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    My mother bought it back in 1997 brand new and has since then kept it. ive been in this car since i was born and she has now given it to me since i am of age to drive it. the car only has 90.6k kilometers on it which is not very common from what i can see. this car is next to bone stock besides the bumper my dad and I built when i was young together. Its the standard 4x4 SE which is probably the best car i could ever ask for. I know this [athy better then most people since ive been in it since i was born.
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    Playing with my pathy as much as i can. Welders apprentice. Love building things and fixing them. Good knowledge of computers

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  1. RIght!?!?! My mom never took mine off road really ever when she still daily drove it, she hit lots of dirt back country roads but never any real mountain roads. she only ever used 4H for the winter months in southern Alberta. The whole time I was waiting for him to take it down a dirt road but he didn't. He basically walked around it, juiced it on the highway and went off of that. Though they do cruise the highway very nicely and can maintain speed better then some of the little trash piles on the road today, they do shine better off road when you give them the chance. Even though i am bias to not liking the video outcome due to the fact i own an R50, i watch RCR and he really didnt do a great job on these in this video. Very lackluster all around
  2. Dang ive been waiting for him to finally do a video on these. Kind of happy he did, but definitely hit the heart a little lmao
  3. well, i dropped about 250ML of oil and replaced the same amount with the Lucas, and basically no change. the noise is slightly quieter, and valve train noise is also a little down but other wise 0 change in oil pressure. I'm convinced now its probably just gonna stay that way, because I checked the oil for dust and nothing. As long as it runs and moves under its own power, I'm ok with it for now. I'll run it with the Lucas and then next change ill just go with a 10w-30.
  4. Thanks for the response. Yeah it is true we run a 5w-30 in the winter and its a very common grade here, but its mostly 10w-30 as well, but in my climate the summers get pretty hot and all the sudden go to freezing. My 6.0 powerstroke runs a 15w-40 pretty much all year round. though it doesn't like starting in the winter, once its warm no problems. I do regret not going with the 10w-30 but live and learn. although its not a high mileage engine with only as of now 96,200 KM, I'm trying to keep it lasting as long as I possibly can, but that noise is kind of a new one. it has been making it for a while and though I am worried about it, I'm not loosing too much sleep over it, as long as i keep it above 2k, no noise and it gets me around fine lmao. I did not check the gauge, nor do I have a mechanical gauge to test it with, how ever, I do believe my gauge is somewhat accurate as the readings I do get are some what expected like my idle pressure and the 60 PSI I get on a cold start. And as my RPMS go up so does the pressure, along with the noise going away. I have yet to add the stabilizer, will probably do that tomorrow afternoon, but I'm hoping it will at least work enough to get me by till I change to a 10w-30 and know I at least got something out of this expensive jug. I am confident though that its not a lifter noise as I can hear the "knocking" only when I lay under, or put my ear in the wheel wells. Although I'm not ruling out lifter, it just sounds like that area. I'll do more investigating before I throw in the Lucas, but for now I'm just trying to grab as much info as I can. When it isn't making the tapping noises, the only other noises I hear are the typical valve train clicking you get on idle or even a raised RPM. With such low KM on the motor I find it hard to believe its a rod bearing that would be making me lose my oil pressure, and more likely a cam bearing. but the one idea I've had, after reading a few posts is it could be something with the pick up tube? is it possible for the pick up tube to leak before the pump and maybe its leaking out before the pump or getting air? Just a thought I had read and have set in the back of my mind as a possibility if its true.
  5. well with lack of response and lack of other information, my plan is to add a little bit of Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer, run that for a little bit until I have the time, and money to attempt to fix it properly. the bottle was 15 bucks so if it doesn't work out then so be it I'm down 15 and the price of the oil I bought. But other wise if it does help then that will get me by until I can drop the pan and check my bearings. I'm not afraid to drop the pan, I simply don't have the time and I don't have the ability to give my pathy up for a bit as I need it for school and work. if the Lucas stuff doesn't work then maybe may long ill set aside to dropping the pan. I've seen super mixed reviews on this stuff, ranging from people swearing by it to having nothing but problems. With that said, it says to use 20%, I might just do 10 or 15 to see how it goes. I know running a higher weight would probably work, and I will do that, I just don't wanna waste a less then 100KM oil change 3 days after I changed it. After a while I'm going to swap to a 10w-30 most likely and just stay with that, though I'm not sure what to do about it in the winter. maybe just make sure I go drive and eat lunch somewhere else with the heat on? who knows.
