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  1. Can’t get it anywhere except 4x4 parts. My recommendation to save you a grip of money would be to get the ac 2 inch coils for the front, and get Land Rover nrc9447 coils for the back from lrdirect.com
  2. I only paid 8 dollars for the Bluetooth dongle that I monitor all this with. I have a tablet mounted where my radio should be that I monitor it all with. Might be time for an upgrade
  3. If you use torque pro you can monitor airflow, coolant temp, o2 sensors, timing, maf, intake temp, speed, fuel trims, and a bunch of other stuff. Car gauge pro allows you to do the idle volume and self learning and adjust base timing 2 degrees plus or minus. You can do a ton of stuff
  4. https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981313-pathfinder-heavy-duty-front-coils.html https://www.lrdirect.com/NRC9447-supplied-by-britpart-branded-britpart.html
  5. Ac coils up front by 4x4parts.com and Land Rover nrc9447 coils in back from lrdirect.com. The Brit part brand ones. This setup will run about 300 shipped. Get kyb gr2 shocks and struts from rockauto. This will run about another 120
  6. Nice looking Q. Love the yellow corner lights
  7. Do the pcv valve and pcv hoses while in there. They’re probably going to shatter
  8. Do those powervalves while you’re in there too
  9. I used a closed end wrench to remove that one in my 01 Q
  10. Same problem for me in AZ. I have an hour drive home from work every day and have the blower on high/re-circ the entire drive and still get home sweaty
  11. Next most beneficial mod after the lift is gonna be manual hubs
  12. First off...you need to service the powervalve screws by backing them out and applying loctite to them. There’s a known issue where they can fall into the motor and cause catastrophic damage. The iacv gasket should also be replaced to avoid frying the ecu. Also....join the npora Facebook group. Far more activity on There. As far as rear coils....I’d go with wj coils or Land Rover coils. Depending on which Land Rover coils you get they will net you anywhere from 2 to four inches and are muuuuuch cheaper than ac with similar spring rates. If you’re gonna do an sfd....you won’t need front spacers as you’ll be building steel spacers as part of the sfd. Ac coils would work just fine for the front and lots of people use them with up to 6 inches of total lift
  13. Way cool guys. Can’t wait till this stuff starts becoming available. I’m super interested in the lift your coming up with that won’t require an sfd

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