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  1. What size rims and tires are on your pathfinder when you posted this topic right after your lift? I want to lift it and get new tires, but I don’t know if I need to get bigger rims and tires or just bigger tires. I like the way your tires fill the wheel well, which is why I am asking you.
  2. I am replacing my timing belt on my '95 xe manual 4x4 Pathfinder and I followed the Chilton repair manual steps to the letter. I got the timing belt on and tensioned properly, I rotated the engine as I am supposed to and when I got back to TDC, my belt had moved 1 tooth forward of all three sprocket marks. I rotated the engine again and once back at TDC now my belt was 2 teeth forward of the sprocket marks. I cannot find an answer on the internet anywhere and I was hoping y'all could help, because I am out of ideas.

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