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    My mother bought it back in 1997 brand new and has since then kept it. ive been in this car since i was born and she has now given it to me since i am of age to drive it. the car only has 90.6k kilometers on it which is not very common from what i can see. this car is next to bone stock besides the bumper my dad and I built when i was young together. Its the standard 4x4 SE which is probably the best car i could ever ask for. I know this car better then most people since ive been in it since i was born.
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    Playing with my pathy as much as i can. Welders apprentice. Love building things and fixing them. Good knowledge of computers

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  1. Nissan never made a factory light bar but did make fog lights for the front bumper. There are lots of good choices on amazon and even more expensive reputable brands all over the place that are not hard to wire hard on your wallet.
  2. Best bet would be a JY and maybe online like ebay or another site like that
  3. not to sure about the antenna but as for the reverse, i dont think there is a signal under the dash that can turn on the camera. you might have to run a wire back to the reverse light itself
  4. im pretty sure you can just spin the shock bolt holes on the shocks themselves. Shocks arent in a fixed orientation or mount pattern or what ever you would call it
  5. i believe 96-99 (pre face lift) are all interchangeable and most parts from the face lift are also. excluding like noted above the bumper.
  6. yeah no problem hope my opinion helped a little. the 2001 is a little too modern for me with my 1997 so thats the first ive heard of something like this honestly
  7. Well im not sure what youre asking really. if youre asking about getting a key like you sent cut, then i think any place can get that done that offers key cutting. as for the remote, if it is the stock unlock remote then it is very easy to reprogram to work with your doors and what not. Here is a tutorial on programming a key
  8. coming back to this for a quick question for anyone, preferably someone that can say this with confidence. I ran 16 gauge wire for my 12 volt wire thats supposed to charge the battery, should I have ran a 14 gauge or even a 12 gauge wire for that or should what i have be fine?
  9. I have found the fix (i think havent tested it much) to my issue. There were a multitude of issues and all of which were involving the rad cap and rad seal. The lower seal for the lower rubber piece was not smooth so making a thick layer of JB weld and sanding it down to a smooth layer helped, but did not solve the issue right away. The second issue was the lip that seals to the upper rubber seal for the cap itself was not very smooth, so taking a piece of sand paper on the face of a block to make it flat and smooth helped even more. the final part involves the cap itself where the 2 teeth that hold the cap on to the rad are too low. so taking a pair of pliers and pressing them in more and more in slight increments helped, but if you go too far you can screw up the teeth that hold it on and it will not turn on to the cap. After making it so the cap would hold on to the rad better, that appears to have solved my issue. Now i just have to test and make sure that is the case.
  10. you would need a glass seal cutter (theres a special word i dont rememebr it) and then remounting the glass can be tricky, if you manage to to it yourself be careful around the paint because thats how the paint around the windshields rust because some places arent so careful
  11. im too young to get that one lmao. i mean i know what it is because of my oma but im too young to make that connection
  12. thats actually really clean i like that. all i have to do now is figure out where i want to mount what i want. i was thinking of making my own on screen gauges and stuff just because that would make thing easy for me
  13. i would imagine there is a fuse for it and as for turning it off i think it turns off when you start the vehicle. ive seen some cars that turn off when started with the key. and i would also imagine you could buy a remote and program it to your car. dont quote me on this but from what ive seen all pathfinders have the little box that controls the car with the remote so you just need to buy the remote. this is where you can buy one if you want to give it a try
  14. i found that thread last night and made a list off all the colours and what ever else i need for the conversion. i also used the sylvania light guide thing for everything else exterior because i guess led head light bulbs are not meant for direct replacement because of the reflection tile stuff in the light and im too lazy and broke to buy new casings. when ever i decide i want to do this ill buy all the leds and lights i want and once i finish ill probably post pictures somewhere on the forum for anyone else that wants to do it but doesnt know what it looks like
  15. it looks like it spent most of its life on road which is good for you because i dont see a spot of rust or paint chip anywhere on that thing. i would definitely agree on that bumper retouch, just to give it some more colour into it. welcome to the family, stick shift at that! that mustang though is looking pretty nice ive gotta say

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