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  1. Did the fan mount well or did you have to fab some mounts?
  2. My pathy does overheat when climbing really steep hills, so a radiator upgrade may foresee the future.
  3. It would probably best if I go trails rated no more than level 3, I guess. Fireroads and light trails are probably my only option.
  4. I have a 2001 Pathy SE RWD on Hankook AT2s. - I wish it was a 4wd, but this what I have for now. Will be upgrading the lights, but will keep it mostly stock to save up for a 4x4.
  5. Does anyone take their rwd pathy offroading? My pathy rwd and has a set of A/Ts, but I am concerned of it having issues since it isn't 4x4.
  6. I wonder..based on his profile pic it looks like his pathy is lifted and on bigger tires - My pathy has a/t but nothing else, it pretty much stock, so i will probably just go OEM or something to that regards
  7. Why did you choose to use a dodge master.. was it because you wanted more fluid? Here are two cylinders I found on rock auto ~ https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=2322218&cc=1432945&jsn=919&_nck=8lwjyqYeLE0UpquaLkRUD3h4BjQbTr3b%2BXRtIUqESpRQjMj3gN7soIGAETnUvsrOzJ414czFHek2P15VlQTMTXogg7aBjnD8Z6Z3MFuub5kFC7iAZU3xO4FZ9sxS8H0MBm6XYC5xvq39nuuaIP2VXmUFDnaowE2ry6br1f2Y1jwDyWF%2FD4nO%2B6ynCtiaWNFyPDil%2F77sIsbDhmuiF5zV2nXwSsDpI8kzetme5xS5wF1nIf2aayvRvGgi2a7TNJss15VxmOXC1FRhiR0%2FjoMpPuienHNW06gDWkgaAr8QYGFLhSyU0N%2FgBVaApCmiUFJublkJF7dhPktS43z3WOJ7hXJhemi5yAzLsqC0qbIce2im3a4AvycvWOcU9MRZeRt%2BbreoFv%2F8zISXMZlDCOR2LnPvmPlFOKeD https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=309433&cc=1432945&jsn=920&_nck=8lwjyqYeLE0UpquaLkRUD3h4BjQbTr3b%2BXRtIUqESpRQjMj3gN7soIGAETnUvsrOzJ414czFHek2P15VlQTMTXogg7aBjnD8Z6Z3MFuub5kFC7iAZU3xO4FZ9sxS8H0MBm6XYC5xvq39nuuaIP2VXmUFDnaowE2ry6br1f2Y1jwDyWF%2FD4nO%2B6ynCtiaWNFyPDil%2F77sIsbDhmuiF5zV2nXwSsDpI8kzetme5xS5wF1nIf2aayvRvGgi2a7TNJss15VxmOXC1FRhiR0%2FjoMpPuienHNW06gDWkgaAr8QYGFLhSyU0N%2FgBVaApCmiUFJublkJF7dhPktS43z3WOJ7hXJhemi5yAzLsqC0qbIce2im3a4AvycvWOcU9MRZeRt%2BbreoFv%2F8zISXMZlDCOR2LnPvmPlFOKeD
  8. Hello, My brake cylinder is leaking, I am looking to replace it. I wanted to know if anyone found a better aftermarket cylinder than the oem for a reasonable price. Thanks
  9. Where I am, I dont have to worry about snow buildup on my lights and such. I was also thinking of putting strong fog lights and installing a switch for extra light.
  10. Has anyone gone on the CarID website to buy bulbs? I will look into the Hikari bulbs. Do those lights give off a blue look, I want a light that is more white/yellow than blue?
  11. Hey, What led bulbs do you guys use? I am looking to upgrade my pathy. Thanks
  12. Hope you back recovers smoothly. Also I am wanting to install some ditch lights but, there are no mounts for sale. I saw that there are ham radio antenna mounts that work, but I wanted to know if you have worked up a design for one? I saw this on another forum, of a mount some made.

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