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  1. I had a vibration above 45 (in the front/steering wheel) that turned out to be bad/loose wheel bearings, sounds like this could be your problem too.
  2. Ah my bad. My memory isn't great (one too many head injuries) musta got something confused.
  3. 265/75/16's which measure ~31" OD on the vehicle.
  4. Yes It was my understanding the AC springs were just rebadged OME HD springs, although I can't remember where I read that now. I got my OME's on eBay for $180 shipped, 4x4parts.com is a ripoff!
  5. Yep no bind! They may wear out faster being a little beyond their intended range but this is a price I am willing to pay. I posted a pic of how my truck sits now I'm the LR spring install thread. I had no problems running the the 1.5" spacers/stock springs even though they bound terribly at full droop, but then again I don't drive like an idiot (more detailed account also in LR spring thread). Although apparently I don't actually wheel and am not experienced enough...
  6. Lots of horror stories and warning's about spacers but this is my experience. I ran 1.5" spacers for a year and wheeled pretty hard with them. The cv's would bind badily at full droop but this was never a problem practically as the only time this would occur was with the suspension fully unloaded, like going over whoops or hitting a steep incline at speed. Both situations easily avoided with mindful driving. Flex or wheel lift is not an issue as the sway bar limits movement to prevent full droop as long as one wheel is loaded. I also carry a spare axle on difficult or remote trails but would do this regardless of what lift I have. None of this appears to be a problem running a small spacer (as there's no bind). The cv's may wear faster but this is true with any lift that causes them to sit at more angle than they normally would (Another good reason for manual hubs). Just my 2 cents, do whatever makes you happy!
  7. I feel ya, I had way too much rake previously with the 9447's and a 1.5" spacer and stock springs in front. Here's my truck now with the 9447's and ome hd's with a 1/2" spacer. The springs settled quite a bit over the first few days and I have a little rake again but it looks so much better than before. Without the spacer I think it would be too raked out for me. Ymmv
  8. My 9447's barely sag when fully loaded for a week of camping, I think they'd be fine for you. You will probably still have some rake with them vs the ome's but a small strut spacer takes care of that.
  9. 1/2" spacers should give ~0.7" of lift due to the suspension geometry. I was running saggy stock springs with 1.5" spacers previously and had bad cv bind at full droop and significant rake with the lr9447's in back. I'll try and post some pictures later today.
  10. Posted this on FB but keep forgetting to post it here. Got good and stuck a few weeks ago. Ending up calling my buddy with a winch after several failed attempts from passerby's. Had 8" of water in the cab at one point but managed to drive home 11 hours later, after getting the 5+ gallons of water out of the fuel . Hardly any body damage, just a tiny dent and scratch!
  11. Thought I'd share this idea in case it helps anyone else. I recently installed OME HD springs in front and added a 1/2" homemade HDPE spacer. I forgot to take pics but the process was pretty simple. -get a 12"x12" sheet of hdpe in your desired thickness off Amazon (1/2" was ~$12) -clamp backing plates, with bolts/studs removed, to the hdpe (I used my old spacers as a template but the backing plate should work fine too) -mark the outer edge and drill the holes -flip the backing plate over, clamp in the same spot and trace the bulge where the center hole will be -starting cutting with a jig saw, keep enlarging the center hole until it fits flush to the strut mount. A sanding wheel on a dremel works well for this -test fit and install with longer bolts Easy and cheap to do and now I have more lift in the front and no cv bind! I can scan my old spacers to use a template if anyone wants to try this, but using just the backing plate should work fine.
  12. If you have lift springs in back you really want longer shocks to match or you'll have no articulation and lift a wheel very easily. I ran gas-a-just's with 2" lift spacers in back for like a week and swapped them for bilsteins the first time I off-roaded due to the lack of articulation and rough ride. The Bilsteins are well worth it imo and were ~$75 each on Amazon.
  13. They were there when I got it, maybe a bull bar from the previous owner? Not sure. Going to put modified a jeep bumper on there eventually though. Here's a pic from some dune action last week, I think she's almost ready for a bath .
  14. I'm really impressed with my new cheap all terrains ($100 each!) and how well they do in mud!
  15. Good to know, haven't heard of that one. I started having some hard shifts and flaring after a fluid exchange and Lucas transmission fix helped a lot. I still need a rebuild eventually though.

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