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  1. Sorry, I was still trying to figure out the search bar and filters and really hadn’t seen many threads yet with recent comments. But I can see why all those numbers are so high, a ton of active people on here being very welcoming. I’m excited to see what I can do with my new truck and start fixing her up nice and pretty.
  2. I see that, three replies within the hour. Thanks man. Look forward to doing the same.
  3. Yeah I’ve already taken it to some trails behind my house out here in the desert. My duramax is also a 4x4 but this is my first truly capable off road vehicle and already intend on keeping it for the foreseeable future. I’m not very mechanically inclined but as of recently I’ve been trying to take a more active role in maintaining my own vehicles so I am glad I found a strong community that can guide me as I become a manlier do it yourself man. Also am new to off roading so I’m sure you’ll see a lot of me.
  4. Thanks that’s good to know. I’ve already seen some good info on here on the one thing that doesn’t work on this truck. 4hi engages without a hiccup but i have yet to get 4lo to work. Gonna try some stuff that worked for another guy on this forum tomorrow.
  5. Hello, my name is Hernan, I’m a 27 year old dude in Las Cruces, NM. I stumbled into this forum on accident, my primary vehicle is a 2003 GMC Sierra Duramax, however it is currently being drove once a week only to keep the battery and fluids fresh and moving as I am experiencing injector failure. I was quoted $4,500 for new injectors but didn’t have that kind of money laying around, so I opted for a cheaper temporary alternative, a second vehicle while I save funds to just go ahead and do performance injectors (ball park of $5,500+) while I’m in there. Anyways, long story short I stumbled upon a 2002 Pathfinder SE.. It’s a 5 Speed M/T with 180k on the clock. It is super clean inside and out besides very minimal rust. It has plenty of power and shifts like a dream. I picked it up for $2,400 and am very pleased with how it’s treated me this past month. Fuel mileage isn’t as good as I hoped at about 17-18 average (same as my 6.6 diesel) but overall I love the truck. I am now worried that all my spare truck money will be spent on light mods for the pathy instead of my much needed injectors. Anyways, I made this post just to test waters and see how many users are actice and interactive. I was surprised to find such a dedicated page to Pahfinders but come to think of it, that’s why I came online searching for such a place, because I love the truck and want means to have better insight on it and ideas for it. Thanks for your time.

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