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  1. Thanks for the info... Have the Haynes book and totally agree on its usefulness......although some of the illustrations are hard to see due to low print ink. What you describe is what everything I read said. I was lucky though.....had a neighbor who let me borrow an inspection cam. Was able to find it sitting about 2 " down inside....use a copper wire with a hook and fished it out.....had to grab and twist some with a long nose to get it completely out.....definitely had to replace after that.....those cameras due have some usefulness. Went back at it with flat braided dishing line thru lower bolt hold to assure it didn't slide back in again. Cut once one bolt was in .....finished the rest without issue. Appreciate the shared advice. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  2. during my replacement of water pump, while I was putting the tensioner back in the metal gasket slid down behind the timing chain cover. Not visible...... I know im f'd.....but any helpful suggestion would be appreciated. I am not setup to lift the engine to remove upper and lower oil pan. Sent from my nami using Tapatalk
  3. update.... Found drain plug.... info from techician was not correct Sent from my nami using Tapatalk
  4. Had the chance to chat with a technician at local Nissan, it was shared with me that some 2003 pathfinders had dowels installed vs plugs. Also, to prevent any coolant spillage into the time chain cover with this dowel install there is a drainage into oil pan. But this comes with the need to drain oil after job. Interesting, because I did not find anything over the inter-web to suggest this was fact.....I will just have to keep my eyes opening and observe during the removal if it is a fact. Will share afterward..... Who doesn't want to remove a timing chain cover......the adventure.....cost....time....I should rethink this....hmmmm. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  5. Plugs is not a bolt.....it is a plug. How does someone go about removing this and is it threaded? Would like to know if I am going to have to need to tap a hole. Add some pictures... Sent from my nami using Tapatalk
  6. All good on bought parts... Thanks Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  7. Those were my feelings....but needed someone to reinforce my on thoughts. Thanks Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  8. Power valves done. Used blue gel locktite Sorry I didn't take a pick or two....the valve flap, looked as if it had a countersinked hole from the movement. The screw had flatten threads under the screw head also. Hope that doesn't comeback to bite me. Will I see some performance improvement from this fix? Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  9. Update....found out the name of the part a broke......Pintle Cap. I have been able to locate this part in sets less than $20. Alternate option to consider. Set comes with filter/strainer for injector. Weighting the pros and cons of opening up fuel system. Going to ohm check all the injectors first, just in case the #3 cylinder misfire I coded, which started me on this project, is cause by the injector. That might be my push to open fuel system. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you..... They're so many out there at such different prices. What about the piece I broke.....ever seen it as a single item? Very helpful... Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  11. Back again as I have a R50 project going on. 2003 LE 140,000 miles As I was replacing the Water outlet hose and water control valve thermostat, I must have leaned ever so slightly on the fuel rail and the number 2 injector. I had somehow cracked the brown plastic/phenolic piece on the injector next to the big green O-ring. Found this as I was getting ready to put the fuel rail back. Big question is what are my options. Looked online and do not see that that piece is available as a seperate item. I see there are new injector available starting at pricey to god no......then there are the remanufacturers. Can I get one injector and just replace the damaged one....or will I have to purchase a matched set? Appreciate advice on best next steps vs most economical next steps. Sent from my nami using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the notice.....inspected the valves and 4 of 6 were loose. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  13. Folk, Doing some cooling hose replacements while I have removed most of the intake parts getting to the plugs and ignition coils to replace. I found while removing all the long bolts of those assemblies ..... there was blue compound on all of them. I assume it is blue locktite.....but in the FSM, it does not have any reference to applying a thread locking agent. Advice welcome, I have blue locktite if this is a norm for DIY reinstallation as a prevenative measure for success. Sent from my nami using Tapatalk
  14. Interesting, Nominally, how much of each would be used? Also, mix before oil change or after oil is drained. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  15. That is something I needed to know.... Thanks Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk

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