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    My mother bought it back in 1997 brand new and has since then kept it. ive been in this car since i was born and she has now given it to me since i am of age to drive it. the car only has 90.6k kilometers on it which is not very common from what i can see. this car is next to bone stock besides the bumper my dad and I built when i was young together. Its the standard 4x4 SE which is probably the best car i could ever ask for. I know this car better then most people since ive been in it since i was born.
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    Playing with my pathy as much as i can. Welders apprentice. Love building things and fixing them. Good knowledge of computers

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  1. are you looking for the casing or the whole cylinder with key?
  2. yeah i think he means the ones that go up and along the back seats because its one piece
  3. my buddy has an is300 and he had some throttle response issues (not very relevant here) but after he cleaned the maf he noticed a bigger performance gain and better throttle response as it was pretty gunky from what i hear. Its not a bad idea to check it either way.
  4. chances are everything is all good the person just didnt put on a new belt. as mentioned these dont go bad really ever and most people are lazy with belts so they probably just didnt care
  5. Got bored today so i took some pictures of my pathy. Theyre the same but i tried playing around with some colour changing and what ever and it looks really cool actually. My bumper is not finished yet so dont pay attention to the back of the car. https://imgur.com/a/S91l9gV
  6. im gonna take some time to learn that app and see what i can come up with for my idea but in the mean time ive gotta play with it
  7. this is the best thing i have ever seen i love you so much
  8. i meant ground i dont know why i said 12v. But my main goal is to still have the lights turn on with the door, and also have the switch on the light itself work but all with out it going to the computer or the dash. so almost as if this add on was built in stock. i might have to draw it out or something to know what im trying to do in my head but for the most part i think i know how i could do this.
  9. i was thinking about just going straight from the 12v wire which would be the "on" switch but then im pretty sure that would remove the feature of the lights turning on when the door is open unless i put the switch back into the middle position. There might be something out there that i can buy to put inline of the switch that would make the power go only one way and not back through to the other way. I think theres an arduino thing you can buy that does that or something for a raspberyy pi, which i want to integrate anyways somehow. So it would be like all the functionality from stock is still there but the switch on the dash turns on the light with out going through the antitheft which in turn turns on the light and not anything else that would go to the computer or dash lights. EDIT: i can do that. I use a diode. This might turn onto me figuring out how to do this stuff and post instructions for people who wants to do it them selves lol
  10. i never really thought about the ignition fail safe thing that is a good point. if i put it with the door pin though wouldnt that turn on the dash light or are there 2 wires like one for the light and the other to tell the car itself that its open?
  11. My dads f250 has it and so does my moms armada but the pathfinder does not. Theres a switch cover next to my dash dimmer that i would like to use and this switch would be a perfect spot for it. I might just take it on myself and make like a how to thread or something on it if i cant find any info on the topic. I was thinking tapping into the wire that turns on the lights when you open the door or something and just have a switch inline of one of those or something but so then it also doesn't interfere with the function of opening the door and having it turn on the lights with that. Ill see where i get next time i get some time to work on it since i dont have time anymore because of school starting on Tuesday.
  12. I would like to have a button on my dash for the dome lights on the inside of the vehicle. On some cars and trucks theres a switch you can turn or press that turns on or off all the interior lights and i wanted to know where all the wires go to. Splicing in a switch to a wire is not hard but where can i find the wires that turn on the lights and has anyone does something like this before and might have some tips or insight on this.
  13. Dang I was close. Looks good though

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