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  1. If you’re gonna run the spacers in front why cut the Lr coils down by an inch and a half? 2 inch front spacers and nrc9447 coils is a great combo
  2. You pounded out the old bushings with a rubber mallet? And I’d love a link to the bushings
  3. Pretty sure you can pull the rack off any other r50 and install
  4. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/41812-custom-roofrack-build-r50-pathfinder/
  5. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/44771-diy-roof-rack-platform/
  6. And yeah this thing has definitely taken me further than I thought a 2wd could
  7. Oh a rear locker yes. Just mentioning that I don’t need the front one. I was looking into pulling the heavier duty xterra diff, or even super packing the frontier one like the thread on here
  8. A longer coil in the oem strut is fine, but yes the length of the strut can reduce travel some. The OME struts are about an inch longer and will allow some additional travel. But they are the only longer strut option. Everyone else uses oem length struts in the front
  9. I got those 9447s you sent me put on and I’m real happy with them. Combined with the longer f250 shocks in the back the ride quality is nice and it definitely performs better over hilly terrain
  10. How did you “quickly” fix those??? That looks amazing
  11. You can’t lift more than 2 inches without an sfd unless you don’t mind replacing cv axles
  12. Desert rat is a great shop. Mail order or at the brick and mortar
  13. Ko2s are great in AZ. You should be able to fit at 31 10.5 on stock rims with a two inch lift. And I’d recommend a coil lift over spacers for sure

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