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  1. This is probably a long shot but I really need a fan shroud now that summer's in full force. No luck in any local junkyards and can't afford a new one. For a 2001 with the VQ35. Thanks in advance!
  2. Looking good! Any chance the panhard bar drop bracket will be available by itself?
  3. Got a good flex pic last weekend, love this rig for camping!
  4. Can you post a link for these? I'm starting to work on some belly armor and these look perfect. Thanks!
  5. Cool that was my undertaking but couldn't find a definitive answer. Thanks for clearing that up! I'll be ordering land rover springs and poly bushings next week, then the rear should be good for a while.
  6. Thanks for the welcome! I have some body lift spacers I can use to extend the bump stops if necessary. Yeah I meant the 9447's. I won't run the spacers in back though once I get them. I need to just jack it up and flex the suspension to check it out but can't do that at my apartment so haven't had the chance yet.
  7. Hey guys, first post on here but been reading a lot the last few months while fixing up our pathfinder. I recently installed some extended length bilstein 5100s (pn 33-185552, ~2" longer) but haven't had the chance to cycle the suspension yet. I'm planning on extending the brake line and diff breather before doing any real off roading but haven't found a definitive answer on bump stops. Am I in danger of bottoming out the shocks without extending the stops? Currently running a 2" spacer lift but planning on getting LR 9947's soon to replace my sagging stock springs. Thanks in advance!

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