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    Its lifted 2.5-3 inch with spacers and I have replaced the whole front end such as CV axles, brakes, struts, leaks, and rear end work I have replaced the upper and lower control arms and new shocks and rear drum brakes and alot more I cant think of right now
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  1. Hi r50 world I have installed 2.5 inch front spacers and 3 inch back spacers on my Infiniti qx4 2000 r50 and since I've done that all I want is more. I barely fit 275/70/r16 M/T so it doesn't really look like I have a lift or feel like it when I'm off roading and the tires rub. Been looking for more but cant find any kits that body lift so that my CV axles aren't at such an angle wich they already are. I really want a total of 6 inches and 33's but I dont know what i have to fabricate or buy to get there can anybody help me or send links to me or just tell me what i can fab myself because i have a massive metal working fabrication shop that I can pretty much fab anything with.

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