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  1. Thanks for getting back to me on this problem. I gotta figure it out. And wet had my oil change the other day and I figured I just have them replaced the oil temperature sensor. While they were underneath the vehicle changing my oil. The Jack that plugs into the oil temperature sensor is missing. Somehow it broke off and then the wiring broke so I have to rewire of Jack to plug into the sensor. I know my oil pump is working properly. They dented the end of the oil filter slightly. And when they fired the vehicle back up the pressure from the oil pump Poped out the dent in the end of the oil filter.
  2. I am having almost the same issue, as my A/T Oil light is lit up. I don't have any leaking fluid's. I replaced the radiator and thermostat, belts last December. I read through the reply's last week and just like the fore mentioned Pathy I have a automatic tranny. I had the system flushed last week after 275,000 miles and it was as clean as a whistle according to the attendant. I didn't replace the tranny filter as the gasket from O'reilly was incorrect. It drained readily and fluid looked great. I ran the ECU codes just for @!*%s and giggles and had a code of 55. Other things I have done to it recently is replace the A/C Heater fan and the Knock sensor and 1 fuel injector. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to why my oil light is displaying and how to check my oil pressure with a gauge.
  3. Spudfed

    Oil sensors

    My oil light is on all the time. Oil level is fine. Drove 4 hrs no problem. Are there oil sensors.
  4. if your automatic on the Fly 4 wheel drive goes out say the hell with buying a new shift motor. Put manual locking hubs in. lock your hubs in when you go off-road driving around in two wheel drive and when you start to get stuck then you drop it into 4 Low or high before you lose your little momentum. You can drive around with your hubs locked in 2 wheel drive as long as you don't go over 40 45 mi. les an hour. I never drive around in 4-wheel drive unless I absolutely need it. You drive around in for all the time and get stuck in 4 you're going to have to have yourself pulled out or winched out. I hate on the Fly 4 wheel drive I think it's practically worthless. in all the years I've drove my vehicle there was only one time when I needed on the Fly 4 high going over Summit and I hit snow. when my on the Fly went out it was $1,000 to replace. I got manual locking hubs for 300
  5. If you end up having to replace the knock sensor. You do not have to pull the intake manifold. You can splice into the wiring harness and remount it on the top of the engine towards the firewall with a longer 10 mm bolt. Or you can remove the transmission support bracket and let the transmission and bellhousing hang down and reach up behind the intake manifold into the valley between the Pistons and pull the knock sensor loose and replace it and remount it on the top of the engine towards the firewall. I watch this procedure done on YouTube.
  6. Hey folks I just join an hour ago. Wish I'd known about this years ago. I Drive a 1994 NissanLE with 365000 miles. Starting have a few problems finally. Lossed radiator and inlet plastic port last weekend. Install the new radiator it and we had put in new thermostat in a while I was at it. Just access the ECU box for the first time. Trouble white started coming on. Vehicle was dying when I let off a gas so now to take a turn. Had to put it into new toilet restart. I don't know where the injectors sensor is on a error code 51.
  7. Were is the injector sensor located on a 94 pathfinder. I had a 51 & 34 error code reading.  The knock sensor is harder to replace than injection sensor. 

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