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  1. They were there when I got it, maybe a bull bar from the previous owner? Not sure. Going to put modified a jeep bumper on there eventually though. Here's a pic from some dune action last week, I think she's almost ready for a bath .
  2. I'm really impressed with my new cheap all terrains ($100 each!) and how well they do in mud!
  3. Good to know, haven't heard of that one. I started having some hard shifts and flaring after a fluid exchange and Lucas transmission fix helped a lot. I still need a rebuild eventually though.
  4. Nice, I grew up on the east side so I spent a lot of time up Reddington and Mount Lemmon, haven't been to the gap in a while though. My truck is doing good lately but still has open diffs and a transmission in need of a rebuild soon. I recently discovered my front diff bushings are shot but that's just a good excuse for a lokka I'll pm you my number, I'm bad about checking on here. Just let me know if you're coming down and want some company! I still wanna tighten up a factory lsd too just haven't found one yet, if that offers still stands
  5. Got to try out my new tires in some mud this weekend! Very impressed for $100 on Amazon.
  6. Hawarish, if you guys are coming to Tucson I'd love to go wheeling with some other pathfinders. I know the Reddington area well and have an open schedule these days.
  7. IIRC later r50's with the 3.5 have a 110 amp alternator. Think I've read about swapping these into 3.3's can't remember if it's direct swap tho.
  8. I had some of the ricochet bushings off eBay for ~6 months and just had to replace them with the dormans. My rack was wiggling and squeaking quite a bit even with the bolts torqued down. Compared to the doorman's the material is a lot thinner, too thin to hold the rack securely in my case. Would not recommend.
  9. According to the fsm there shouldn't be any end play. Quite possible they just loosened up a little, I'd just snug them down.
  10. That would be awesome! I'm in Tucson but my lady's family is in Phoenix so we're up there pretty regularly. I'll keep an eye out for a 33 spline lsd and be in touch!
  11. Awesome this is what I was looking for. Sounds like my chances of finding one are slim tho Looks like 33 splines in the newer r50s at least, thanks for catching that, got my numbers mixed up I'll keep checking the u pull it's but sounds like I'll end up with an r50 one. I'd like to regear and get a lokka for the front but that's not in the cards anytime soon.
  12. Yeah I've seen that. Forgot to mention I don't wanna do that right now, maybe down the road if I end up with a weak one. Thanks for the suggestion tho!
  13. I've been looking for a lsd in the junkyard lately but haven't had much luck. I'd like an xterra one with the tighter clutch pack but haven't found any with the 4.3 in it. From what I can gather this is an uncommon ratio for the xterra. So has anyone found a 4.363 in a frontier or xterra? Or should I just put in one of the newer looser pathfinder ones and be grateful its not an open diff anymore. Seems like options are limited with the 31 splines and this ratio. Not interested in messing with the front diff right now so regearing is out and too broke for a locker.
  14. Sounds like you were tapped into the dimmer switch when you were getting 5 volts, I'm pretty sure it uses the ground. Most of the switches and stock head unit are hooked up to it. I'm using one of those usb cigarette lighter voltmeter things and really like it. Lot easier to install than a hard wired one lol.
  15. I replaced my dash and climate control bulbs with these https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/led-vehicle-replacement-bulbs/74-led-bulb-3-smd-led-miniature-wedge-retrofit-car/228/ Think I went with the warm color. Looks and works great. Big improvement over stock, at least in the gauges. This thread has some good info on the subject https://forums.nicoclub.com/topic563777.html

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