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  1. Hey everyone, I tried to search for this before posting, but couldn’t find anything. I took apart my front bumper yesterday and noticed there was a hole / rust on my lower rad support. I see that the part itself is fairly cheap. Now my question is, is this a plug and play bolt on or is there welding involved? From the pictures, it looks like it just bolts right on. Would like to know before committing. Has anyone done this? any info and help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you all for the replies! I’ll just play the waiting game and search around some junkyards and see which pops up first. Thank you again for all the info and help!
  3. Thank you all for the replies and help! I guess I was under the impression that 98-04 were mostly if not all interchangeable. I didn’t even really plan on getting this car, but the opportunity came up, and I got it for $500. Which I will Plan on using for a daily (since my current and only car is slammed lol). But I’ll wait for the fender as I see that most places are out of stock for it, which I think is why the prices for what’s left is on the higher side. Again, I appreciate all of the help, and look forward to learning from this forum.
  4. Thank you for the info! Would you be able to point me in a direction to where I can find fenders for this chassis? thank you!
  5. Now that you say this, it seems that this chassis doesn’t have as much parts support as post face lift? I was hoping that they were going to be interchangeable. Any idea where I can find body parts for this chassis for cheap?
  6. Hi, I just picked up a 98 pathfinder today, and the front fender is rotted on the bottom portion of the fender. I was trying to search for fenders online and saw mostly 99-04 pop up, but the generic “car fitment” that the sites offer says it doesn’t fit my chassis. Is this true?
  7. What’s going on everybody. I just picked up a 1998 black pathfinder With 126k miles for a super low price. It definitely needs some work (mostly aesthetic). It also needs to get an alignment, but I can’t complain for the price I paid for it. Primarily got it for a daily / winter car and this opportunity came out of nowhere, and I after driving it..I bought it. I was curious as to if body parts are interchangeable for this chassis from 98-04? I’m specifically trying to replace my front fenders and front bumper. All I see for the front fenders are 99-04 and not sure if it’ll fit my car. thanks in advanced for any help and I’m excited to start this project and be part of this forum!

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