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  1. Thanks for your help guys, I think I've managed to track them down on the fastenal.com site with those dimensions you provided @hawairish. I checked boltdepot though they dont ship to Canada and McMaster-Carr have the bolts though they are alittle to short! Thanks again!
  2. Hi there, long time lurker, first time poster. My name is Rhys I'm originally from the UK though I now live in Vancouver, BC Canada and very recently bought myself a 96 pathfinder to do some exploring of the PNW! I'm hoping one of you guys or girls might be able to help me out!?I'm looking to replace my upper and lower rear control arms. I haven't got the "death wobble" though there is a great deal of play in both, so figured why not replace them when I replace my shocks etc. My question is bolt dimensions. I've been searching around online and in this and the NICO forum though I'm struggling to find a new set of bolts and nuts for less that 100+ CAD including shipping. I'm wondering whether any of you might know the spec of the bolts or an alternative?I've contacted my local nissan dealer they quoted me $96 which to me sounds like kind of insane! I totally understand that the bolts need to be of a certain rating, I'm not about to go and put some home depot bolt in there haha! Thanks in advance,Rhys
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