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  1. I'm chasing a similar issue on mine, no dtc's though. Pulled the whole evap system apart this weekend and couldn't find anything wrong other than a possibly sticky vacuum cut valve. I cleaned the valve some and it seemed to help a bit, gonna work on finding a new or better used one however. My theory is the valve is allowing excess pressure to build (and vacuum as I'm getting vapor lock at idle when it drops below a quarter tank). My charcoal canister is probably pretty used up at 211k but it still weighs under 4 lbs (3.8). I was going to swap it with one from a junkyard but learned that 03's have a much bigger vent line coming off the tank and into the can vs my 01. Makes me wonder why they changed it...
  2. Here's a few pics from a quick trail run today. Really loving these tires!
  3. I recently bypassed the coolant on mine while changing the spark plugs. I just used a 3/8 brass "hose mender" with the stock hoses and zip tied it out of the way. Using a single piece of hose would be better but the back connection looked rather difficult to get to. Easy enough to do for the peace of mind.
  4. Steering extension is supposed to be from a 91 Honda accord. Going to try this method next week once I finish my sfd kit, I've read mixed things so we'll see how it goes!
  5. IIRC ome's lift numbers are with the added weight from accessories. The added free height results in more preload which gives the extra lift and a harsher ride (without the weight from a winch bumper). If you installed your HDs recently mine took several months to break in, I rarely get harsh top out now and they ride much nicer then when I first installed them 6 months ago. No bumper but I do have beefy skid plates and a missing link which add some weight.
  6. Did you have to drop both oil pans to do the rear main seal? Any tips for the job? Haven't researched it yet but I've gotta do mine soon, trying to wait till I find a decent trans to swap at the same time though.
  7. Check the inside for debris before installing it, my Amazon one was full of tiny chunks of rubber and I had to scrub it out. Seems like good quality otherwise though.
  8. Got some new wheels and tires, only had to cut a little metal
  9. Finally got around to doing this mod last month. Used a third member from an 01 r50 and pulled the clutch pack out of a 95 pathfinder. Didn't score any 1.6's so used all the best 1.5's and did the triple spring with an sp and sd. Couldn't turn one wheel by hand so its fairly tight but still behaves fine on the road. Doesn't seem to help much when I lift a wheel, but that's to be expected I guess. Not bad at all though for under $100! Thanks again for the awesome write up!!
  10. I had a vibration above 45 (in the front/steering wheel) that turned out to be bad/loose wheel bearings, sounds like this could be your problem too.
  11. Ah my bad. My memory isn't great (one too many head injuries) musta got something confused.
  12. 265/75/16's which measure ~31" OD on the vehicle.
  13. Yes It was my understanding the AC springs were just rebadged OME HD springs, although I can't remember where I read that now. I got my OME's on eBay for $180 shipped, 4x4parts.com is a ripoff!
  14. Yep no bind! They may wear out faster being a little beyond their intended range but this is a price I am willing to pay. I posted a pic of how my truck sits now I'm the LR spring install thread. I had no problems running the the 1.5" spacers/stock springs even though they bound terribly at full droop, but then again I don't drive like an idiot (more detailed account also in LR spring thread). Although apparently I don't actually wheel and am not experienced enough...
  15. Lots of horror stories and warning's about spacers but this is my experience. I ran 1.5" spacers for a year and wheeled pretty hard with them. The cv's would bind badily at full droop but this was never a problem practically as the only time this would occur was with the suspension fully unloaded, like going over whoops or hitting a steep incline at speed. Both situations easily avoided with mindful driving. Flex or wheel lift is not an issue as the sway bar limits movement to prevent full droop as long as one wheel is loaded. I also carry a spare axle on difficult or remote trails but would do this regardless of what lift I have. None of this appears to be a problem running a small spacer (as there's no bind). The cv's may wear faster but this is true with any lift that causes them to sit at more angle than they normally would (Another good reason for manual hubs). Just my 2 cents, do whatever makes you happy!

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