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  1. The problem with my cluster is completely different from the 4WD swither. In the cluster, the problem was that the T5 twist leds didn’t fit into the t5 twist sockets in the cluster because of a design flaw in the cluster. That one was out of my hands. For the 4wd, the problem was that the LED might have shorted the switcher or something I did in the process of swapping the old bulbs out.
  2. Thank you guys for the help! I went through the manuals and double checked everything and it all seemed to be where it was supposed to be and how it was supposed to be. Today I had some spare time and went down to the junkyard and got out another 4WD switcher from a 2004 LE Platinum and plugged it in to see if anything would happen,m and something did happen! The 4WD light no longer goes on once I switch from auto to 2WD and my dash indicator lights up properly as well when I'm switching through modes. I'm still quite skeptical if the 4WD engages or not, I'll have to test that out this weekend and let you guys know! Again thank you both for the responses, they've definitely helped a ton and I know more about my car now!
  3. A while back I swapped out the bulbs in the 4wd switcher in my '03 LE and ever since then my 4WD light has been on and my 4WD wouldn't engage but car drove properly. Many months passed by and I forgot about the light but recently I found time to get it looked at and bit the bullet and sent it to Nissan, log story short, they don't know what's wrong either and want to charge me an additional $140 to try and diagnose what's wrong. The mechanic was trying to tell me to sell the car because it's possibly an electrical issue. If anyone has insight on this and could help point me in the right direction, I'd be greatly appreciated. Kind of at a loss right now
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