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  1. SCJax2018

    Gas mileage...

    I have a 96 LE two wheel drive and I only average about 15 mpg mixed city and highway. As crazy as it sounds, my Pathfinder does not like Raceway gas. I filled up with Raceway gas a couple of times because it was four cents cheaper than anyone else and both times my engine ran like it had a semi-stopped up fuel injector. Topped off the tank, after running down below a half, at a local Shell and it smoothed right out. So the gas you are running may have something to do with the fuel economy.
  2. SCJax2018

    Gas line size

    I found some pretty good deals at AM Auto Parts. https://www.am-autoparts.com/
  3. SCJax2018

    Engine Wiring Harness

    Looking for engine wiring harness for 96 Pathfinder with 3.3 V6.
  4. SCJax2018

    Tachometer Resister

    How would that effect the tachometer? That also looks a lot bigger than 2200 ohm.
  5. SCJax2018

    Tachometer Resister

    Could this conglomeration be my mystery resister? It is near the distributor and does look somewhat like a small relay through the tape.
  6. SCJax2018

    Cargo area interior light flashing

    Try AM Autoparts, they are pretty reasonable if they have the part and usually get it to you within a few days. https://www.am-autoparts.com/
  7. On my 96, I'm not sure if it is just a trim piece or part of the luggage rack system itself, but right where it meets the windshield trim/gasket there was a rust hole about the size of a pencil up under the piece itself. In my case I was able to force it up enough to force some silicone sealant up under the trim piece and it stopped the leak on mine. Mine was leaking in the upper corner on the drivers side just above the windshield.
  8. SCJax2018

    Cargo area interior light flashing

    Keep us posted because the light by the rear hatch in mine doesn't work at all and the bulb is brand new. Not a huge issue to me right now, but eventually I would like to get it working again.
  9. SCJax2018

    Trailer Hitch Kit

    Glad you mentioned wiring because it totally slipped my mind. Obviously I have to have at least brake lights and turn signals. I have 2 inch Reese hitch stuff running out my ears, but need the receiver on the car.
  10. Friend of mine says the 3.3 has a belt and he thinks the 3.5 has a chain, but he isn't 100% sure.
  11. SCJax2018

    Trailer Hitch Kit

    Where can I find a trailer hitch kit for my 1996 Pathfinder that is reasonably priced? Also, because I have never bought an actual kit before, what is a fair price for one? Ones I have been finding on line have been averaging $130 on up. This is one I have been eye on, https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Nissan/Pathfinder/1996/13088.html?vehicleid=1996997203
  12. SCJax2018

    Tachometer Resister

    The guy said it was a resister taped to the wiring harness near the ignition coil, but my ignition coil is inside the distributor. Like I said, I undid the tape and plastic split tube and followed the wiring harness backwards to the T it makes and saw no sign of any kind of a resistor.
  13. SCJax2018

    Cargo area interior light flashing

    Have you checked for a possible loose wire?
  14. SCJax2018

    Antitheft Alarm Keeps Setting Itself

    I broke down and bought a new key fob which was not as expensive as I thought it would be and programming it was astonishingly simple. Here is a link to the directions based on model year. http://www.programyourremote.com/classified/pathfinder-browse-330.aspx
  15. SCJax2018

    Tachometer Resister

    I have a tachometer flaking out. Done took it out of the dash and tightened up the screws like most of the YouTube videos say and it still does it, just not as bad. A person said in the comments of one of the videos that there is a resister taped to a blue wire in the wiring harness near the ignition coil. My coil is in the distributor, but I do have a blue wire in the harness connection to the distributor and I undid the tape and plastic split tube and followed the wire back for a ways and didn't find any resister. Does anyone know where this resister thing is at?

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