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  1. Awesome, just downloaded it and set it up. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone have any advice on posting photos from my phone? I suppose I could just get off my ass and set my PC up... but that's a lot of effort
  3. Awesome, tons of info there, thanks so much! I'll keep a thread updated with the process as often as I can. Now to do some reading and see about trying to track down parts, lol
  4. Hey everyone, was hoping to get some good links to info about doing a conversion from throttle body to multipoint on my '87 pathfinder. I guess I should start by asking if it's worth the trouble for better gas mileage/upgradability in the future? Or is just a straight swap to a vg30e or vg33 the better choice? I'm no stranger to working on cars, but I dont exactly have the time/skill/shop to swap an entire engine. But I'd be happy to tear apart a top end to change headers or manifolds if it's worth the effort.
  5. Hey everyone, you might have guessed from the fact that I'm posting in the new members thread, but I'm new! Some basic info if you're curious: Recently new owner of an '87 Pathfinder, SEV6 Offroad. 1 inch body lift, Bilstein Shocks with a rear anti-sway bar deletion. Mile-marker hub locks, and a lockright rear diff. I certainly dont claim to know much about offroading yet, but I'm no idiot when it comes cars overall. I used to drive a '12 Ford Focus, but it doesnt do well offroad, especially when you fall asleep while driving at 4am and end up on a burm behind a guard rail, crushing one of the floor pans and ultimately totalling the vehicle that you still owed $4,000 on... so yeah.

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