix most things on a vehicle myself just not the best at making diagnosis. So that's why I'm here. So when I do have an issue to get steered in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your help

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