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  1. I wish there was a solution to push the hatch up higher though! I don't know if we can though without more interference.
  2. My parents came down to visit me and we decided on a little camping/kayaking adventure in the Olympics. The Pathfinder was loaded up with enough gear for 4 adults, one dog, and two kayaks. The vehicle worked great! I'm definitely itching to do some more updates/upgrades, trying to hold off until fall and winter though. Parents next to the load out! Getting up to elevation. Cool side view. Tire carrier + heavy drawers (need to rebuild) + gear and the truck levels out. I'd like to lift the rear up more to compensate. At camp. It was fun to see the Pathfinder loaded out! I enjoy these short trips because it helps me practice planning/packing for future trips.
  3. This was a fun project, how are you liking it? Any thoughts on continuing to trim away?
  4. Another mission success! I got this on a little bit ago, but haven't had a chance to post pics. You can find way more pics/info in my build thread here.
  5. Alright folks, I finally got around to installing my tire carrier. Special thanks to everyone in the R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Lets Settle This! post. I thoroughly went through that and studied everything in preparation for this. Special tools I picked up include the following: M10 Rivet Nut 95105A199 (hinges) M10 bolts 91280A636 (hinge bolts) M8 Rivet Nuts 95105A191 (lower latch) Astro Rivet Nut Kit Rivet Tool (lower hatch plate) 1.5 x 1.5" x 1/8" thick angle aluminum First step was to mock up the carrier to get an idea of where the lower mounting hardware needed to be bolted. Then I took off the bumper to check to see if there were the OEM cutout locations- Indeed there were cutouts! I used a hot X-acto blade to easily trim out the holes. At this point I wanted to get the lower latch hardware finished first so I can use it to hold the carrier while I do the hinge portion. I trimmed 1" off one side of the 1.5" angle aluminum, that way it can tuck under toward the vehicle a bit. I tested the rivnuts, seem to work well! I transferred my hardware marks from the metal bumper to my aluminum and used a step bit to drill out the holes, then finished them to the rivnut size of 13.5mm (17/32") using a hard-to-find bit. Both the M8 and M10 required the same hole size. I drilled two small holes to temporarily rivet the aluminum to the vehicle, then used the holes I drilled in the aluminum to drill the holes in the bumper for the rivnuts. The aluminum was then removed and the rivnuts were installed- Then the aluminum went back on. The rivnuts have a washer-head that's larger than the hole, so when you put the aluminum back on it sandwiches the rivnut. I drilled out a bunch of holes and installed rivets to hold it in place. Took no time at all. From here it was as simple as bolting on all the lower hardware. Note: unlike some, I did not have the swing gate door ajar sensor wiring left in the bumper. Hinge time. I put some protective tape down and removed the inner plastic trim to get access to behind the vehicle skin- With the carrier mounted up, locked into the lower latch, I marked out my hole locations. Using pilot holes, I started with the ones I could reach with the carrier closed. Lots of removing, testing, drilling, removing, looking, etc. Eventually I got enough holes in to start the rivnuts. The most aft two holes on each hinge are in very difficult to reach locations, I opted to just rivnut those. The side holes are accessable relatively easily from the inside so I fished nylocks with washers onto those. Fully assembled! I have a license plate bracket + light combo in the mail. I think I'll use the rivnut gun again and mount it on the hatch to the driver's side of the tire carrier. And of course, a tribute to the ruster that I pulled the carrier from: Junkyard bonus stuff- Got these 5' long Yakima crossbars with mounts that work on the OEM Pathfinder rails. Here I am testing them on a junker: Also scored me one of them fancy string dampers for the glove box.
  6. That's an interesting idea for a storage location... I'll have to check it out.
  7. It's definitely not gonna hold a whole lot of weight, but works well for just a few things! It was a cheapo, I got it at Walmart.
  8. Knocked out about 560 miles round trip on a long drive down to the Columbia River Gorge. Kicked it around Hood River before heading up into the mountains on the Washington side to camp for the night. Dropped down to 34*F overnight, ouch! It'll be nice when the weather warms up. Here you can see the high-tech branch deflection device I turned my fold out table into. The path to this campsite was covered in lots of low hanging branches and they were getting caught on my new bag. The rest of the car is definitely SCRATCH CITY, but that's what I got it for! And next to a modern Pathfinder- Got home and had to pressure wash the mud off! One of the puddles I splashed through must have had a bunch of horse manure in it...
  9. I've been lazy lately, but I'm finally moving forward with the rear tire carrier! I ordered rivnuts and bolts from McMaster (hopefully shipping isn't outrageous since they don't tell you what it'll be...), my current game plan is to go with rivnuts in the hard to reach spots, and either a metal plate+washer+nuts or larger fender washer+nuts (nylock). I'll update when I get around to doing it. Here's a fun little update- me and some friends went out and were just doing some trail driving. Found a little hilly challenge and decided to give it a go. Definitely steeper than it looks in the video! Pathfinder made it up just fine Also, slightly off topic, but kayaking went great:
  10. I'd recommend a quick check of the spark plugs/plug wires. Easy enough to do and at least it'll tell you your plugs didn't crack for some reason or wiring got messed up.
  11. Honestly, a Forester would be a fun daily driver/trail rig. Decently capable, aftermarket, forum support. It'll potentially get better fuel economy than the trucks and will drive fine in the winter. Independent rear suspension will potentially give you better ride quality, but it'll make some of the minor lift options tricky. Biggest downside is that Subarus probably hold their value pretty well in the NE so it'll probably be on the pricier side vs like the RDX or something.
  12. Welcome! I lived in Huntsville for a couple years.
  13. Yeah if I use the PF I'll probably just do what you did! No problemo! You're on point, I already have some cam straps so I'll probably just use those. Now if the weather would just clear up again...

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