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  1. I mean he's not wrong if you're looking at the pathfinder as an on-the-road, get from point A to point B, vehicle. It doesn't do anything great, performance is meh, and comforts are limited. It didnt look like they took it offroad which I would think is the number one reason we but this car. It does 90% of what a 4runner does at half the price. Maybe even 1/3 now with covid prices on toyotas.
  2. There's a gasket between the throttle body and the iacv assembly. Replace that and you should be good.
  3. awesome, sounds like you're ready for another 135k
  4. its not the iacv oring that causes failure, its the gasket between the throttle body and iacv assembly.
  5. I recently had the ivac fail and after taking everything apart found the burnt chip in the ecm. I tried soldering on a new chip but it didn't works so now I'm looking for replacement ecms. Does anyone know which years are compatible with a 2001 qx4 or how I can find out?Also, does anyone know what the solenoid looking thing above the throttle body does? It's on my qx4 but not on some Pathfinder throttle bodies that I've seen. Probably part of the cruise control?Thanks!
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