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  1. Reads this the morning after unbolting the strut from the knuckle
  2. Looking to put poly bushings, front end. Searched the forum and didn't have great success finding posts on brands/part#s. Found Siberian Bushing has what I need, but never heard of them and wondering if they are any good. Anyone have part# or URLs of poly bushings you've put on the front end? Control arm, stabilizer, steering rack.
  3. Update: Ended up getting 32x11.5x15 BFG AT TA KO2 on ProComp 15x8 (PXA7069-5883) from Desert Rat. After 6 months on them I'm very impressed and have put them through some rough/sharp conditions where others in the group had blowouts (sidewalls) on other brands. Aside: our search and rescue team works with the Maricopa Country Sherriff's office and I noticed they use BFG AT TA KO2s on their SAR Coordinators' trucks and lake patrol vehicles. That was nice to see, made me even happier with my choice as they are on rough terrain every day.
  4. Was it the 36R0788 like you have listed above? Where did you get it?
  5. How complex was it? Mine is starting to leak a bit, shop wants $1850 so that's not happening. I'm either going to do it myself with help of a mechanic friend or if it is considered complex or risky I'll look around for another shop.
  6. Thanks, nice to know there is no noise as a precursor to death. I've got a weird rattling noise and was thinking it might be timing belt related, guess I can rule that out. I'm still going to get the belts replaced as a proactive step. Going to get a shop to do that, unfortunately I don't have the spare time time to do it myself. Someone should create a website where one can upload recordings of a noise and provide conditions when it occurs, then have it compare against other recordings and give suggestions. Match.com for weird auto noises.
  7. Also, it is a timing belt not a timing chain right?
  8. What does the noise sound like? I've got a noise that's progressively getting worse, sounds like something rattling inside the engine compartment, only at a certain RPM(s) but RPM range when I hear it is growing. My guess is it is timing chain.
  9. So the best option is...SFD and stock springs? Assuming one is after a bit of lift (2-3"). Edit: Loaded question as "best" is totally subjective and personal. "Best" for me is: 2-3" lift with least amount of impact on reliability of vehicle and parts.
  10. According to Rockford "HEATis the number one cause of boot failure!" (sic) I'm on ACs, split boot within months of putting them on, no problem previous 24 years without manual hubs and stock height. I'm going to be getting good at rebooting until I can figure out how to do an SFD, or convince/pay one of the AZ NPORA guys to do it for me
  11. If you have a shop put the tires and wheels on for you, explicitly tell them the advice from @RainGoat before they mount. Otherwise, when you pick up your vehicle you may find they took the easy path, cutting the fender liner. That's how I ended up with holes.
  12. I have the PXA7069-5883 Procomp 15x8 on my 96 SE. No problems.
  13. Here are a couple of pics showing the only trimming I've done to date, both show the same trim location just different viewpoint. I still get rubbing when reversing at full turn, but rarely run into that so motivation factor not yet high enough.
  14. No problems at all with the 15s, I had OEM 15s originally. Minor trimming, including inside the wheel well. Can take a picture of the wheel well handy work tomorrow if you like.
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