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  1. Its always better to have 2 of everything
  2. Looks soooooooo leveled....think i do need those 1" spacers from SF Creations now for my OME HD fronts coils...im trying to level it as much as possible, little rake is ok but
  3. 375-400 Kilometers on a full tank 70Lish
  4. I was wrong the site is misleading, shouldn't have never ordered from eBay when i could get it local for almost the same after total. My fault for not calling. Its actually sold in pairs, hope to see them soon and i don't get the run around again.
  5. Rears lower than front?...that will all change soon. Random pic today working at Honda
  6. 4wheelparts in Canada wants $500 for the 2 springs..i think rocky road is the best bet.
  7. Thanks Trout but i just haven't got around to finishing it! Slowly but surely it will be done...My 9447 arrived today and my Bilsteins i got for the rears (Thanks Mark! ). I got shafted today tho ordered Front 2928 OME on Ebay only for them to refund me the money today saying there is none in stock at ARB??, so disappointed. Then why say u have them for sale UGH. Kybs front struts coming from RockAuto...now what to do about my front coils hmmm if the OME HD so called arent avail, be patient or source else where eh
  8. Hey those 5100's in the rear are they 24-185509 ones? thanks

  9. May i ask where you ordered your OME HD front coils from..im in Vancouver as well and im gonna do same setup trying to stay away from spacers. Thank u

  10. hey i saw that u had bilstein 24-185509..my question is did the eyelet (mounts fit) exactly perfect..reason why i ask is bc i have kyb oem here uninstalled and its 16 lower and 12 upper those bilsteins eyelet are both upper and lower 16mm. thank you

  11. Jus ordered my NRC9447...$125 CDN all in, thanks to your info guys! ...Dammn you Americans and your lucky great prices you get, Jealous. Now where to find my OME HD front coils hmmm . If i had my passport id ship it to Blaine and pick them :(:(
  12. haha those hatch struts also saved me many headaches.....the little things

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