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  1. I am posting this for my little Bro and I think he said it has 158k miles. Does anyone know of a good transmission shop in the Flowery Branch Georgia area?
  2. Well aren't you a downer! And I think you are right. I am surprised to not be able to find any posts on the web with this problem which leads me to believe a module or actuator is nt going to fix the problems. From what I know there was no issues leading up to the failure which seems odd.
  3. Wondering if anyone has experience with this problem? TIA! 2004 Pathfinder LE Platinum 4 speed Automatic Currently in Limp Mode Starts in park. While still in park if I give it gas it moves forward a bit. Will go forward if I shift to drive but not in 1 or 2 and I have no reverse. With car off and emergency brake off cannot move backwards.
  4. My automatic shifter starts in park as it should. Reverse not working. 1,2nd not working. In drive barely works. In neutral and park it bumps forward a hair. I need some help if anyone knows about this issue.

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