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  1. A.Sans

    04 Build Thread (R50)

    Nice rig! Had to replace the fuel filler neck and the lines too, alongside new headlights and future spark plugs. Have you settled on any aftermarket lights?
  2. A.Sans

    Other Notable SUVs

    Nice list! In The Philippines we use a lot of Nissan Safari and the occasional 70 series Land Cruiser trucks. And for the LX450, it's also a Land Cruiser (FJ80), exact same packages with a different name.
  3. A.Sans

    Other Notable SUVs

    We have a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo (Honda Passport). They're good SUVs, but in my opinion kind of bland. Great budget SUVs but nothing luxurious or exciting.
  4. A.Sans

    Other Notable SUVs

    Other than the Pathfinder/QX4, what do you guys think are also really cool SUVs from the same generation? Or what similar SUV would you prefer/not prefer other than your Pathfinder, and why? Xterra, 4runner, Montero, Discovery, Cherokee, Explorer, Trailblazer, Pilot, Forester, Outback ...? I personally would love a 1999-2004 Toyota Land Cruiser/ Lexus LX470. Very robust trucks, but I can't justify the price and the size for what I need. I'll get one eventually, but for now the Pathfinder is the perfect in-between for potential off-road, every-day driving, and style. Edit: Added Subie's
  5. A.Sans

    Transmission dying?

    It slipped in first and second gears. You will depress the accelerator and a delayed response, or RPM will go up without taking off. Already in gear when you're slipping. Eventually when I couldn't shift to 3rd, the shifting between 1st and 2nd was hard. So yes, slipping IN the gear.
  6. A.Sans

    Transmission dying?

    Had a similar problem- working and driving fine until started to notice slipping 1/2nd gears. Was delayed to accelerate. Never went into limp mode but eventually gave up and couldn't upshift past 2nd. Thought it was a solenoid problem but when sent to the shop, it had to be internally rebuilt due to worn bands. Only had ~140,000 miles on it, so wish yours the best!
  7. A.Sans

    4x4 light came on all of a sudden

    Usually blinks slowly when difference in tire rotation is large. Shifting and driving in 2WD should solve that. Never encountered a permanent 4WD light.
  8. A.Sans

    What's one thing you hate about your pathy?

    Rust and emissions problems.

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