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  1. I had good luck with some cheap aftermarket downstream o2 sensors from rockauto. No Nismo exhaust for the r50. Flowmaster 40 series mufflers are very popular for them.
  2. Knock out the cats and get some o2 spacers to avoid the clogged cats getting sucked back into the engine till you have the money to replace them
  3. Ya just remove one and see where the difference is. Did you use cheaper aftermarket sensors? These still throw codes a lot of the time
  4. Ah you’re right. Didn’t notice it was a vg
  5. I really like the stock fog lights. Are those leds?
  6. I’ve seen people do it both ways....by cutting into the air box and siliconing the pipe in....and I’ve seen people delete the box and use an aftermarket aluminum elbow and just connect it to the maf. Either option should be just fine
  7. The maxima remotes will work on r50s
  8. I wouldn’t risk frying the ecu on gasket maker
  9. Any more questions feel free to ask. I just recently did all the intake gaskets and pcv and everything in mine
  10. I’d leave the lower plenum alone unless you plan on changing manifold gaskets. And here’s a link for the gasket https://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/1996/nissan/pathfinder/fuel_injection/idle_valve_gasket.html and like sartorial said....clean the egr and the maf
  11. Also....replace the iacv gasket while you’re at it

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