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  1. Ok I’m going to need ALLLLL the details on this one. Holy crap that’s a nice build
  2. My pathy is loaded pretty heavy as well and in my experience the ABS has never really worked great anyway. It doesn’t seem to prevent slides, so much as serve as a warning that I’m currently sliding. More to the point I don’t see a need to get that close to the limit of traction anyway. I don’t drive it like a sports car and always maintain good spacing and awareness, so worst case scenario I’m able to stop it just fine with an even and smooth application of hard braking. Had quite a few morons pull out in front of me from side streets and the abs never kicked in. I guess it also carries over from riding bikes without ABS for so long. The only times ABS has kicked in have been on slushy snow and sheet ice, but really nothing can help you there and I was still sliding while the abs pulsed away. Maybe it helps on dirt roads a bit but again, drive sensibly and you won’t need to worry about it. Oh yeah and think hard about the tires you use. Chunky mudders look sick but a nice AT is gonna have way more grip on pavement and do almost everything an MT can do off road. On that one trip this year near Glenwood I was in a hurry trying to get home and aired down without verifying the pressure because I couldn’t find my gauge. My front end was messed up so two wheel drive and it turned out my pressure was around 33psi when I verified it later. The ATs still had plenty of grip
  3. Not sure about the first question but it seems like it to me. As soon as I changed it mine stopped leaking so I’m guessing it must have been involved somehow
  4. Been a week and no issues with the new rack since I put the new pressure sensor on. This time I also used Maxlife PS fluid rather than ATF, but I doubt that’s the reason. No leaks as far as I can tell but every day I keep an eye on the reservoir just to be sure. What’s funny is I was chasing a weird creaking flexing noise in the front end since I changed the rack but this morning I put the skid plate back on and it’s gone! Ha. So now I’m wondering if my skid is structural at this point
  5. Just like the last rack, the steering suddenly started working again, but it also started leaking slightly. I went and changed the pressure sensor on the line and did a flush of the system then bled it. Works fine for now but time will tell if the seals are salvageable or if they still degrade further and leak massively. Ideally I’d buy all new pressure and return lines along with another rack, but I don’t have the cash for that right now. I’m worried the return line isn’t allowing fluid out of the rack, theoretically meaning that it would be fighting the piston until it blew the seals and allowed an avenue for the pressure to escape
  6. Update: Installed a rack I pulled from a junker that seemed to be in decent shape. It’s not leaking at all but the hard steering is back. I’m so lost. This is the same thing the other one did when I first put it in. So now I’m worried that a few days from now it’ll start working but spring a massive leak just like the last one. Anybody have any idea what could be going on?? Again, the pump was changed last year and has not been a problem so it’s almost impossible that it’s gone bad. The hard steering is only at idle which means it’s some sort of pressure issue
  7. The rack is now leaking from the passenger side, and quite badly. I have to refill the fluid every 3 days or so or I start getting whining from the pump. And no amount of stop leak seems to help. Super disappointing, but lesson learned. Better to get a junker rack that’s in good shape then to trust a cheap reman. I’ll be sourcing a pull and pay replacement hopefully this weekend.
  8. I’ve tried all kinds and no effect. Mine is pissing oil lately but I’ve just decided to keep it topped off with something heavy weight until I have funds to do the seal replacement
  9. Interesting, I’ll have to keep that in mind. What do you think about rolling on the bed liner vs spraying? I think I’ve seen some really bad roll jobs but seems easier as long as you know what you’re doing
  10. Bold move! I think it looks great man. Raptor liner has always been in the back of my mind but wasn’t sure how it would come out so it’s good to know that the finished product is nice. I’m holding out until It’s no longer my daily before I go for it
  11. Interesting! I’ll have to take a closer look at it. Right now my working theory is that a lot of the play was coming from the stuck caliper and resulting imbalance in the pad wear causing a wobble in the rotor. And the worn out rack was allowing that play to transfer to the steering system in a more dramatic way. Anyway, I’m putting on the new calipers Monday night, and I’ll throw in the other side pads and rotor to match the new driver side just so everything is even. May or may not paint them red and pencil on “Brembo” for @!*%s and gigs....TBD
  12. Good idea on the test, but I’m short on both time and equipment right now. No garage since we moved to a new apartment and there’s a waitlist to get one, plus I’m working a lot more these days. I literally did the rack swap with a buddy in the parking lot of ORiellys where I used to work lol Anyway, something I noticed today on my way home is that it started working properly after I stopped at the gas station. I was only a couple minutes from home so I don’t know if it’s fixed completely but it literally worked flawlessly from the second I started the truck until I parked it at home. No issues at slow speed whatsoever. So I’m scratching my head over here right now. Best guess is maybe some foreign material was in the return valve and it finally got dislodged? I’ll see if it starts acting up again tomorrow but I’m crossing my fingers!
  13. Yeah exactly, it pretty much has to be related to the rack but I can’t figure out which part. Nothing is leaking externally but internally I have no way of knowing. I’m going to try swapping the fluid just to be safe but beyond that I’m stumped as to how I’m going to diagnose this. I would hate to have to get another one and do ANOTHER replacement job. The first time sucked
  14. So the new steering rack is installed now. Works fine except that it won’t assist when the truck is idling. So turning from a stop is super hard, but as soon as you get the revs above 1500 it’s fine. The pump is brand new as of last year and the only thing that changed is the new rack and I used Mobil 1 synthetic ATF for the power steering fluid this time around. I was always told it works just fine but I’m wondering if that’s wrong? I also made sure to get all the air out of the system so that’s not it either. Obviously it’s just not building enough pressure to work until the engine revs up and overcomes whatever is stopping it from pressurizing. I looked at all the lines and there aren’t any kinks or leaks or anything. Anybody have any ideas?
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