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  1. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    No Pathfinder work this weekend, just a snowmageddon report. It's been coming down heavily all weekend, but that's made for some great explorin'! My Alaskan instincts kicked in and I spent the weekend driving around the Kitsap and eastern Olympic Peninsulas, just lookin' to get lost Put down about 300 miles in two days o_O Snow-driving video. More than a couple of these sightings... Silly dog tax-
  2. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    I can definitely understand that, I'm thinking I like their utility a lot. Mine may go back on, but they have a smidge of corrosion on the bottom (not visible) that may have let in a bunch of dirt and rocks so the tube is full of debris! Ideally I'd cut the mounts off and DIY my own sliders/steps with tubing. I need a welding day with my shop buddy!
  3. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    I'm currently sitting at the Nissan dealership, not gonna lie, I don't really like being at dealerships. I'm looking to see if I can get the seat belts warrantied, and while I'm here they're also gonna look at the two recalls. Apparently one has to do with a filler or dipstick tube? The other I think might be the strut tower. After their multi-point I'm sure they'll tell me about my rear seal oil leak, probably some bad sway/track bar bushings, who knows what else. Normally I'd turn down a scratch-tastic wash, but the Nissan is my trail rig so why not!
  4. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Threw in a new cabin HVAC fan, the old one worked fine, but clicked annoyingly. Nothing was broken, but something within the unit clicked when at even the slightest angle. Next up the good stuff. Had a long day out exploring the southern Olympics, out in the Wynoochee area if you're familiar. Just cruising some super easy forest roads, doin' a bit of snow hunting. I had my eye on some potential spots and after making it up into the snowline I found a fun path up to a lookout. Blazing fresh tracks in the snow and gaining some fresh pinstrips, the little turnout at the end provided some beautiful mountain views and fresh air. (if video isn't loaded yet, give it a bit, it gives me the URL before it's even finished uploading) Funny enough when we got home we had snow coming down pretty good! Ended up getting around 6" at our house which was a nice surprise. Here's a random neat picture from out at Point Defiance in Tacoma. And of course, totally fitting-
  5. zakzackzachary

    My build/adventure thread

    What method did you go for mounting low-profile? I'm just curious since there's a couple. I've used the conduit clamp method in the past, but it was a bit too low for me.
  6. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Installed new hatch struts, such a nice upgrade and now I get around +1.5" of height to help reduce forehead damage! Decided to do the mud flap trim and removed the side steps. If I regret it I'll get some Rally Armor blanks and throw 'em on, but for now I kinda like the look. Truck is a trail rig so a little dirt damage'll be okay. Side steps might end up going back on since they're handy, I just wanted to see what they'd look like. Looks like it'd be easy to fab up some DIY sliders one day. Got handy with some wire brushes and a pressure washer, then hit a bunch of the rear with some Rustoleum style paint. Didn't really have any rust tbh, but with the new LR Defender springs in the rear I was tired of looking at a dirty axle! I've got my mind on tires now as the ones on it are kinda old. Based on my research and OEM rim style I'm thinking of going with 260/70R16 (30.3x10.2R16) as that seems to have worked for user erathge. Sound good?
  7. I need to plan a trip into the city (Seattle/Tacoma) to go junkyard exploring for stuff...

    1. mjotrainbrain


      Junkyard exploring is always a good time

  8. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Awesome, yeah that's what I'm thinking, just a bit larger than the OEM 29's(??). I have some spare blank cheapo Rally Armor mud flaps I might see how they look, I'm thinking of doing something similar to Karmann and trim the OEM ones down a smidge. I'll be sure to do a through digging around on the forum for info. The current tires aren't fully worn down, but they're older from the previous owner so they're starting to crack. I'd like to get some new ones sometime this spring prior to longer summer trips.
  9. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Thanks! There isn't any hood glare, since the lights are mounted further back and kinda low, they do a great job flood lighting ahead and my favorite is the side lights! Super cool for dark trails. Next up I need to figure out new tires... I'd like to go slightly larger than stock, but don't need anything that requires trimming. Anyone have any size suggestions for my stock 16" rims?
  10. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    End of January update! I've got my drawers about 90% complete. I decided to experiment with a heavy duty drawer style using skateboard bearings and 1" square bar. Would be great for a long truck bed to hold serious weight. In the future I'll save up more pennies for actual drawer slides when I do v2.0- Next up I tackled the lighting. I decided to not lower my basket and instead mount the lighting kind of low. It works great so far! Fronts, sides (both together), and rear are independent with three rocker switches. Links: switches, fog lights, waterproof 6-pin disconnect, zip-tie anchors, wiring kit, wire loom And I've had a chance to get out and do some camp spot scouting in the Olympics... And today I replaced the rear hatch glass struts (RockAuto)... So what's next- Finish cleaning up undercarriage Install new hatch struts Install new cabin blower fan (current one CLICKS annoyingly)
  11. zakzackzachary

    Aftermarket Projector headlights

    If you go the DIY route I've had good experience with theretrofitsource.
  12. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    I need to finish up a few things, but I do have some updates. Both good and ugly- Nearing completion: Rear storage drawers for the hatch, just need to clean it up and fix my latching system. Pretty much everything other than the handles were DIY. Roof basket fog lighting, all 7" "bars", four facing front, one on each side, and two facing rear. Wiring is 80% complete, just need to clean it up a bit and wire in the switches. The ugly: After the installation of my new front struts I forgot to re-tighten down the top nut once the vehicle weight had re-loaded the springs (holds the plunger in the hat). This allowed the strut plunger to push up and down inside the hat freely about 1". After finally looking into the clunk, it has mooshed up the threads pretty good and now I can't get the nut down or off. I'm going to cut the nut off and then run a M12x1.25 die down the threads to see if I can clean it up enough that it looks safe. If that fails I can look into dieing down to a smaller M, but the strut steel looks pretty hard. In order for the die to fit fully down the top hat without disassembling the strut we're going to get creative with the die handle tool and go custom. Maybe even shave down the die itself a smidge. Luckily my buddy has a lathe and workshop. Chalking it up to one of those things. Probably top 2 worst mistakes I've ever made. Worst case scenario I have to get new struts and rebuild, I'll update my thread later with pics and updates on all my projects.
  13. zakzackzachary

    New Member!

    Looks like it's in great condition and should take your future mods well! Welcome
  14. zakzackzachary

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Also I'm thinking of doing a little forest road scout trip out from Union, WA to the Wynoochee Lake area sometime in Jan/Feb if anyone's interested in teaming up.
  15. zakzackzachary

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    Add one more to the successful Land Rover Defender spring install, here's my numbers: Rear: Spring - Land Rover NRC9446 from LRDirect for $77.27 shipped to WA Shock - KYB OEM replacement P/N 343379 from RockAuto Front: Strut - KYB OEM replacement P/N 335031 and 335030 from RockAuto Strut mount/bearing/boot - KYB OEM replacement P/N SM5329 from RockAuto Spring - ARB 2928 Old Man Emu Coil Spring P/N 2928 from Amazon Sagging suspension: RR: 31.25" (FSM spec: 33.31") RL: 30.5" FR: 32" (FSM spec: 32.09") FL: 31.25" Rake: -0.75" (FSM spec: 1.22") New suspension: RR: 34.875" RL: 34.5" FR: 33.25" FL: 33.25" Rake: 1.44" Note: I had a shop assemble the front struts with the OME HD springs due to the increased compression required and subsequent sketchiness factor.

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