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  1. That is strange. Not sure what to tell you on that one.
  2. Has anyone modified a Ford or Chevy rear axle to fit their Pathfinder? The rear axle in my 96 LE is going out and I cannot find one single person who will give me a straight answer on how much it will cost to rebuild the damned thing. I've heard enough BS from different people to start a dairy farm. What the hell is so difficult about give me a damn price and I'll say yes or no. Anyway, I got an rear axle out of an old Ford Ranger that was just completely rebuilt before the truck got wrecked and I'm thinking about modifying it to put up under the Pathfinder. I really wanted to keep the Pathfinder all original, but obviously that ain't going to happen.
  3. I have to agree with the crowd. It is a hair too small to be an intake bolt. Only reason I know is that I just had part of my intake off recently.
  4. I'm getting ready to build one from scratch, but I haven't started on it yet.
  5. I sure will. Haven't had a chance to work on it lately.
  6. A friend of mine has a 99 Pathfinder that did that and his was a vacuum line had come off of something up under the back of the intake. Replaced the line and it hasn't done it since. At least that I've heard about.
  7. Mine slobbers a little bit of oil, but usually by the time it gets down to half a quart it is time to change the oil anyway.
  8. Where can I find a rear differential rebuild kit for a 1996 LE two wheel drive?
  9. Slartibartfast nailed it square on the head. My emergency brake wasn't working either and it turned out that my rear brake shoes were running way too loose. I adjusted the rear brakes through the brake adjustment hole and the emergency brakes worked like they should. I also removed some sponginess I had in the brakes when I adjusted the rear brakes. It turned out that they were both several turns out of adjustment.
  10. What is the best engine oil to run in a 96 3.3L with just over 200K on it? Right now I am running Castro 5w30, but I wondering if I should run the Castro High Mileage 5W30? The engine doesn't burn any oil to speak of (It does slobber a little bit out of the passenger side valve cover, but it is barely noticeable). Usually when the oil does start to go down it is time for an oil change anyway.
  11. Went to a mall about twenty miles away. Got there and was in the mall about twenty or so minutes and came back out and the engine started right up like always and then stalled and would not start back up, I tried for at least two minutes. Popped the hood to make sure nothing came loose and didn't see anything. Closed the hood got back in and tried again and it started up, but ran rough as heck for about a minute and then suddenly leveled out and ran just like it always does. I made a couple stops back home and she started right back up, so I'm at a loss here on this one. Nothing felt loose when I checked under the hood. The whole distributor is brand new, I doubt it has a thousand miles on it yet, so it shouldn't be an ignition problem. Changed the fuel filter when I first got the vehicle. I'm not sure what else to check.
  12. I thought I have posted this question before, but I couldn't find the post. It's been doing this for quite a while now, but it seem to be louder in warmer weather. I haven't checked the check valve. My tank does have a lot of pressure at times when I screw off the cap, but I've been told by several that is normal because it is a pressurized fuel system.
  13. When I stop my 96 LE, every once in a while, usually after a long ride, I hear this strange noise from under the hood sort of like the low tone of a fog horn. It isn't super loud and only lasts a few seconds like pop the hood latch and by the time I get the hood opened it has stopped. At first I thought it was the radiator cap, so I replaced it and I still get the noise from time to time. What could it be? Leaking vacuum line line somewhere or a vacuum door on something?
  14. Checked the mounts and all the bushings were replace a few months ago. I have a lot of backlash at the rear axle. Way too much in my opinion.
  15. The clunk is every once in a while when I am driving usually when I decelerate coming down off a bridge or hill. Picturing the driveshaft where it goes into the differential as a clock and with the tires on the ground. I can easily twist from 12 o clock to about half way between 1 and 2 o clock. No shavings to speak of in the lube when I changed the lube when I first got it. Lube was very nasty looking, but didn't smell burnt. The vehicle has 228K on it and I'd like to rebuild the darn thing regardless, but all I keep getting is lines of s--t and run arounds when it comes to a price. Nissan wants $1,800 to do it and I am very temped to just go ahead and let them do it because they are the only ones who gave a straight answer so far.

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