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  1. Is is too much to ask for an E-locker that priced around $700?? Lol Im not super into the idea of a rear Lokka but it’s nice that there might soon be an option for it.
  2. Sounds dope. Every mention of lockers makes me want them more. COVID sucks
  3. “All mode” locker switch? Do tell.... Also, Patrick’s rear bumper is still one of the sickest things I’ve seen on a pathfinder.
  4. It’s possible, but my hood is not super perfect anymore so there’s a sizable gap around that area and I think during the winter the outside air gets in there enough to make it nice and cold. But overall I haven’t noticed much different either way.
  5. I’m thinking here somewhere. Plenty of space now that the airbox is gone. Just need to build a bit of a bracket/platform
  6. Come on, SOMEBODY must have successfully changed U-joints on an R50 before?
  7. Well I ended up going with the 2780 compressor which is the smaller version of it. Should be plenty good enough for my needs and will likely fit a whole lot better. If not, I’ll look into making a small frame and mounting it in the spare tire well with a thin gauge plate beneath it to give some protection from the elements. Or something. I’ll have to first see how big it is. There’s a chance I could also fit it in the cabin somewhere
  8. Yeah man that’s what I was thinking. I might be able to handle it but my girlfriend sure as hell wouldn’t. I’ll keep saving for the rear locker for now. Just bought a smittybilt compresor and hopefully it’ll be able to mount in the engine bay and work with the locker.
  9. Super interesting. Now I’m curious how the lokka works with manual hubs and the ATX14a. Does it actually get ignored by the system when the hubs are unlocked or does it still interfere? I’ve heard it’s supposed to be invisible but since finding out that the front is still spinning while unlocked, I’m not so sure of the effect.
  10. These look promising for the rear as well, but it’s hard to know for sure GMB 2150029
  11. I was reviewing this thread for info about U-joints but it left me more confused than when I started. Anybody know what the consensus is for R50 u joints that fit properly and aren’t a pain in the ass to install? For now I’m ruling out parts store garbage brands and want to stick with something solid, but if anyone has part numbers of “lesser” brands that have worked perfectly and been bomb proof on their trucks, feel free to mention them! As I understand it, the snap rings must be internal for the 2001 with an Auto transmission, so I did a search and found that the spicer 5-3218x seems to be correct for the front but I’m wondering why it was never mentioned in the above thread? I also can’t seem to find any for the rear besides the 5-1505x which was said to have external snap rings, but multiple websites list them as having internal, so I can’t tell. I took a look at neapco for the rear but they no longer list the 1-0029BF, only the regular 1-0029, which hawairish stated he had lots of trouble with.
  12. Haha believe me, I can’t even get her to pay attention long enough to understand what the hubs do! She’s like nope I’m not touching those, so now if there’s a chance of snow I leave them locked and in auto mode so there’s no thinking involved.
  13. Yeah I’ve always considered the Lokka as a good option but could never bring myself to add another complicating factor to the front end. I guess I may be overthinking it but if I can’t even trust the transfer case to be doing what I expect (because of the manual hubs), then adding a mechanical locker just puts another layer of complication on top. If that makes any sense? I understand that it’s been proven to work well but something about the traction dependent behavior still makes me worried on patchy snow, especially because my girlfriend drives the rig sometimes and wouldn’t know what was going on mechanically if it suddenly locked up The other side of the equation is that I prefer rear lockers in general, just because the weight is on the rear when you’re climbing hills with technical terrain, especially with how heavy my rear is with all the cargo and tire carrier. I get the logic behind locking the IFS front but I also think it’s a little more risky because the CVs are not as strong as the rear shafts. The other thing a rear locker gets you is a backup option if you snap a CV. You can just remove it, unlock the hubs and you’ll still have a locked rear that can do almost as much as you could using 4Hi Ideally I’d like both eventually, but my top priority is the rear

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