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  1. Might sound strange but.. I've picked up some 265/65r17 tires and the 2+ inch lift already makes them look a bit small I feel. So was aiming for a happy medium lift. I don't offroad too hard, washed out British Columbia logging roads are as bad as it gets.
  2. Update: Turns out it was the rear right wheel bearing which has now been replaced. A couple of lessons learned here; - The ABS sensor plug doesn't need to be removed to do this job.. infact I'd recommend leaving it where it is..very minimal risk of damaging it as per the FSM commentary. - Put the new inner wheel seal in the freezer for a couple of hours before seating it on the wheel hub.. it will make this part of the job alot easier. Thanks for all the help with this one. K
  3. Think I'm going to go with LR 9447 springs in the back and cut them down to 1.5" and run spacers in the front as a cost effective lift and solution to my rear end bottoming out. Any objections to this?
  4. @Mr_Reverse How do they work without extra load? Do they still give a reasonably comfortable ride?
  5. Looked into those OME springs and they are very pricey here in Canada. Also looked at LR springs and potentially cutting them to give a 1.5" (ish) lift.. but postage to Canada from LR direct is really high too. I'm a bit disappointed that new OEM spec springs cant handle two rear passengers with nothing in the trunk
  6. Hi guys, I replaced the rear springs on my 02 QX4 after bottoming out a couple of times on a speed bump near my house with a couple of people in the back. I know these trucks are prone to sagging at the back over time so I replaced with Moog (stock) springs. While replacing the springs, I also removed the bump stops as they were completely worn down to the metal retainer cup and I'm pretty sure the cups were just slamming off the axle. Now with the new springs and bump stops removed.. when I go over the same bump it seems my rear tire is hitting the wheel arch now What should i be looking at doing next? My shocks are old and pretty rusted but seems to function ok.. Perhaps I need new bump stops? Oem are expensive.. any cheap alternatives or retrofits out there? Thnx K
  7. Bit off topic.. but where did you get those Infiniti centre caps for your wheels?
  8. Breakthrough! I got the back off the ground and ran the truck. Clear as day that it's the rear right wheel bearing. With the wheels off the ground the noise is isolated to the hub on that side. Just need to try and find someone to do the press work on the cheap for me while I wait for the parts in the mail now. Thnx guys for the help.. will keep posted with results. K
  9. Thanks for your opinion here.. in hindsight I should have changed both wheel bearings at the same time (lesson learned). I wouldn't say it gets quieter when turning right but it definitely gets angrier when turning left. I think I'll need to pull the right axle and inspect the play / rotation in the bearing. But I guess with it off I might aswell replace it too. Edit: Quick question.. do you need to remove the abs sensor to pull a rear axle on these trucks? The FSM says to remove it because you might damage the cable... but is the sensor itself at risk? It looks like it sits away from the abs tone ring in the hub so it doesnt seem like it would be in the way I ask because it was the only thing that gave me trouble last time (snapped the retaining bolt and struggled to free the sensor from the hub). Thnx. K
  10. I have a spare set of wheels. To save my sanity I will throw a couple on the rear quickly and drive round the block to negate the tires/wheels from the equation. There were a couple of small silvers on the rim of the magnet. I think you can see them if you zoom into the plug picture. The rest was just magnetism and wiped away. I'll follow up on the pinion rotation when I can get back under the car.. looks like it's raining heavy all day tomorrow so probably sunday. What do you mean by unbolting the diff? Cheers, K
  11. @hawairish thnx for the reply. I've just posted again today with more details and some pics / sound clip. I did rotate the axle shaft/bearing (rear left) when it was off and it had no play or hesitation. The shop didn't give an assessment and they kept the old bearing. Also, the vibration isn't that pronounced. There's a slight vibration on the steering wheel. You can feel it on your feet sitting in the back seats more.
  12. Latest Update: Took the car for a short drive today and threw it around corners at all sorts of speeds and angles my observations of the droning sound from the rear were as follows; 1. The drone kicks in at ~35km/h. It gets louder as the wheels turn faster but increased load (acceleration) doesn't seem to affect it much, if at all. 2. The drone gets deeper in pitch when I turn left. I do notice a change in pitch driving both directions but turning left seems deeper/more pronounced. 3. The drone is present in forward rwd, 4wd, manual 1/2 gears and in reverse. 4. Vibration kicks in at 50km/h and higher but is not that pronounced. If anyone cares to listen, I've uploaded a sound clip with the microphone sitting in the middle of the trunk between the back wheels. it starts with highway driving, comes to a stop and then speeds up again - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FzkQd-FV1c2pkMZ-9UdGZfcs_2sELLPL/view?usp=sharing Next.. I replaced the rear differential fluid. My truck has an LSD (sticker saying LSD oil only on diff and both wheels turn the same direction when one is turned). I used Castrol 80w-90 Limited Slip gear oil. When draining the old fluid I got 2.5l out. I replaced it with 2.8l of clean oil. It did not have any effect on the droning sound. My observations from this were as follows; 1. The drain plug magnet had a couple of notable metal chunks on it - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G0yfqg3FWSsa-ObpAv3rtoC56bQIlhv-/view?usp=sharing 2. When i filtered the old oil back into a container I found another couple of bits of debris, one was rubbery (left) and one was metallic (right) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G1cTVviP4CfCtVGhpp8DZGESHCaMpkfQ/view?usp=sharing 3. A comparison of the old and new oil colour - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G12gWeYmoHti_HfZsKNEB_yLoo3B3gxD/view?usp=sharing Should I be concerned with any of the above? I'm thinking next to run the vehicle in RWD with the rear wheels off the ground to see if it will help pinpoint the noise. I'm hesitant to change the rear right wheel bearing until I can try and pinpoint the noise more. Any thoughts / suggestions would be much appreciated.
  13. So... the drivers side wheel bearing was replaced and after reassembly I still have the same drone/humming from the back of the truck. I had a friend sit in the trunk and he seems to think its more coming from the right (i previously had it in my mind coming from the left). its not hugely obvious which side its coming from but sitting in the trunk and facing forward it definitely feels the right ear is picking it up more. the droning is more pronounced when turning left. Could it be that both bearings were shot? Should I be looking for something other than wheel bearings? Potentially something to do with the gears in the bell housing? I'm tempted to do the other wheel bearing but I'm also feeling a bit stumped.. K
  14. Thanks guys. Axle is going to the shop tomorrow morning to have everything pressed off / on. Edit: I should probably add my findings thus far to add some value to this thread for others... Upon pulling the axle from the hub, there was a thick layer of grease caked half way around the hub rim. Then, looking at the bearing on the axle it's clear that all the grease has been pushed out of the bearing onto the rim of the hub and this is what is most likely causing the rumble/droning sound.
  15. Oh.. and I broke the bolt holding the abs plug into the hub.. it's a 12mm with number 7 marked on it. Anyone know what thread size these bolts are?

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