  6. Quick update: problem has not been resolved, but last night the temperature dropped and my pressure stayed at 60 till I got a block away then it was sitting at 50 idle. Once I got to school if I held it at 2K it was sitting at about 50-55 and 20 PSI idle and I can hear the slight tapping noise not nearly as noticeable. Like I had to really be listening for it. And I could only hear it holding at 2K and not at idle. Even hot there is no noise idle, just my valve train click
  7. Well, my pathy is making some funny noises. I recently installed a cheap amazon oil pressure gauge, and when I first installed the gauge, my readings were a little low. They were about 50-60 PSI at 2K RPM with a normal idle PSI of 9. (manual says 60 PSI at 2K warm) now its getting hot out and my readings are a little worse. On a cold start, after I let the motor run for about a minute or so, the oil pressure at 2K will sit at about 58 to just over 60. but when its warm it sits right spot on at 40. When its idling it will show a lower oil pressure closer to 5. To show this, here is a video of my gauge at the different RPMs. On top of having the lower pressure when its at operating temperature, I can hear what sounds like a tapping noise if what sounds like the bottom end. (In the video if you listen closely you can hear the chatter.) Its not a full knock, but it sounds a little loose. It only does it when I'm holding RPM at 2K and its warm. If its doing something like climbing a hill then there is no noise, if its accelerating there's nothing. Its only if its on flat ground, in gear holding at 2K or just being held at that RPM not moving. I did change the oil about 2 hours ago now with Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w-30, and a K&N gold filter with no change in results. My fear is that its a bearing, but I'm hoping its just my oil pump not building enough pressure and the tapping is just from a low oil pressure. but I'm not sure. Any insight on to what could be going on here? Could my gauge just be reading wrong and the tapping is half normal? or is there a bigger problem here then I'm aware of? It still drives fine, doesn't feel like its at a loss of power and I only hear the tapping at 2K and not under serious load. QUICK NOTE: both of my tensioner pulleys do have a bit of play in them but I don't think this is where its coming from but still worthy to note
  8. Yeah I've heard of a few mechanics try and pull stuff like that. Its why I'm not afraid to work on my own cars and learn on my own. like the 6.0, my dad and I did at our shop and was the first time either of us had torn apart a motor that far ever, and we got it running and today runs like a beast. I have heard of something like that, but since we never had coolant inside the oil, it was mostly the other way around we never bothered and just flushed it with another oil change after a few months anyways. I know there is a coolant system flush you can buy but we tried cleaning it out as best as we could and it just wouldn't come off with anything, no over heating or clogging problems as of now a year+ later so should be fine I think? only time will tell lmao. Honestly I would flush the oil, maybe the coolant as well, and just run it for a while. let it get through a good few heat cycles and check on it periodically. If nothing bad shows up then the mechanic might be feeding you garbage, but having a solid baseline like knowing you have fresh oil and fresh coolant is a good place to start if its just now getting out of storage, like mine was.
  9. I'm no licensed mechanic, but what I can say in terms of the gunk on the inside of the gas cap is it may not be from a head gasket. My 08 Armada has it really bad, where the gas cap and filler tube will be filled with the foamy gunk but does not have a head gasket problem, its just from the moisture in the crank case. I have had a vehicle blow a HG (my 6.0 lol) and the cap trick didn't indicate a HG failure, it was actually oil in the coolant reservoir that was one of the tell tales. I have had the same gunk on the top part of my dip stick on my 97 pathy and sometimes inside the cap. Doesn't happen that often but I noticed it happen most on colder, moist days. When my 6.0 blew, it ate all of the oil, pressurized the degas bottle (fords name for the reservoir) to an extreme pressure, while also turning the once green coolant to a really thick rainbow tint brown sludge. Most people say that the main thing to tell if you have a HG failure is from the exhaust which I had none of, or at least no more then what a cold diesel in a Canadian winter would put out. Though not false information, it did not indicate MY HG as much as it probably should've. From my experience, checking for excessive pressure in the coolant system was what gave me an idea of what was happening, as well as a very underpowered drive home from school. Again, I am no professional, I'm just giving my input on my experience with a HG failure, and having a similar gunk in a non blown motor.
  10. My B2S2 sensor went out about a month ago and getting out wasn't too hard. The bolts for the heat shield were completely gone and if I removed them then there was no putting them back. So all I did was cut the little heat shield tab that comes off and covers the sensor. The second hard part was removed the seized sensor. With a little heat and some force it came out pretty easy. if you do have to heat up the exhaust to get it out, make sure you're heating the outside threads and not the threads of the sensor itself. Most people say use an Oxy torch, but I was too lazy to drag out my hoses so i just used small propane torch and it worked great. took me about an hour and a bit, but most of the time was waiting for the cat to cool off before I touched it.
  11. I did a little research on the universal ones and it looks like i can just heat it with a heat gun and mold it to fit my original pillar. i guess this is the only option then if i wanted to install one.
  12. Actually i just found this Ebay link , would this just be a double side tape mount then? Sorry if this seems stupid i just don't know how these mount
  13. I recently just bought an oil pressure gauge, but I want to also get an oil temp gauge too. In the summer it gets pretty smoking hot here and living in the mountains, so I would like to monitor my temps pretty closely. I've tried looking for threads on what works for what, but there is nothing that I'm looking for. I've come across the "universal" styles but they all cant be the same fit. Where can I get a 2 or 3 gauge pillar mount for my black interior 97 that doesn't block the tweeter? And if possible one that is made for the R50 with all the clips in place where they should be. If I have to do some work that's fine, ill just do what ever is needed to make it fit. But if these universal ones will work, how do I go about making it fit properly and not look like a hack job? Ones preferably in Canada or on a site that ships to Canada would be great.
  14. I'm 6'4 and can almost comfortably lay in the back with the seats down no problem. Though if I want to lay straight out like a plank then I need to lay diagonal, just like said by PathyDude17 above, but that's a very minor issue. I have yet to actually sleep a night in my R50, but I have tried it to test what it would be like, really not that bad at all.
  15. Looks better then the current gen, but its still a cross over. probably would've been a lot cooler of it was RWD but sadly its not. Although that 9 speed does make me a bit happier to see instead of the disgusting CVT. They did get my excitement up when they started reposting some r50 builds on Instagram, but now I'm not as excited about the pathfinder. That's not to say I'm upset about the new Frontier. That body style has been the same since what, 2004? To see it actually look like a modern truck really makes me happy. Can't wait to see one in person or on some YouTube channels.
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