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  1. Cool I’ll check those out. The place I am taking the truck is a guy that specializes in Japanese imports, not the dealership. I hope he’ll understand what I’m asking him to do though. I don’t fully understand it myself so it’s kind of hard to explain.
  2. I looked into the service history and confirmed that the power valve screws have not been tightened in the past, so I think that’s going to be my next shop visit You all have convinced me that it’s not worth rolling the dice on this one, so I’ll see about getting into a Nissan mechanic next week to do the work. What’s a fair price do you think?
  3. finally some daylight pictures! I went ahead and sprayed the OE wheels black. Bear in mind I’m a horrible painter, but they are indeed no longer silver. So I count it as a success I loved the look of the black wheels on everyone else’s rigs so I figured I’d like mine better in black as well. Makes the tires look bigger and the truck more aggressive. Next up is probably removing the running boards for more clearance on the sides
  4. Oh believe me, I’ve realized! Ive got way too many wants and way too little money my friend. Current to do list: -Manual hubs -New CVs (one boot is torn but both sides are probably in need of replacing anyway) -New front control arms, tie rod ends, lower ball joints, end links, and steering rack boots -New upstream O2 sensors -Getting the power valve screws tightened -Front Lokka -Bilstein shocks to replace the Gabriel ultras and give me more flex -Hi lift jack, Tow ropes, traction boards - Rock lights and reverse mounted LED bar - rock sliders -coastal off-road front bumper with 10,000lb smitty winch - limiting straps - custom swing out rear gas can carrier (mounted to a custom rear bumper) My wallet is crying. It’s telling me to run away from this forum My family lives in vegas so I’ll be there for thanksgiving. Pray for me fellow pathfinder nuts, if I hit even a minor jackpot I can check quite a few things off the list! Lol
  5. Oh yeah and the alignment is done now. They said it was easily doable with just one bolt per side so I must not have been too far off. Ahhhhhhhhhh..... no camber feels good
  6. As you can see, the camera is a really basic set up. It could be refined in about a million different ways, but what I have right now works for me so I’ll leave it alone. The wiring goes up along the lower trailing arm to the underside of the running board, and then into the crack of the door (reinforced with plastic tubing and tape so it doesn’t get pinched). I also made sure to leave some slack in the wiring so that they don’t tear under flexing and compression. Ignore the clump of tape haha, I was trying to wrap more of the wiring quickly before going to work but it’s falling off already so I’ll have to find a better solution. I was pressed for time on the install, but I’ll revisit it soon. You can also see in the top picture that there’s actually a bit of rake front to back. I’m noticing it more now that I’m taking more pictures from the sides. For some reason it looks more level in person. Anyway, I don't think I mind it.This way I can still load up the back with people and camping gear without sagging
  7. How did you go about taking off the plastic?
  8. I just went with a random one from harbor freight. Couldn’t tell you what it is, but it seems to be good enough to me. It’s red and puts out fires. Rain goat, the fire extinguisher I have came with a plastic hard mount for screwing into a wall, and attaches to the extinguisher with a plastic clip by the neck of the bottle plus a strap around the middle, so I’m considering just screwing the mount into the plastic but I would prefer to use nuts and bolts if I could get behind it. Ideally I’d drill holes into the metal behind the plastic but that’s quite an involved job and I have no idea the layout of what’s under there. It’s hard to tell from those pics what a suitable spot would be
  9. I’ll grab a pic of the camera today for you. Its actually mounted on the sway bar just to the right of the rear diff using zip ties and then coated in some epoxy to keep it from changing angle. Again, not an ideal mount but I warned you guys not to look for perfectionist tendencies in my build lol It hasn’t budged in the last week and I’ve gone over some nasty pot holes
  10. I’ll get to it eventually, money is pretty tight right now so I’m just happy it’s organized back there. I’m planning on more secure cargo solutions in the future. Does anyone know how to get behind the plastic on the left side so that I can bolt the fire extinguisher mount? Or another way it could be done securely?
  11. Today I got the tires mounted and set about organizing / cleaning the interior. I tidied up the back and added an axe and fire extinguisher, plus a small shovel mounted on the rack. Good news is the tires don’t rub except mildly when I’m at full lock in reverse. I’ll see what I can trim to make this go away, but it’s not too bad as it is. My alignment is scheduled for tomorrow at 1, I’m sick of this crazy camber and ready for it to be gone I’ll get some better pics during the day tomorrow. And take measurements. After all the organizing I ran out of daylight. The last pic is the undercarriage monitor.
  12. Yeah I used them, but I’m having trouble getting them to work properly. I’m just going to tell the guys at the alignment shop about the bolts and let them sort it out while they are aligning the front
  13. Well if it ends up causing me problems on trails, I’ll go ahead and get myself a new one. But as it stands, the mirror issue isn’t as bad as you’d think. Your brain can compensate for a lot
  14. I’ll try to take measurements after the tires go on, and get pictures of the camera mounting point. Its surprisingly decent quality for the price, and the wireless makes it convenient. I just had to run wires to the socket under the center console to power the camera and the monitor came with an adapter to plug into the 12 socket in the dash so the install was ridiculously easy. I gave up on trying to tap into the 4Wd light, and besides it’s nice to be able to switch it on whenever I want to. This particular model had the option to overlay lines on the screen but has a feature to turn them off as well, which I personally chose to do. I wish I could have gotten the front facing camera now that I know they exist. Ha, I guess I just jumped on the first one I thought I could make work.
  15. Thanks man! Yeah he definitely knows his stuff, I’ve been peppering him with questions for the past week and getting too many details to know what to do with! lol Ok maybe the tires aren’t THAT bad. But I won’t let another day pass with them on, I’ll tell you that much! Haha, I just need those damn wheel wells filled out, and the extra inch of height will be nice too. Speaking of extra height.... the underbody camera is now able to clearly see both front wheels which is awesome! I’ll be sure to include a pic of the monitor tomorrow. The only weird thing is that it’s mirrored, so the drivers side shows up on the right side of the screen because... backup camera. Not sure if I can change that or if I care to

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