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  1. SCJax2018

    Door won’t open! How to remove panel?

    Have you been able to get the door panel off or the door open yet? The rear drivers side door on my 96 is stuck closed. Both handles just flop like they are broke inside.
  2. SCJax2018

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    I never had one do this before either.
  3. SCJax2018

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    Should I be concerned about it or just learn to live with it?
  4. SCJax2018

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    The lower end of the sound. Almost exactly!! Lasted almost as long too.
  5. SCJax2018

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    This sounded like a fog horn from an old movie or cartoon. It wasn't loud loud, just barely audible, but loud enough to make you say "What the ..... ".
  6. SCJax2018

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    That may be the cause of my noise. Sorry if this font is a little large, I don't have my glasses with me and had to blow the font up a bit so I could see what I am writing here.
  7. SCJax2018

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    I did notice when I fueled up the other day that the tank had some pressure when I unscrewed the gas cap.
  8. SCJax2018

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    Yes, the AC was running.
  9. SCJax2018

    Possible Belt Issue With R50

    It wouldn't be a timing belt issue on that particular engine because the timing is extremely close and very unforgiving. Just one tooth off and it will barely stay running if it even starts. Two tooth off and you can pull the heads because it crashed the valves. I don't really know a whole a lot about automatic transmissions, but mine had a wire that had come loose in a plug on the side of the transmission and that thing was doing all kinds of crazy stuff until I got that wire fixed.
  10. This morning I drove my 96 Pathfinder LE 3.3L about sixty or so miles. I stopped and shut off the engine and about two seconds later this barely noticeable noise came from under the hood and it sounded like a fog horn in an old movie or cartoon, but it only lasted a few seconds like it started and quit before you could say "What the ......". I am totally puzzled because I've never heard a noise like this come from under the hood, so I have no clue if it is a major issue to be concerned about or just a minor issue. The only thing I can think of that makes any sense is that it is some kind of vacuum leak on one of the vacuum canisters. Anyone got any idea what could be the cause?
  11. SCJax2018

    Gear Ratio

    I'm running 235 70R15 which is what it came with. So I should stay with the 4.6 then. Right now I have ungodly backlash so I'm fairly sure the gears are near shot, so I'm going to go ahead and order a set.
  12. SCJax2018

    Gear Ratio

    I got to replace the ring gear and pinion in my 96 LE two wheel drive. What is the gear ratio to go with? I don't want to be super high geared because I do pull a small trailer, but I down want to be geared low enough to pull a tractor trailer either. Does 5.13 sound about middle of the road?
  13. SCJax2018

    Antitheft Alarm Keeps Setting Itself

    I went to a local locksmith here where I live. Nissan wanted like $180 for the fob and $35 to program it which they were politely told where to put it. At the locksmith I paid like $45 for the fob and they gave me the directions how to program it and I programed it myself in less than a minute and a half. Very easy very idiot proof.
  14. SCJax2018

    Gas mileage...

    I have a 96 LE two wheel drive and I only average about 15 mpg mixed city and highway. As crazy as it sounds, my Pathfinder does not like Raceway gas. I filled up with Raceway gas a couple of times because it was four cents cheaper than anyone else and both times my engine ran like it had a semi-stopped up fuel injector. Topped off the tank, after running down below a half, at a local Shell and it smoothed right out. So the gas you are running may have something to do with the fuel economy.
  15. SCJax2018

    Gas line size

    I found some pretty good deals at AM Auto Parts. https://www.am-autoparts.com/

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