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  1. poachr

    Sway bar size

    Quick question, should I start separate posts for my Pathfinder questions? I try reading through and searching but sometimes come up short on answers. Like the timing belt, water pump change, should I get one of the all inclusive kits?
  2. poachr

    Sway bar size

    SBF, at least I’m up above all of it and just get to look down at it! Last night the area through the interchange from OLM to Tacoma was the worst.
  3. poachr

    Sway bar size

    Thanks for the invite RG and the offer, unfortunately I will be working. Please do keep me in the loop, hopefully I will be able in the future.
  4. poachr

    Sway bar size

    Hey Raingoat, don’t know about having him beat but I don’t have any traffic problems and I’ll bet SBF doesn’t either. I go in and out of SEA 2-3 times per week when I look down like to night and see all the traffic from OLM to PAE I just think wow glad I don’t have to deal with that every day.
  5. poachr

    Sway bar size

    I think I hear the click? I need someone to work the switch while I'm at the shock, getting a little hard of hearing! Did you replace the shocks? Near as I can tell the original type aren't available and if they were I doubt I could afford them! That's down the priority list for now anyway, I am doing the main things first timing belt, water pump and hoses, suspension bushings, and more cleaning! I purchased the 1995 king cab 4x4 mt from the same lady yesterday, it has 173,000 on it. Same thing with the timing belt no history. When you start it it has a noise in the engine compartment like a belt tensioner, can't really tell for sure but it might be the timing belt one? The truck is straight only bad thing is it's the Nissan purple Brand new at tires.
  6. poachr

    Cleaning engine

    Thanks for the info bama.
  7. poachr

    Sway bar size

    Thanks SBF, it is 24mm I got the energy suspension ones from rockauto. I'm working my way towards the timing belt, that is going to be a priority just for peace of mind. I don't need the rig so I'm taking my time going through it, lots of cleaning! I pulled the drivers side door panel and cleaned the track and lubed it, the window works better, no more hanging and dragging on the way up. Pulled the instrument cluster and cleaned and inspected. It still has the original electric shocks and I'm not sure that the "Sport/Touring" is working? The light doesn't illuminate when I select it, I think I might hear a relay click though, not sure about that either. I'm also going to do all the suspension bushings, front and back they all need it, so I have been doing lots of research on here. Thanks for the replies and sharing your knowledge and experience I'm sure I will need to rely on it. where in eastern Wa are you? I live in south eastern Or.
  8. poachr

    Cleaning engine

    Slartibartfast, thanks for the link. I checked it out there is some good info. the more I look at cleaning the engine after watching the video and looking at all the relays, wiring and connectors I'm a little hesitant about spraying it down. And it aint to to bad the more I look at it. I vacuumed, whipped and used the air compressor on it.
  9. poachr

    Cleaning engine

    Yea mjotrainbrain, I'm lucky where I live, rust ain't much of a problem here. It's to dry and they don't salt the roads.
  10. poachr

    Sway bar size

    Hey everyone, what size are the sway bar's on a 90' se 4x4 ? I need to replace my bushings and looking on line I see 20mm and 23mm sizes? I am looking at going with the energy suspension ones at rockauto. I just got the rig yesterday and put it in the show and started going through it seeing what all needs overhauling. I have also also been researching on changing the timing belt, water pump and cam seals. I was un able to get any info about when the belt had been done, the guy who owned it passed away and the wife didn't know any thing about it other than he had to have the water pump replaced a few years ago. It has 282k on it new starter, fires right up no smoking and runs good, not a rattle or squeak. Jacked it up today and checked the ball joints they seemed good. All of the bushings need replaced though.
  11. poachr

    Cleaning engine

    Thanks for sharing the video, that is pretty amazing how well he cleaned those engine bays.
  12. poachr

    Cleaning engine

    One other quick question, which is the best service manual, Chiltons or Haines?
  13. poachr

    Cleaning engine

    Hey everyone, new member and new owner of a 90' se 4x4 mt. I would like to clean the engine bay. How should I go about this? Is it advisable to spray the engine with "Gunk" engine degreaser then use a pressure washer with the pressure turned down? Some guideance would be greatly apprecciated.
  14. poachr

    Welcome New Members !

    I was reading up on changing the timing belt.
  15. poachr

    Welcome New Members !

    Just picked up a 90' se 4x4 with a mt. So started doing some reading up on what to pay attention to. It has 282k on it no rattles drives nice and super straight. Started cleaning today and checking everything and where to start massaging.

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