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  1. A.Sans

    45 MPH Rumble

    Sorry for the vague description. Once you approach ~45 it gradually appears to vibrate, continues to vibrate, and dissipates once you increase past 50. Depressing the gas does not affect the vibration, nor does curves and other road environments (snow, rain, grooves). As for the vibration, it's more of the subwoofer kind. Like a game controller constantly vibrating or your phone buzzing. You can feel it on the steering wheel and on your seat. If there were coins in the cupholder, it would rattle slightly.
  2. A.Sans

    45 MPH Rumble

    Hi, this is something that's been occurring since a transmission rebuild. Previously, I had to get my transmission (140,000 miles) internally rebuilt because it wouldn't shift out of second. After the fix, however, there is a slight vibration when cruising at 45-50 MPH. Enough to feel it slightly in your seat, feel it in the steering wheel, and hear plastic components rattling. Above 50 and below 45 is where no vibrations happen. Any quick ideas or possible solutions?
  3. A.Sans

    Fair price for 03 QX4?

    Just asking what makes thee QX4 'alright'? Is it the Salvage title? Also my 2 cents if anyone is looking for a Pathfinder is to look under for rust and corrosion. Check engine and transmission records too if you can.
  4. A.Sans

    Fair price for 03 QX4?

    I agree. Although that QX4 is gorgeous with its maintenance records and cosmetics, I (personally) wouldn't justify the $5,000 for it -especially the age and mileage. I suggest negotiating a fair price because there's really nothing to lose. If you have year heart set on it, try going for the fair market value. If you're on a budget and just want a Pathfinder/QX4, it doesn't hurt to search more! Best wishes
  5. A.Sans

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Range Rover
  6. A.Sans

    My build/adventure thread

    Love the trucks! And what's all the sudden craze with these old Subaru Outbacks?? My neighbor and his wife treat their Outbacks like kids. Gotta love them though.
  7. A.Sans

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for constantly talking about your ban post
  8. A.Sans

    Random picture of your R50

    That looks sick!
  9. A.Sans

    Random picture of your R50

    Finally seeing some snow in Tennessee! For those fortunate/unfortunate to get more snow, drive safe!
  10. A.Sans

    My 2002 R50 SE

    Awesome rig! Loving the Yakima Rack, where'd you get yours??
  11. A.Sans

    Random picture of your R50

    LX470 and GX470 are my reasonable dream cars. Prefer the LX because of the Land Cruiser base, but they definitely don't lack in performance or luxury at all. Can't speak completely for GX
  12. A.Sans

    Random picture of your R50

    I really really wish they had that option for the Pathfinder. Heated Rear seats would be a deal breaker!
  13. A.Sans

    2018 Truck of the Year Voting!

    All these submissions are amazing! So much to learn and a lot of inspiration from everyone in this forum. Keep it up, and best wishes.
  14. I'm new, is TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System?
  15. A.Sans

    XENON HID Headlights

    The aim adjustment for the headlights is brilliant

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