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  1. @PathyDude17 Thanks so much for getting me that latch assembly! I took the boot off the pull handle and used everyone's wondertool (WD 40), applying a dose into the boot and the cable works like new. Tire carrier is reinstalled and all is well. I just need to find the little clips that hold the trim on around the hinges. Haven't really looked for them yet but I'm sure I can find them somewhere. Again, thanks for all your help! MG
  2. PathyDude17, That's incredible. What do I need to do to get that thing headed my way? EmGee
  3. It's amazing to find this post with a picture of exactly the same thing I need. My latch quit working, When I pull the cable the tire carrier sometimes clicks but does not unlatch. It seems that the spring inside the latch broke because I was able to wrestle with the carrier and get it to release, and the casing is all riveted together so I am not sure I could disassemble and repair it. I did not feel confident I could get it to open again so I removed the whole tire carrier assembly and started looking online to find a replacement and found this forum. If anyone can help me source the same thing that the original poster outlined in the picture above please let me know. Then I can reinstall my tire carrier. Thanks! EmGee

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