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  1. Is that pulley adapter still available? or a drawing maybe? I have a vg33 that will go in if my vg30 ever dies.
  2. What kind of volunteer work do you do?
  3. I bought the Nismo wheels before I even had the truck LOL. It had the stock leggo wheels with dry rotted tires that barely held air on it at purchase. A lil body crunch on the passenger rear from a minor collision keeps it from mint with 180k miles, $1300 wasn't too far off. Maybe worth $2500 at best. I wish I had a pic of the dilapidated state I found it in.
  4. Smokey Mountain 500. It's a little loop up around North GA, TN, and South Carolina. I think a bunch of dual sport riders came up with it. Mostly dirt and gravel service roads, but there's some really cool stuff along the way. The yellow and red are the fun bits.
  5. Thanks for the welcome! I've had ol' girl since 2016. To forever to find an ok 5 speed 4x4. This one came from a Nigerian auto broker named Physue on the south side of Atlanta while I lived there, very nice gentlemen. "Give me $1300 because when it breaks, you will not bring back." It was worth every penny. The bumper was something me and a coworker worked up over a few weekends. Excuse the unpainted rusty bit. I need to paint it. I forgot about my "hood pins" I guess those are a mod Just installed the clear lens headlights last night. China prevented the from fitting as well as I'd like so I need to pull them off and make some tweaks. The Nismo wheels will return soon with 33s this time...
  6. I love blue ridge area. Did the SM500 two years ago. I could be in.
  7. Hello all, The name's Joseph. Out of Huntsville AL, I wheel occasionally. I LOVE Pathfinders. Mods: DIY winch bumper. T bar re-clock. Rebuild front end. JGC Coils in the rear. Exedy Clutch Crown Vic Exhaust Studs PIAA Spotlights qx4 wheels though I have my Nismo wheels needing tires. Hoping to make matching rear bumper and rock sliders soon. Forum doesn't look super active, but it's not blocked at work...

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