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  1. Mr_Reverse - Just wanted to thank you for all the advice along the way. It took 2 ratchet straps, two wooden crowbars, a hammer, a long handled screwdriver (which is now useless), several attempts, and more curse words than I could count.... But I did finally get those dang things lined up. Ended up having to cut the threads into the nut on the mount with a good screw after thanking the whole mess off the engine. Then had to do some real interesting acrobatics to put the solid mounts back onto the engine. Let's just say that next time the mounts need work, I'm most likely going to let some sucker at an automotive shop do the cursing.
  2. Managed to get the exhaust pipes lined up and screwed on... I'm sure my neighbors wondered why I had 3 large 2x2s stuffed into my engine compartment. However I royally screwed the pooch on the engine mounts. Got the passenger side lined up without too much trouble, just loosening bolts and applying a little pressure in the right direction. The driver side is where things went wrong... I thought I had the bolts from the engine mount to the bracket on the engine lined up (the screws that pass through the thin metal plate). Getting them lined up required unbolting the motor mount front the frame. From there took what seemed like an act of God to get there motor mount back on the frame again. That all would have been good, except for the fact that the back bolt that I thought I had lined up was actually cross threaded!!! So now I have a bolt with 3 or 4 rings of thread chewed off and a bracket hole that probably has the same problem. Knowing how hard that bolt is to line up when things are in good shape, I'm not sure I stand a chance with it stripped like that. Any suggestions? Do I grind / smooth fown the bad threads off the end of the screw to give it more 'lead' into the hole to line up? Or get a new bolt and pray the hole isn't too FUBAR? Or take the bracket off and start over?
  3. Yeah I was contemplating loosening those bolts up, but it felt like going backwards. (and $@&# are some of them hard to get at) What about the exhaust manifold to pipe connections? Problem there is that loosening the manifold bolts really doesn't provide any play. If I attached the pipe first, I don't think I'd stand a chance at getting the manifold loved into it's studs; that was hard enough with it on the engine stand.
  4. That's funny. I usually just save them for next time I can't find a bolt that 'I know I just set it down over here somewhere'.
  5. Wasn't sure whether this was a better fit for this or for the 1995 Pathfinder section, but it seemed like a more general question, so I'm doing it here. I'm working in getting the engine back into place after having had it rebuilt. After much use of select vocabulary and hours of alternating between standing on my head and rolling around under the truck, I've managed to get the transmission bolted back to the VG30E Where I'm now struggling is getting the engine mounts and exhaust pipes to line up. I thought I had the one engine mount lined up but the screws don't seem to want to grab the threads. The exhaust manifold to pipe connection seems like it ought to flex into place, but I can't seem to flex it the right direction. Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get these two things ironed out? Also, everyone always suggests using 'good fuel' for break in. How have others gone about removing the old fuel before starting things up?
  6. Thanks guys. Yup found the hole it goes in on the bottom of the bracket on the LH side head. That bracket it pretty much useless other than being the slinger attachment point and a good spot to hook up the chains for my hoist. Spare parts always bother me, so glad this one got figured out. Of course it also bothers me that the engine block has holes in it that don't get used... kind of wish they would have plugged those at the factory so it would be more obvious that you aren't missing something.
  7. I had my VG30 engine rebuilt and when I took it in, there were still some pieces attached like the flex plate and some of the brackets. I got it back with those items removed and cleaned along with a box of the bolts. But for the life of me, I can't figure out where this one came from... It's a thumb screw with a heads hex wrench head. And it isn't off from the plenum because that had already been removed. It's got to be off the block or the heads. Anyone have any ideas...?
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I'm just replacing the whole set of injectors so it looks like color choice doesn't matter. I took a close look at the motor mounts and although I don't think they are broken yet, there is lots of cracking on the rubber. Since the engine is already out, seems like a good time to get new mounts in there so I don't have to mess with it in another couple of thousand miles. The cost of the mounts is far less than the labor hours time it take to get them out and back in again later. One other thing I'm trying to track down... What is the easiest way to replace the connector that goes to the oil pressure sensor? The plastic connector and wire on mine broke during disassembly due to age and being soaked with oil. I'm trying to figure out whether there is a replacement connector I can splice in? Or if that is part of one of the wiring harnesses that I could replace? Any info or suggestions?
  9. I'm putting my rebuilt engine back together again and wondered if anyone had opinions on any of the following... I'm replacing the fuel injectors Any experience with the different brands? The Denso's seem to be way more expensive; are they better? If I can get blue dot or black dot (since it's a full replacement) which should I go with? Motor mounts How can you tell if the stock mounts have gone bad? If I'm going to replace, should I go with the solid or the hydraulic? Any particular brand suggestions? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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