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    Saved a Pathfinder from the junkyard

    The engine was $1250 delivered to my door, the vehicle it came out of had 48689miles (78357km) on it. I was a bit concerned, as the seller could have just showed me a random picture of an odometer and sent me another engine but the engine I got was spotless and the compression was great in every cylinder. I also got an alternator, power steering, and air conditioning pump which I don't need but they were attached so now I got some spare parts which is always nice. But yeah, I did notice some differences guys, I can take some photos to show you today. I should clarify I have three VQ engines right now, one is the broken one in the LE which I'm replacing, one is a manual one in the parts vehicle, and one is the JDM one from an auto.
  2. I bought my original Pathfinder, years ago, because I was poor. It was the best vehicle I could afford, that $4500 used SUV stayed with me through me meeting my wife, getting married, and us buying our first house together. And I'm sure that's how a lot of people get into these vehicles. They buy them because they are reliable and inexpensive and they stick with them. But there's also guys with plenty of money who love them as well. I know two other guys who own these cars, one's a dentist making 300k a year but he loves his 2004 Pathfinder, the other is a mechanical engineer who works for Tesla, after helping me work on my QX4, he had to get himself one as well. He ended up selling his BMW X5 and getting a Pathfinder LE. I personally am expecting to spend a lot of money on my current R50 project because I never had the money to buy a new one when they were available, it'll be way more than I could ever expect to get back. But I'm never planning on selling the thing anyway.

    Saved a Pathfinder from the junkyard

    The parts one has an impact on the passenger side, it would need new doors and welding in a new B pillar... I've thought about it, maybe I'll save it. In fact, I think I probably will because it is in great shape and it's a 5 speed, might be a good little vehicle. Ironfist is a name I got back in high school, and I been using it on forums ever since just to keep consistent. I'm now nearly 40 years old, have a wife and a family and don't go around punching anything anymore but the name stuck. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I'm currently doing a search to see if there are any tricks for getting those upper transmission bell-housing bolts. I'm sure there's been a few posts about it. Power valve failure, well that sounds like it might do some damage. I wonder if that's what happened to the engine in my LE. Looks like such an easy fix too. Thanks for the headsup RainGoat, I'll do that on the new engine before dropping it in.

    tail light for r50

    What you're seeing are the newer R50 tail-lights. They lack the amber coloring of the earlier ones and come in a "white-red-white" pattern. I have noticed there are a couple different border colours available.

    Saved a Pathfinder from the junkyard

    Thanks, I have to admit it was weird to pull a valve cover and see camshafts... not used to that. I managed to figure out how to upload some pics on Amazon: The Pathfinder: https://www.amazon.ca/clouddrive/share/WbBoB1KL670ibicmFqD2ibSci92LHBzqlATRMgLbO7A The new JDM engine: https://www.amazon.ca/clouddrive/share/pfhHpPZFQBokef2HBFW4URKb2ur171tbxzpxUxlvpIu The parts car: https://www.amazon.ca/clouddrive/share/bAII6bOq3U849V9Ll9TTm8UVPbsxKiu1va0zCrzAEkc
  6. Hello everybody, I’ve registered a few days ago and have been reading posts ever since. Beginning to feel like I should introduce myself. I'm an avid car guy, and am into Pontiac muscle cars, which is where 100% of my restoration knowledge comes from. My wife and I recently had a baby, which meant it was time to make some cuts and save money where we could, it was a choice between selling my Range Rover or my fun cars, so I've got rid of my Range Rover and decided to build the perfect winter vehicle instead. I’ve always been a fan of Pathfinders, and have owned a few through the years; my first was a white 98 with a 5speed, I loved that thing but I live at 4000ft altitude which means the already underpowered 3.3L was way too underpowered and the interior left a bit to be desired. I sold that vehicle and bought a 2001 QX4, which fixed the power and interior issues but it felt just a tad bit too civilized, what I really wanted was a Pathfinder on the outside and a QX4 on the inside. Now I’ve found one, it’s a project but seeing as I’m saving a thousand dollars a month on a range rover payment my wife is letting me spend whatever I need to on it. About my Pathfinder: There was a guy locally selling a 2002 Pathfinder LE for parts. After seeing it I took pity on the vehicle, the kid who owned it had really done a number on it. The plastic plate under the vehicle had been removed for some time, which meant all the gravel and salt thrown onto the roads had been thrown up into the engine bay, the front of the engine is plated with rust, and the clutch fan had been torn to pieces. The radiator shroud was no where to be seen, and the radiator catch can has been replaced with an empty one quart motor oil bottle, there is some very questionable wiring, and the tail lights are mismatched. But that was all that was wrong with it, the vehicle had surprisingly little rust ( only some spots from rock chips on the roof above the windshield ), which is all I really care about. The plan is to restore and modify the Pathfinder just like I would any muscle or sports car, but the object isn’t speed it’s making the best winter vehicle possible. It needs to fire up after sitting at -40, needs to be able to pull itself out of ditches, climb hills, stop on short notice, and basically deliver me to the office every morning regardless of the size of any snow storm. It also needs to be able to haul me, regardless of the weather, to any commercial or rural property I may need to get to for work. Our current ride, a Mercedes Benz GLK gets stuck just leaving my neighbourhood in the winter. I’ve gone and ordered a JDM VQ35, and have a complete parts vehicle for anything else I may need ( I’m sure I’ll need plenty ). I know I have my work cut out for me, and am incredibly glad I found a forum full of people who have experience with this vehicle because it’s all new to me.

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