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  1. Thanks raingoat, Thanks for the other parts suppliers. It’s hard enough to find the suppliers who will ship out here (Vancouver BC) so I don’t mind spending a little extra to good company who supports our community. I went ahead and ordered the full set up from 4x4 parts. AC 2” front and rear coils, gr2 front struts with new strut mounts and Bilstein 5100 rear shocks. It came to $987 usd with shipping to Vancouver for the full set up. I will be ordering some locking hubs now so I’ll scope desert rat for a deal on those, thanks!
  2. Perfect, thanks again! I’ll have to post some photos once I get things started.
  3. Hey Tyler, thanks for the response. Yeah I’ve heard that their shipping is very over priced, I was kind of hoping it might be a flat rate and not based on how much is purchased. I was planning on going through to checkout just to see the final cost. I probably won’t be doing any of the suspension work myself, not really enough time or space! Yes that is great info on the Bilsteins, thanks a lot. I will probably just go for the 5100’s as they should be enough for now! I will look into the irdirect.com and take a look for the LR springs. Summit racing, is that a better place to look for shocks then 4x4parts? Any other links for these parts would be greatly appreciated as I’m doing a bit of looking around. Some of the old links I was trying to follow are no longer valid. What do guys run for front struts? Is there any gain from upgrading fronts besides old ones are falling apart. Mine seem like they are in okay shape as my qx4 has been well looked after and only has 165k kms (just over 100k miles) As for the hubs, thanks for the clarification. Seems like it’s worth it, how much approx would a set of 4 of your mile markers be before shipping? Or maybe a link to a good place to purchase. I was looking at prices but confused it was for a set or individual. On a site note, after seeing all your diy ideas using EMT I assume your an electrician down in Idaho? I will have to try the EMT missing link idea, as I’m an electrician up here. Thanks a lot, covered all of my questions perfectly! Basically just comes down to where I can find stuff, shipping costs and usd to cad conversions cheers, Carson.
  4. Hey man, read through this whole thread a few times. Progress of your rig is awesome! Really something to look up to for my own. I’m currently running the sf creations 2-2.5” spacers all around on my 02 QX4. Got it up enough to get some 32s on rims (with proper backspacing). Now I am looking to get new suspension all around so I can safely use it for what it’s meant to do. Spent hours and hours scouring here from all the great threads you guys have posted. Basically narrowed it down to a similar set up as you. AC 2” lift up front, NRC9447 coils in the back, Bilstein shocks, and new struts for the front not really picky. While looking on 4x4parts for the AC front springs I found their “premium package” that has all listed below... Four Coils (Coils are powder coated black and can be installed by owner) GR-2 Front Struts Bilstein Rear Shocks (5100) Strut Tower Mounts Basically what I was looking for? So what is the obvious difference between the 5125 and 5100? And also what are the rear AC coils compared to the LR coils. I haven’t heard much of users running rear AC coils, but I just need a medium duty that will get full 2” and not sag with my roof rack/ spare tire, bike rack, and camping gear etc. For me a little more in price isn’t the end of world, I’m up in Vancouver BC, Canada, so the less places to ship from the better . So then next I already have my camber bolts, looking into where to get locking hubs. I understand the stress on the CV boots when running a lift. Is it put under more stress when shifting between 2wd and 4x4 often or is daily driving just as bad? I will get them ASAP but just curious. Also are the extended brake lines just for protection while fully articulating, or is this the way to after lift. I don’t do any crazy off roading, more FSRs, road trips and driving in snow (But would like to leave possibilities open). Sorry for yet another forum noob picking your brain, but you seem to be very knowledgeable. I’ve watched lots of your YouTube vids (I think they’re yours?) and appreciate all the time you put into this. Cheers, Carson
  5. Brand new wheels and tires where put on it was balanced and aligned. Getting my camber bolts on Friday though. They were wearing too bad, just note for peace of mind. Good to know about the tie rods etc.. should check all those soon too then!
  6. Alright, looks like I’ll order some amazon camber bolts up and get them fitted. Once this is corrected, I plan on doing sliders and front bumper soon. Maybe I’ll post a updated thread on our progress. Thanks a lot, and any insight on where to go next or specific upgrades would be super helpful! Cheers.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Specialty-Products-Company-81260-Alignment/dp/B000CB2GOU/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=camber+bolts+QX4&qid=1563504745&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  8. Okay I’ll look into some shops that can do it then. Been looking on amazon to buy them, there’s lots that say they will fit 02 pathfinders... but not sure if I should trust that. Does anyone have a link to exactly what I should order? Thought I saw a link to something on eBay but cannot find it now.
  9. Sorry for bringing up old topics again, brought this up in another post, but any suggestions on what camber bolts to buy? Been trying to read old forums and can’t find much. It’s for a 2002 qx4 with 2” strut spacer lift. Doesn’t look like the camber in off but must be a little bit because tire is wearing fast on passenger side wall. Also how do you know what to set bolts to for 0 camber? Thanks
  10. Sorry to bring up an old forum, but curious about exactly how the tires would wear if you have a camber problem? I have a 2” sf creation lift running 32s on my 2002 qx4 and nothing else done. Seeing tread wear on the corner of both brand new (KO2s) right front and right rear tires. Haven’t noticed any noticeable camber changes since lift but looks as if I’ve been taking corners too fast and wearing side wall, but I have not been... wondering if I should be buying camber plates and where to get them. Thanks, Carson.
  11. Cool thanks again, seems like I’ll need longer shocks in back with the 1” spacer. Any recommendations for bang for your buck? I’m in Canada so shipping and tax sucks. Also what do you think about the tire wear on front and rear passenger side walls? Could be from camber being off?
  12. Hey, thanks a lot for the quick reply! Hmm Okay that’s kind of what I was thinking for the end links that wouldn’t make too much of a difference. And as for the camber bolts.. I don’t see a noticeable change in the camber, but I have noticed pretty bad wear on right corner of front and rear passenger side tires. All brand new rubber 2 months ago... figured it was from cornering, even though if been taking right hang turns extra slow and not cornering hard. So maybe that’s due to camber. As for rubbing in rear, yeah just upper wheel wells from the offset I guess. Just seems like I need more room in the back. I do already have the 2” body/ strut lift spacers installed. Front is great, has been trimmed a lot, but only rubs at full crank in reverse or articulating. Besides trimming are there any ways I can better this? Don’t mind spending the money I just want to be able to take it where she belongs. Thanks again, Carson
  13. Hey guys, complete newbie to forum here... but just got my 2002 QX4 lifted and put some 265/70/17 (31.6”x17) rims and tires on her and had a few questions about how to get a bit more clearance/ reduce rub. Researched it a bit and ended up ordering the 2” strut lift by sf creation. Parts came and looked good put them in and definitely lifted it 2” as they said. Got the 31.6” tires on it (bfg ko2’s on American racing baja wheels) sucks the photos won’t allow me to post my pictures... anyways, I’m getting a lot of rub on rears when I articulate even a little bit. A guy at shop said to get longer sway bar end links which I’m probably going to do. Also camber bolts? Same guy said not to worry about them for the 2” strut lift only. What else can I do to get a bit more room in back? Or should I just do the 1” spacers and get new suspension all around?

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