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    My mother bought it back in 1997 brand new and has since then kept it. ive been in this car since i was born and she has now given it to me since i am of age to drive it. the car only has 90.6k kilometers on it which is not very common from what i can see. this car is next to bone stock besides the bumper my dad and I built when i was young together. Its the standard 4x4 SE which is probably the best car i could ever ask for. I know this car better then most people since ive been in it since i was born.
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    Playing with my pathy as much as i can. Welders apprentice. Love building things and fixing them. Good knowledge of computers

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  1. i know the battery is fine but if it makes the same click as if it was dead then maybe faulty starter. try turning the engine by the crank and see if its catching on something maybe
  2. wait so it just clicks now or does it fully crank? as if dead like a dead battery type of click?
  3. ohhh my bad i mis read it then
  4. i mean if it says that relay then by logic its that relay? you cant start a car in drive or reverse obviously but you can in neutral and park. maybe the relay telling the car its in one of those positions is bad? thats pretty logical no?
  5. i know 100% that you can swap the rear axles from the wd21 to gain disc brakes, but you also need to get a few other things from like a frontier or something like that. not too sure what else other then that
  6. yes, it s true that there is little to none aftermarket parts for the pathfinder. BUT what is available can definitely make you build a very capable machine. Like said above from @FirstGenFreak has a decent little list there for some basic things. Not sure if youve been in the NPORA scene for very long or any of the online pathy forums and pages but you can get some ideas pretty quick here. Good luck fellow pathy brother!
  7. i found it online on the nico site. ill have to look around for the wire loom section in the whole thing. or ill just do it stupid and just grab a test light and a multimeter
  8. i just have to figure out what line is what and where basically now
  9. The only issue with that is I do have a clutch. So I would have to run it through the fender liner which I’ve already done multiple times. Would I be able to cut the hot wire run that to my switch and then run it back to where the other end of the hot would go to the fuse? I’m low on space and can’t really pull the tire if I’m running to the battery. My fuse is inside the cab under the steering wheel
  10. I want to install an elite modification that only a very small amount of people will ever tackle in their life time on select vehicles. A hidden fuel pump switch somewhere on my 97. I know where im going to put it, but im not gonna say where for obvious reasons. BUT im not sure what wires im gonna need for this one. Where would i find the fuel pump relay wire under the dash if one, and if there are any better ideas on how to make the kill switch even better then just fuel pump. Any and all input is welcome, but mostly wiring info. Thanks
  11. pretty much all after market radios like sony, JVC, Alpine have a little wire for the controls. But like stated above you need a controller for them.
  12. if youre going up to the hood and doing real deep stuff in the mud, or full on spraying the filter while its running then no you should be fine. theres no way really for water to get that high and ruin anything. Unless youre driving through a hurricane
  13. as long as you have the engine bay space for it and it mounts some what the same yeah sure. I know people that have tig welded their own intake pipes and just thrown an K and N filter on the end of it and works perfectly fine
  14. i personally dont think tires. i mean you should but even a small flat spot might come out once it gets rolling. as long as they arent rotten or showing their age and what not then they might be alright. Like raingoat said you should check brakes. And also check and make sure that there are no rodents living inside the engine bay
  15. all the 4pin is really, is a ground, left, right and brake light power. if you cut the 4 pin off and put it into the 7 pin plug will still work you just run your brake wire to the pin on the 7 pin for the trailer. and then if you ever needed get a cheap 7 pin to 4 pin adapter again and use that for a trailer with out a 7pin or brakes. I did exactly this on my 97. i installed the 4 pin wiring harness for the lights cut off the end and just put it into my 7 pin plug built into my bumper. it works like it should with no issues what so ever

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