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  1. I am thinking about running duals of my 2nd gen pathfinder that is a 2001. what is the diameter of the pipe right after the catalytic converters? as well as muffler suggestions, I am planning to do some thrush welded mufflers for it. I have the 3.5 liter v6 3500 motor!
  2. Hello I am new to the forum group. I am buying a 2001 Pathfinder LE 3.5 V6. I have some plans with it already for the exhaust, im thinking about taking off both mufflers and running duals. after the cats there will be mufflers and then side exits or axle dumps. or take off the cats then just mufflers. which one will be better for a great sound. my buddy had a 3.9 dakota with thrush welded, sounded like a v8 at idle, i want something that sounds like that! also thinking doing a 5.6 swap. opinions needed. thanks

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