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  1. Thanks, Yes great little resource here, already found the FSM, and printed the EM (engine mechanical) and MA (maitenace) chapters. Havent read all the relevant sections but great to have the process and torque specs. Ive purchased this harmonic balance pulley. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F201956769007 Im thinking its the only 'special tool' required for the job, plus vice grippers to hold the pulley in place while getting the nut off. If ive missed any other tools required for timing belt replacement, please let me know. Also im thinking i really should replace the other coolant hoses while im in there and the coolants already out, including hose in front of thermostat - so need to search for part numbers and forum on that. I also own an Rx7 series 8 which is my garage queen, so need to clean / move stuff around before i can also fit the pathy in to start work. Might need to get out through the sunroof . My neighbor house is literally 2 metres from my driveway so sure they wont apppreciate power tools being used there in the hours i get home. Cheers
  2. Hi there, My name is Steve, aged 37 and am a new pathy member from melbourne australia. Aspendale gardens to be exact. Have owned my 2000 r50 v6 pathy auto for about 5 years now (trouble free other than for a transmission rebuild). Have taking her out camping handful of times. Havent been serious offroad as its still a daily and used as my comute car into work. My two kids under 5 (and me) enjoy when we go proper bush tho. Im about to change the : - timing belt, water pump, seals (from a non oem kit) - thermostat -raditator hoses n belts - two oxygen sensors - ignition leads ...so was hoping to dig around for some information on here and check what else i should consider changing while front cover off. I dont know when the timing belt was last changed so this is just a sanity service at 207,000kms. Dont want to delve too deep as this is my first major work im doing myself on pathy, but i plan to take my time (bus to work if need), and turn engine manually at end to ensure all moves freely and didnt do anything wrong. Guess theres always home visit mechanic as a final resort! Anyways thanks in advance for any help. Cheers Steve

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